9 SeaWorld San Diego Activities For All Ages

9 SeaWorld San Diego Activities For All Ages

SeaWorld San Diego is a great place to spend a day out with the family. There is something to entertain all ages at this fun aquatic park.

SeaWorld San Diego is located in the Mission Bay area of the city just a short drive from downtown and the airport. There is something for everyone at this aquatic animal theme park. From dolphin encounters to thrill rides this is a place that all the family will enjoy.

Wild Artic Ride

The Wild Artic ride is a motion simulator followed by a walking tour where you will see polar bears, walrus and other aquatic mammals.

The Wild Artic Ride story is that you are in a helicopter on a thrilling ride in the Arctic Circle. The motion simulator is a lot of fun but if you are less than 42 inches tall or don't want to ride then you can simply watch the film which is played in the attraction.

After the ride you can take as much time as you want to observe the animals. There are always SeaWorld staff experts on hand to answer any questions that you have about the animals.

Dolphin Interaction Program

All SeaWorld guests can see the dolphins in their pool and from the underwater observation area but if you want to get up close and personal with the dolphins then the Dolphin Interaction Program is well worth considering. Guests who are part of the program get to interact with the dolphins in the water (but do not swim with them). The whole experience lasts around 60 minutes and there is 20 minutes spent in the water with the dolphins during this time.

Trainers will explain to guests a little about the care and training of the dolphins, including teaching them some of the hand signals they use to interact with them.

The Dolphin Interaction Program costs $215. An admission ticket to SeaWorld is also required. You have to be at least 10 years old and 48 inches in height.

Penguin Encounter

The Penguin Encounter is one of the attractions that we visit first when we arrive at the park. SeaWorld has more than 300 penguins, with lots of different species to see. You travel along a moving walkway and glide past the penguin enclosure. They are a lot of fun to watch. There is also a lot of educational information available on the walls, and if you want to know more there is always someone on hand to answer your questions.

One Ocean Orca Show

We all know that the killer whale program at SeaWorld is not without it's opponents. The orca show is going to be phased out some time in 2016, but right now there are still a number of killer whale shows featuring Shamu.

The One Ocean show is a 25 minute show which features the majestic power of these beautiful animals.


Manta is billed as a multi media double launch coaster. It is a very smooth roller coaster which you may even like if thrill rides are not usually your thing. In our opinion this is the best attraction at SeaWorld San Diego.

The excitement builds as you are first taken into a tunnel which has images of mantas projected on the walls. In seconds you are propelled forward and start an exciting journey of twists and turns.

Guests must be at least 48 inches tall to ride the Manta. Make sure that you use the lockers located at the beginning of the line to store your personal belongings.

Ship Wreck Rapids

Shipwreck Rapids is a fun tube style raft ride on a winding river. Go on a hot day as you will get soaked. If you would rather watch others getting soaked then try out one of the canons at the side and aim a jet of water at your fellow guests!

The Rapids has a virtual queue system at busier times so you may be given a time to return to the attraction. This is a great idea as you can enjoy other parts of the park instead of spending time waiting in line.

Guests must be 48 inches tall to ride Shipwreck Rapids alone. Those who are between 42 and 48 inches tall can ride with a supervising companion.

Journey To Atlantis

Journey To Atlantis is another fun water ride at SeaWorld San Diego. The attraction combines the features of a traditional log flume ride, a roller coaster and uses some very special effects. You will get wet as you plunge 60 feet at the end of the ride - that's a big splash!

You must be 42 inches to ride Journey To Atlantis. Is is one of the most popular attractions so try and arrive early to avoid spending too much time standing in line.

Shark Encounter

The Shark Encounter is a must see at SeaWorld. Most people are fascinated by sharks and this is a great way to see them. Guests of all ages enjoy traveling on the moving walk way through the shark tunnel. There is also a great observation area where you can take your time watching these fascinating prehistoric predators.

Turtle Reef

The Turtle Reef is a relaxing way to spend some time at the park. There is a huge tank filled with turtles and fish where you can observe them up close. The kids will particularly enjoy the interactive video experience too where you can learn more about these fascinating creatures.

Image source http://seaworldparks.com

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