8 Wynwood Restaurants That Give You the Most for Your Buck

8 Wynwood Restaurants That Give You the Most for Your Buck

VIsiting the Wynwood Art District? Check out these restaurants in Wynwood that serve a variety of great eats at affordable prices.

Wynwood was once known as the manufacturing and warehouse disctrict of Greater Miami. Now it is known as The Wynwood Arts District, featuring one of the most prominent creative communities in the United States.

Scores of warehouses and factories have been converted into galleries and other spaces dedicated to art, eclectic restaurants and bars. It is a great experience to walk around Wynwood, browse art and antiques, or just hang out in trendy cafes and restaurants to people-watch and generally soak in the creative atmosphere.

Here are some restaurants that would give you the most for your buck—especially after you've been shopping.

Wynwood Kitchen & Bar

Source: http://www.helenabordon.com/

Wouldn't it be great if there was a place where you could enjoy art, food, and drinks at the same time? Look no more! Wynwood Kitchen & Bar is the place you are looking for.

Wynwood Kitchen & Bar is full of black and red artwork by artist Shepard Fairey of Obama Hope poster fame. The main room is adorned by paintings by Os Gêmeos, Christian Awe, and Kenny Scharf, which gives the Wynwood Kitchen & Bar life and exudes the vibe and atmosphere of a industrial art house.

But Wynwood Kitchen & Bar is not just about art, they also have great food at affordable prices! Some of their best sellers are Ropa Vieja Empanadas, WKB Hamburguesita, and Vaca Frita, and they also have a wide range of craft beers and wines that would go along your food. Try the Tony G and Peppery Pepino, a combination of hot and cool flavors. Finish your delicious meal with their Coconut Upside-down Cake. Great food, yummy drinks, and beautiful art, what more can you ask for?

Wynwood Kitchen and Bar is located at 2550 NW 2nd Ave. Miami, FL 33127. Hours: 11:30-15:30, 17:30-22:30, Mondays to Wednesdays. 11:30-15:30, 17:30-23:00, Thursdays. 11:30-15:30, 17:30-12 midnight, Fridays and Saturdays. 11:30-16:30, Sundays. Website: http://wynwoodkitchenandbar.com

Joey's Italian Cafe

Source: http://www.theculturetrip.com/

Serving good old Italian food, Joey's is the first restaurant that has opened in Wynwood even before the art revolution has started. Joey's is loved by very loyal celebrity clients like Jay-Z and Beyonce, who are both regulars to this restaurant.

Joey's offers only the best dishes, and gets only the best produce and products to make them. All orders are family size, but that's OK because the food is THAT good. All of the dishes are freshly made, like their pasta and their thin crust pizza—which is one of the best in the Miami. Joey's bestsellers are always changing due to what is available from the local producer, but fret not, because no matter what they serve you, you can be sure it will be really good. If you have no idea what to order, feel free to ask their friendly staff. Highly recommended dishes are Polipo, which is octopus braised in balsamic vinegar and is served with artichokes and endives, Baccala alla Siciliana, and Joey's Pizza.

Joey's also has a great wine selection and craft beers, but be sure to go early because Joey's can be fully packed with its loyal clientele.

Joey's Italian Cafe is located at 2506 NW 2nd Ave. Miami, FL 33127. Hours: 11:30-15:30, 18:00-22:30, Tuesdays to Thursdays. 11:30-15:#0, 18:00-12midnight, Fridays. 12:00-12 midnight, Saturdays. 12:00-20:00, Sundays. Closed on Mondays. Website: http://joeyswynwood.com

Jimmy'z Kitchen

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Jimmy'z Kitchen is a hip and cool restaurant with an urban-industrial vibe. Bright colors abound and fast food style ordering system where customers go to the counter and pick what they want. Jimmy'z has a wide range of drinks that will cater to everyone.

Enjoy dishes like Bolitas de Queso, which is fried balls of cheese paired with a guava sauce, jerk chicken, Mofongos, which are plantains mashed and mixed with either pork, chicken, or beef and fried into cubes, the spicy Shrimp Creole... I am salivating at the thought of all these flavorful dishes. Mm-mm! Best thing is, all these dishes are under $20.

Jimmy'z Kitchen is located at 2700 N Miami Ave Miami, FL 33127. Hours: 11:00-22:00, Sundays to Thursdays. 11:00-23:00, Fridays and Saturdays. Website: http://jimmyzkitchen.com


Source: http://www.zagat.com

If you love burgers and beers, Kush will surely blow your mind away with great craft beers and awesome burgers that are made fresh. With its urban and young atmosphere, this place is usually frequented by young adults.

Feeling a little adventurous? Why not try Kush's Florida Alligator Bites? These succulent pieces of meat would surprise you and leave you wanting more.

Try Kush's bestselling Frita—which is a burger served with guava jelly, melted Gruyere, potato stix, bacon and Kush's Lokal sauce. Or Johnny Utah, which was voted the "Best Burger in Miami." Johnny Utah is a burger with heated pastrami, lokal sauce, tomatoes, shredded lettuce, white onions and cheddar cheese.

Kush also serves some classic sandwiches which are Farm-Style Chicken Sandwich, The Boss Hogg, Grandpa Joe's Pastrami Reuben, Miami Smokers BLT, Franks Black Bean Burger. Kush also has a good list of craft beers, where you can never go wrong when you pair it with your choice of burger or sandwiches.

Do try their Kush Brownies if you still have space.

Kush is located at 2003 N. Miami Ave. Miami, FL 33127. Hours: 12:00-23:00, Sundays to Tuesdays. 12:00-12 midnight, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 11:30-1:00am, Fridays and Saturdays. Website: http://www.kushwynwood.com


Source: http://hauteliving.com/

Hungry after a late night out in the city? Looking for a great place to eat and cool down? Gigi is the place to be, with is urban industrial type loft and its young, energetic, and hip atmosphere that is open to serve until the wee hours.

This Asian fusion place serves menus that are "Basic," "Raw," "Noodles and Rice," and "Buns," which neatly categorizes the types of food you want to have.

The "Basic" menu consists of burgers, BBQ ribs, and steaks. Trust me, you won't go wrong with the ribs.

The "Raw" menu, on the other hand, is mixed greens, raw tuna, or lamb tartare, if you want something light and fresh.

Now if you want sandwiches, take a look at the "Buns" menu, which consists of Shrooms, Roasted Pork, and Country Chicken.

Craving for noodles? The "Noodles and Rice" menu is where you want to look. Chilled soba noodles, market fish, seafood curry, and the duck fried rice, which is amazing.

"Snacks" include cornbread, baby bok choy, hush puppies, tempura eggplant with dip, and something called Fingerling, which is cured yolk with spicy mayo.

Try their brunch menu "Wake and Bake." I highly recommend the cheesy Shrimp and Grits, and the French Toast complete with rice crispies.
Serve room for desserts! Gigi's serves a good apple crumble and homemade ice cream and sorbets.

They also have a great beer selection.

Gigi is located at 3470 N. Miami Ave. Miami, FL 33127. Hours: 12:00-12midnight, Sundays and Mondays. 12:00-3:00am, Tuesdays to Thursdays. 12:00-5:00am, Fridays and Saturdays. Website: http://giginow.com

Zak the Baker

Source: http://mitchandmeltakemiami.com/

Zak the Baker is half cafe and half bakery, where you can enjoy good freshly made bread and great food. Zak the Baker has been mixing and kneading the dough with love, and it shows in their baked goods. Zak caters to the hotels and restaurants of Miami.

The bakery is located at the back of the cafe, so the smell of freshly-baked bread wafts through the entire places. A kosher establishment, Zak The Baker serves delicious sandwiches, open-faced sandwiches, soups, and salads. The menu revolves around the kosher lifestyle and serves only dairy, fish, vegetables, and eggs. The cafe menu changes everyday, based on what ingredients can be had that day. But watch out for the smoked snapper salad sandwich or the gravlox.

Zak's bestselling breads are Jewish Rye, Plum and Fennel Rye, Sour Dough, Country Wheat, and Rye bread. Pre-orders are accepted.

Zak the baker is located at 405 NW 26th St. Miami, FL 33127. Hours: 7:00-17:00, Sundays to Fridays. Closed on Saturdays. Website: http://zakthebaker.com


Source: http://www.midtownchinese.com

If you love Chinese food, Blackbrick may be the best place in Wynwood to have it! Chef Richard Hales serves traditional Chinese food with a modern twist. Blackbrick was included in the list of "Top 50 new restaurants in America" by Bon Appetit.

Blackbrick menu consists of mouth watering dimsums like Har Gow, or shrimp dumpling. In my humble opinion, this hard to make dimsum dish is the best way to judge how good a Chinese restaurant is—a great shrimp dumpling usually means great food as well.

Enjoy the classics like Pork Siu Mai, Chicken Siu Mai, and Pork Char Siu (roasted pork). The playful chef also has a "special dimsum" menu, which consists of XinJiang Cumin Lamb Dumplings, Fried Chicken & Garlic Dumpling, Kolrabi & Oyster Mushroom Dumpling. One must try the Hong Kong Style Wonton Soup with handmade noodles.

If you plan on going to Blackbrick, you should go there with an empty stomach then pace yourself, because trust me, you will surely want to eat everything on the menu. Enjoy!

Blackbrick is located at 3451 NE 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33137. Hours: 11:30-15:00, 17:30-22:30, Mondays to Fridays. 11:30-23:00, Saturdays. 11:30-22:00, Sundays. Website: http://www.midtownchinese.com/

R House Wynwood

Source: http://www.rhousewynwood.com

Serving Asian, Latin, American, and Mediterranean dishes, R House Wynwood is a restaurant, lounge, and art gallery rolled into one. Customers can dine, wine while listening to live music and admiring art. You can even buy the art on display!

Try the Sea Cakes—scallops, tiger shrimps and crab meat. For brunch, don't miss the Steak and
Truffled Egg, or the spicy Creole Shrimp and Grits. Leave room for a slice of Three Milk Cake with Caramel Praline Sauce.

R House Wynwood is located 2727 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127. Hours: 12:00-16:00, 18:00-23:00, Tuesdays to Thursdays. 12:00-16:00, 18:00-12midnight, Fridays and Saturdays. 11:30-18:00, Sundays. Closed on Mondays. Website: http://www.rhousewynwood.com/

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