Coworking Spaces in Orlando: 4 Great Places to Get Things Done

Coworking Spaces in Orlando: 4 Great Places to Get Things Done

Coworking in Orlando has never been easier! Check out these four user-friendly coworking spaces to find the office that is right for you.

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Coworking spaces have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly with individuals who work from home. These spaces have been built with the needs of a self-employed person in mind. The buildings are usually comprised of large, open-concept office rooms filled with desks that can be rented by individual workers for a certain amount of time. The people working in a coworking space at any given time are most likely not employees of the same company, but instead come from all walks of life to get their work done in a professional environment. These spaces are especially useful for anyone who works from home and does not get the chance to talk with other people very often, as well as for those who would like to network outside of their own lines of work.

Orlando has recently entered into the world of coworking spaces, and there are now several options available in the downtown Orlando area for freelancers, independent contractors, and other work-from-home professionals who need a place to get things done. Read on to discover more about the coworking spaces in Orlando.


CoLab is one of the newer coworking spaces in Orlando. Located right in the heart of the cultural center of the city, this ninth-floor office space prides itself on bringing the best out of everyone who rents a space within its walls. The mission of this coworking space centers on collaboration while providing challenges to each other in order to help small businesses and freelance companies grow.

The space available here is a community area with separate desks available for each tenant. There are plenty of seats available, and within the main office room, the atmosphere is quiet and professional. Simply step into the second room, however, to mingle with your fellow coworkers and enjoy some on-the-house coffee at any time. This room also features a copy machine, fax machine, and chalkboard, as well as some other much-needed office essentials.

For $199.99 per month, you can sign up as a full time member of CoLab. This fee includes access on any weekday of the month to your leased office space, between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm. It also gives you access to Member’s Only events that take place throughout the month, and it ensures that your company logo and description will be featured on CoLab’s web site. At $99.99 per month, you can have access to your office space for ten days out of the month, as well as the same perks you would get with a full membership. And, if you prefer to just stop in to get some work done for a single day, you can rent a desk for $19.99—although this option does not include access to the meeting space.

The best option at CoLab is easily the part-time membership. This provides you with plenty of chances to get your work done without the cost of a full membership. Bear in mind, however, that CoLab is not open on weekends, and that you will need to pay to park at a meter or nearby parking garage at this coworking space.

CoLab is located at 37 North Orange Avenue in Orlando.


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Photo courtesy of Canvs

At Canvs, start-ups can get their feet wet in the world of entrepreneurism and companies can thrive from much-needed networking. This coworking space focuses largely on technology-based companies and freelancers, and its mission is to bring national acclaim to the Orlando area and its technological advancements. At present, over 75 companies rent space within Canvs, and they are always accepting applications for new members. This coworking space also organizes plenty of monthly events, from lectures to technology camps to happy hours and everything in between.

Community desk space is available here, and Canvs also offers the opportunity to rent a more private, personal office space, complete with walls and a door, and the freedom to decorate however you see fit. Members have access to lightning-fast Internet service, a stocked kitchen, mail service, and more.

Canvs offers several tiers of membership to provide all of its members with just what they need for their individual companies and programs. For $100 per month, individuals can purchase a Social Membership, which allows access for up to eight days of the month during the weekday hours of 8:00am to 6:00pm. One hour of conference time is allotted per month on this membership, as well as limited community desk space. Upgrade to a small desk and 24/7 access for $250 per month, or choose the $375 per month option, which comes with full time access as well as a large, personal desk and 100 hours per month of conference time in the meeting room. Last, but certainly not least, if you happen to have a larger business that can benefit from a dedicated office space, you can rent a private space to call your own for $1000 per month.

Choose the community desk option while your company is still in its startup phase. You may need more frequent access than the social membership provides, but there is no need to shell out the money for a private office space while you are still growing your business.

Canvs is located at 101 South Garland Avenue, Suite 108, in Orlando.



Photo courtesy of Catalyst

Catalyst calls itself the “most inspiring workplace in Orlando,” and it’s very possible that this is true. This coworking space encourages communication between all of its members, and believes that everyone meets for a reason—so why not make the most of your meetings? Catalyst focuses on providing ample space to get your work done as well as many chances for you to meet others in your own field or in those that are related to your work and could benefit you in some way. Members of Catalyst can enjoy access to advisors, investors, and more to help jump start their small businesses and their freelancing careers as well. Throughout the month, Catalyst plays host to a number of workshops and lectures on various business-related topics that can help all of its members succeed in what they do. Whether you are looking for inspiration to power your creative ventures, information to fuel the knowledge of your field of work, or ideas to help you innovate, you are sure to find it at Catalyst.

The industrial feel of the community office space at Catalyst is clean and refreshing without being too pretentious. Desks are set up in semi-cubicle style, offering some privacy despite being in an open setting. Small bar-like spaces can also be utilized for those who do not need quite as much room to spread out. Members are encouraged to utilize the many perks available at Catalyst, including a craft coffee bar that is open any time the space itself is open, as well as a lounge and large conference rooms.

Join Catalyst as a Community Member for five days out of the month at only $99 monthly. Alternately, if you need daily access but aren’t pressed for space, you can rent a laptop-only desk area that is accessible from 8:00am to 6:00pm every day, for $225 per month. Reserve your own dedicated desk in the community office room for $325 per month and receive an open workspace that you can call your own. At this level, you can feel free to leave a storage or filing cabinet in your space at all times. Finally, for $425 per month, you can rent a private office with a locking door that seats anywhere from one to six people.

Catalyst has the cheapest dedicated office space rental in Orlando. If you have a small business of yourself and maybe a couple of other people, this is definitely the coworking space to choose when it comes time to rent a small, private office.

Catalyst is located on the fifth floor at 1 South Orange Avenue in Orlando.


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Swivel Spaces

One of the forerunners of coworking spaces in Orlando, Swivel Spaces is a great place to get work done. This coworking space believes in helping to grow small businesses by providing a professional working environment as well as frequent “Entrepreneur’s Gatherings” to facilitate discussion between its renters. There is no contract at Swivel Spaces, so you do not have to spend time worrying about whether or not to continue your rental agreement. Simply cancel it when you are finished, or renew it if you are happy with your space.

This coworking space has a homey feel to it, and it is decked out with comfortable chairs and nice artwork on the walls. Swivel Spaces offers a large conference room equipped with presentation-specific technology, and it also has separate meeting space set aside around a few whiteboards for impromptu brainstorming sessions. In the building’s lobby, you can find a small café, as well as a quiet courtyard, both of which are available for your use.

Swivel Spaces offers drop-in pricing for both its conference room and its desk space. Rent the conference room for an hour at $50, or reserve a desk with use of the printer and scanner for a day at $25. For $195 per month, you can reserve unlimited use of a community work table, and for $325 per month, you can have a dedicated desk in the community work room. Parking is only available via meter or garage in this area.

Swivel Spaces is probably your best choice if you are looking for an affordable drop-in coworking space. There are no private offices here, and the parking and weekday-only hours can cause problems for those who want to work on weekends or at busy times of the day. However, this space does its job well, and it is worth a second look.

Swivel Spaces is located at 315 East Robinson Street, Suite 525, in Orlando.


No matter what type of work-from-home professional you are, you can surely benefit from renting a section of a coworking space. There are many spaces to choose from in Orlando, so don’t be afraid to check out each one before deciding which one has the best benefits for you and your projects. Good luck, and happy coworking!


The kind folks at Catalyst pointed us towards a few more spots. Check them out below:

"Orlando's 1st Member-Driven Fabrication Laboratory & Coworking Space - Factur - Orlando's First Member-Driven Fabrication Laboratory & Coworking Space"

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