Where's the Best Sushi in Orlando? Here Are 4 Spots We Think You'll Love!

Where's the Best Sushi in Orlando? Here Are 4 Spots We Think You'll Love!

Sushi is ubiquitous in Orlando, and these four restaurants serve up the best the city has to offer.

You don’t have to look far to find incredible sushi in Orlando. The proximity to the ocean and fresh supplies of fish coupled with a prominent Asian-American population has led Orlando to be a true hub of delicious sushi restaurants. Whether you are looking for affordable but tasty rolls, creative and unique presentations, or something in between, you are sure to find it amongst the wide variety of sushi places Orlando has to offer. From the theme parks to downtown to the outskirts of the city, sushi restaurants are almost as commonplace in Orlando as tourists!


Amura is by far the best place to get sushi anywhere in Orlando. It is repeatedly voted as the number one sushi restaurant in the city, and has even placed as one of Zagat’s best restaurants in the world. Following the success of the Orlando location, Amura opened two other nearby restaurants in Dr. Phillips and Lake Mary, which are both just outside of the city proper. Chefs at all three locations use fresh ingredients to provide healthful and delicious sushi rolls with a unique spin on each one. The restaurant refers to its sushi as hi-definition, meaning that its smell, color, and taste are all top-notch, and its fish arrives fresh every day.

Order the “Jump Up & Kiss Me” sashimi plate to enjoy fresh escolar and avocado prepared sashimi-style (with the fish on the outside, rice inside). Try the Ultimate Roll for a delicious spicy tuna roll topped with four different types of caviar, or get a little of everything with the Hurricane Roll, made from eel, smoked salmon, tempura crab, avocado, and mayonnaise. Amura also features a delicious selection of vegetarian rolls, including an incredible sun dried tomato roll with asparagus and cream cheese.

The original Amura, downtown, is located at 54 West Church Street in Orlando.

Source: amura.com

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Dragonfly Modern Izakaya & Sushi

Head over to Dragonfly Modern Izakaya & Sushi for a different atmosphere altogether than Amura’s. Where Amura looks and feels like a standard American sushi restaurant, Dragonfly has a stylish and classy vibe that makes it popular with the young professional crowd. This restaurant is a robatayaki, meaning that food is prepared on an open grill, even in the kitchen. Dragonfly features a full hibachi-style menu as well as its sushi and sashimi.

Order a serving of any one of Dragonfly’s signature sashimi dishes and prepare to be amazed. These small samplings are arranged with an eye for beauty and a taste for perfection. Every bite is designed to be exquisite, and the whole experience is truly stunning, from the moment your plate arrives to the final swallow. Try the Hokkaido scallops, topped with a jalapeno garlic dressing and pickled daikon. For a great sushi roll, order the sazae hosomaki roll, which is a traditional sushi made of conch, or the uni roll, made of sea urchin.

Dragonfly Modern Izakaya & Sushi is located at 7972 Via Dellagio Way in Orlando.

Source: www.dragonflyrestaurants.com

Shin Japanese Cuisine

Operating since 2007, this staple of downtown Orlando culture and cuisine is a popular destination for locals who love sushi. Stop in for lunch and you are sure to be dining with plenty of local businesspeople who are taking a break from their busy days to enjoy the delectable and always-fresh food here at Shin Japanese Cuisine. Visit at dinnertime to fully enjoy the sushi bar menu and the huge list of signature rolls available for your selection.

Any of Shin’s large number of signature rolls is sure to be a delight to your taste buds. Try the Maine roll, which is a bit pricey but includes a whole lobster tail cooked tempura style and topped with caviar, mayonnaise, and avocado. For something a little more affordable, go for the kara mucho roll, which combines salmon, tuna, and escolar with cucumber and habanero sauce for an incredibly spicy flavor.

Shin Japanese Cuisine is located at 803 North Orange Avenue in Orlando.

Source: www.shinsushi.com

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Sushi Pop!

Sushi Pop! is a much more lighthearted sushi restaurant with a lower price tag and a casual atmosphere. This fun place to eat hopes to bring the flavors of Japanese cuisine to an American audience, and even its web site strives to educate visitors on the types of food that are served here. The whole place is decorated with icons of Japanese pop, hence the name. There aren’t as many sushi rolls available here as there are at Shin, but the ones they do have are very unique.

Sample the Mofo roll and enjoy crispy pork belly with plantain, avocado, and cilantro for a Latin-inspired Japanese dish. Try the Hot Mess roll if you prefer smoked salmon. This roll also includes tempura flakes, avocado, baked tuna, chives, bacon, flounder, and spicy mayonnaise. It is one of the more expensive rolls on the menu, but it’s got an incredible taste!

Sushi Pop! is located just outside of Orlando, at 310 West Mitchell Hammock Road in Oviedo.

Source: www.sushipoprestaurant.com

Explore Orlando and discover its vast wealth of delicious sushi restaurants. Check out these most popular places to get sushi in Orlando and find out why they attract locals and visitors both again and again!

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