As everyone knows, New Orleans has a lot of attractions that would make tourists want to stop out for a visit! While visiting, it is pretty much a must to try some authentic cuisine. But what if you want to try something other than Cajun, Southern or Creole foods? The good news is there are a variety of Indian restaurants available to check out. Read on to find out more information on some of the many places to get Indian food in the New Orleans area. Enjoy reading about them!
Breakfast Idea
For those who are not too busy sleeping in from a night out on the town, the Good Karma Restaurant which is located in mid-city on Canal Street is something to consider. You will find it is a very nice option for something to eat. First of all you have to love the name of the place as it conveys a positive feeling! Good Karma is located inside of a yoga studio and the space is calming, while also offering some good wholesome food. One item to consider is the Indian-style upma. It arrives loaded with vegetables and it gives you an opportunity to try some great Indian fare. Groupon says the restaurant has a 99% positive rating out of 113 reviews. For more information on how to get there, as well as the menu, visit:
Another Place with an Intriguing Name
Nirvana is the condition of wanting nothing. In other words, if you are in a state that you want nothing, that means you are pleased with what you have! The Merriam-Webster dictionary indicates that nirvana is a state or place of great happiness or peace. When looking for something that makes you feel good, consider the Nirvana Indian Cuisine Restaurant in the East Riverside part of New Orleans. Any tourist has to like the fact that the restaurant has received 62 Four Star Reviews and 33 Five Star Reviews on Yelp. One very recent review indicated that “Nirvana is hands down one of my favorite places in the city. The staff is always extremely professional and courteous and helpful. The food is delicious, and I have never had a bad experience here.” Check it out! For directions, a menu and more information, visit:
Dinner and Lunch
Another place to try is a takeout and delivery restaurant in the French Quarter called the Salt ’N’ Pepper Restaurant. I like the name because I personally seem to put salt and pepper on a lot of things. One review said that the Salt ‘N’ Pepper Restaurant was a “perfect non tourist trap.” To me, if I can find a nice place that may be “outside the box” a bit or a “hidden local gem” I will try to go there. In addition to the atmosphere, of course the food makes a difference when I travel. One review states that the restaurant offers “Good food, good portions, and is inexpensive.” Another says “Good Food and great pricing with a very friendly service.” Another review stated that SNP offered the “best food in the quarter.” For more info on the restaurant, visit: I feel like you will be glad you took time to visit!
Friday Night Destination
The Saffron Restaurant is located on the Westbank. It is ONLY open on Fridays, so if you are in town you have a short window of time to check it out. Some things that have been said are, “They know how to cook.” According to another reviewer, they also have “great food and very friendly service.” Probably what makes the Saffron so great are the authentic owners. Arvinder Vilkhu grew up in New Delhi. It seems that there is no substitute for someone who knows how to make the foods! Arvinder’s wife Pardeep has always been by his side and they have run a successful catering business since 1991. Saffron makes it their goal to have you taste the exotic flavors of Indian cuisine. Visit their website at:
So far I have covered breakfast, dinner and lunch. I have also even mentioned a potential place to go on Friday night, even though New Orleans boasts a variety of things to do in the category of nightlife. Highlighted among the restaurants that I covered were ones with names like “Good Karma” and “Nirvana.” This list of restaurants to dine at and sample food at is not meant to be exhaustive. The truth is, I have barely tipped the iceberg. Not only are there a lot of restaurants in the New Orleans area, but there are also a variety of Indian restaurants, or at least restaurants that offer Indian food. Be sure to check out some of the places I mentioned, and feel free to find your own “gem as well!”