Sushi in La Jolla: Where to Find the Freshest and Best

Sushi in La Jolla: Where to Find the Freshest and Best

Right next to the Pacific Ocean, La Jolla is bursting with awesome sushi restaurants. Here are six restaurants that you'll love.

When you’re hanging out near the ocean, it’s only natural to crave fresh fish. One of the best ways to enjoy fresh fish is sushi. Even if seafood isn’t your thing, there are always tons of menu options everyone will love, both Japanese and Asian fusion. Here are a few places we suggest you try when you visit La Jolla. After reading about these incredible places, you won’t want to eat any other type of cuisine.

1. Sushi on the Rock

The chefs at Sushi on the Rock learned the art of Japanese cuisine from Japan, and have brought their skills back to America and added their own Western flair. Their passion for good sushi is evident when you try these rolls. Along with the standard rolls, there are rolls that mix sushi with Mexican flavors. For example, the “Barrio” roll is tuna, cilantro, serrano chilies, with salsa and avocado. You’ll also want to try the “Kitchen Sink” roll: a tempura roll filled with avocado, eel, crab, cream cheese, and salmon, smothered in eel sauce and sriracha aioli. Sushi on the Rock also has a take out option, so you can enjoy awesome food wherever. All you have to do is call ahead with your order, and pick it up when it’s ready!

Location: 1025 Prospect Street #250

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“30 for 30. World inspired dish: France. BlueFin Tartar. Chopped Bluefin topped with red onion jam, lemon zest, truffled mushrooms, salmon roe, on crispy…”

2. Shiku Sushi

Shiku Sushi has some awesome appetizers and main dishes that you must try. The sushi is great, so you’ll want to get a few rolls to share with friends to go along with your own entrée. The starters menu features spicy sake fried chicken and spicy popcorn albacore. The signature dishes include udon soup and yaki soba that comes with your choice of meat. The menu also has Korean dishes like bulgogi beef and kalbi short ribs. Stop in for lunch and get the sushi combo that comes with miso soup, a California roll, and a chef’s choice of nigiri. If you’re not into sushi, there are also lunch combos with a selected entrée, rice, miso soup, and a salad.

Location: 1277 Prospect Street

3. Sushi Mori

Sushi Mori has an extensive list of special rolls. Try the “Popcorn Lobster Roll” with avocado, spicy tuna, and cucumber, topped with deep fried lobster and covered in eel and spicy mayo sauce. Amazing. If you’re going for the more basic rolls, the prices are a litter better than their competitors’ prices. Bring all of your friends and order a sashimi or sushi combo. Choose extra small, small, medium, or large portions and the chef will chose the fish. For dessert, have some green tea flavored mochi ice cream. If you’re having a party, Sushi Mori will deliver their food for free, making it super convenient if you want to feed a large group.

Location: 2161 Avenida De La Playa

4. Nozomi

Nozomi is a sushi restaurant with Korean influence. For an appetizer, order the tteokbokki. It’s a traditional Korean street food, comprised of rice cake and fish cake, in a spicy sauce. If you want to try another Korean food, get the Tofu Hot Pot with kimchi. The heat gives the usually pungent kimchi a mellow flavor and the tofu balances out the spice. If you’re sharing with friends, order one of Nozomi’s sushi boats. They give you five different choices of boats, with both nigiri and rolls. It’s the way to go if you want to try as many different kinds of sushi as possible.

Location: 4150 Regents Park Row #190

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“#sushi #sashimi #Japanesecuisine”

5. Yummy Maki Yummy Box

This restaurant is a little off the beaten path, but you’ll want to check this place out. The “Yummy Love Boat” is perfect for a dinner date. It comes with chicken and salmon teriyaki, shrimp and vegetable tempura, a crispy roll, and rice for two. There’s even a kid’s menu featuring child sized portions of chicken or beef teriyaki, bulgogi, and kalbi for a great price. The sushi lunch combo is a great deal. Choose a combo with three different basic rolls for only $13.50.

Location: 3211 Holiday Court #101A

6. Bird Rock Oyster and Sushi Bar

Bird Rock Oyster and Sushi Bar is a cross between a sushi restaurant and a Mexican restaurant with an extreme passion for the finest seafood. Here, you can order both an octopus burrito and a California roll. They have all the basics, but come here for their unique specialty rolls. Try their California roll topped with spicy sauce and cheese. They call it a “Pizza Roll.” The “Banana Roll” is shrimp tempura, avocado and cream cheese, topped with banana and chipotle. The “K-38 Roll” is soft shell crab, spicy scallops, shrimp, cucumber, and avocado. Also make sure to try one of the restaurant’s specialties, the garlic octopus. Everything on the menu is such a solid choice, that it will be nearly impossible to decide what to order.

Location: 5752 La Jolla Blvd.

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“A little behind the scenes of Danny doing what he does best. #sushi #lajolla #raw #foodie #yum”

La Jolla sushi is all about the freshest seafood and fusion creations that are a work of art. Whether your taste in sushi is traditional or experimental, you’ll be certain to find something you love.

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