Miami's Must-See Sites: Our Top Recommendations

Miami's Must-See Sites: Our Top Recommendations

Miami has a lot to offer, but if you skip out on these 4 must see sites, you'll be missing out on culture, great dining, and a dose of history.

Well, you’ve got your sights set on Miami, but do you know what sites to set your sights on? The city of Miami is brimming with entertainment, fabulous cuisine, and so much to see that it’s easy to overlook what the “must see” sites really are. The city has sightseeing tours to help make it a lot easier to handle, but then you’re stuck on somebody else’s time and may not get the in-depth look at something you deserve.

We’ve put together a list of 6 sites that are great for all types of visitors, whether you’re looking for some adventure or just want to be intimate with Miami and get to know the culture better.

Bayside Marketplace

Some may not consider this venue a “must see site,” but that’s because they’re simply looking at it on the surface. Sure, the Bayside Marketplace is a mall of sorts, but it’s one right on Biscayne Road, overlooking the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. As you shop, you’ll get to enjoy what it’s like to be in an ocean-front city with restaurants touting and delivering nothing but fresh fish.

Live nightly at the Marina Stage in the Bayside Marketplace you can catch local music. You can plan an entire days worth of activities around Bayside Marketplace alone, from dining to site seeing to enjoying the local art, music, and literature.

Though it’s a mall, it’s recommended to avoid the food court and try places like the Bavaria Haus Beerhall, Largo Seafood Grill, Lombardi’s, Los Ranchos, and Mambo Café. Local cuisine shines at these establishments, especially at Largo Seafood Grill which makes use of the proximity to the Atlantic very well.

Zoo Miami

Families, couples, and animal loves will be in awe over Zoo Miami. Of the many species inhabiting the zoo, guests will get to observe lions, tigers, and—you guessed it—bears. Additionally, the zoo is home to giraffes, zebras, snakes and other reptiles, cheetahs, camels, gorillas, and African and Asian elephants.

Watching these majestic beasts in a habitat they now call their own is breathtaking, but Zoo Miami is also sure to deliver entertainment that kids will love. There’s the Children’s Zoo, where families get up close and personal with small animals, experience the fun of meerkats, and even catch a camel ride.

On top of animals, botanists and wanna-be botanists will love the variety of plant-life spread throughout the zoo. Sausage trees, baobab trees, rainbow eucalyptus, Hong Kong orchids, and bamboo are just a few of the beautiful fauna making up the grounds of Zoo Miami.

Experience exotic wildlife and beautiful gardens all in one complete package.

Wynwood Walls

A taste of Miami's own history, right beside Biscayne Bay.

Not every bit of art needs to be framed and hidden within the four walls of a museum. In Miami, people with an eye for more urban displays of artistic talent will get a real kick out of Wynwood Walls. Tony Goldman looked to transform the warehouse district of Wynwood, a district that was once a row of broken down buildings.

Goldman saw one of the greatest canvases within those broken buildings, and the artists that use them as their palettes are likely to agree with Goldman’s vision. Experiencing Wynwood Wall is as easy as making your way down to 2520 NW 2nd Avenue, between 25th and 26th street. As an add-on bonus, the Wynwood Kitchen & Bar at one end of the Walls on 26th street has also played host to an abundance of art.

The countless forms of expression seen at Wynwood Walls is just a small fraction of what Miami’s culture is all about – but it’s a great fraction to be in the know on.

The Wynwood Walls has brought the world's greatest artists working in the graffiti and street art genre to Miami.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

This gorgeous villa that was once the winter home for James Deering in the early 1900s had been given to the city and rightfully turned into a historic landmark. Bordering Biscayne Bay, Vizcaya is now an intricate part of Miami’s history and acts as an attraction for up to 200,000 people annually.

The interior of Vizcaya retains much of its original charm, as the early 20th century furniture provides plenty of talking points for guests. Over 2,500 pieces of art and ornamental furniture accent 34 different rooms of the villa. On the outside, with views overlooking the water, is a ten-acre expanse of European-inspired gardens. A collection of 2,000 orchids lend to the beautiful display that has people returning to Vizcaya for multiple viewings.

History buffs and art lovers will get a real kick out of this unique museum.

Miami is a city of plenty of offerings, and these four options should certainly satiate your need to get to know the city better. These four sites should definitely be high on your list of things to see during your trip so that you can experience the multiple sides of Miami.

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