12 Fun Bars in Atlanta: Where to Go on Your Night Out

12 Fun Bars in Atlanta: Where to Go on Your Night Out

Whether you prefer upscale or rowdy, cut loose or glamorous, Atlanta has a spot for you. Check out these twelve one-of-a-kind Atlanta hot spots!

Regardless of if you are a born and raised Atlanta native looking for a night out in the big city, or a tourist who popped by on vacation and is looking to cut loose while on vacation, Atlanta is home to some of the wildest, most memorable bars around. Whatever your flavor or favorite cocktail, Atlanta has a bar designed just for you to let your hair down in!

The Graveyard Tavern at East Atlanta Village

East Atlanta Village is an excellent bar district that is essentially an alcoholic extension of the eclectic Little Five Points just to the north. Sitting on the far end of the bar clad intersection that is East Atlanta Village is the Graveyard Tavern, an eccentric and spacious bar with surprisingly inexpensive cocktails. The Graveyard draws in the crowd with its dark, husky lighting and late night snacks. Everything inside is made of wood and sparsely decorated, but the walls have TVs for sports fans to indulge in while sipping Grateful Deads. On weekends, the bar hires a DJ and opens up a dance floor, while others shoot darts in the designated alley on the other side of the bar. If this is still not enough entertainment for you, the Graveyard Tavern has two pool tables for patrons to partake in, so there is absolutely no want for entertainment in this exciting bar. Spend a Saturday bar hopping in EAV (East Atlanta Village to the non-locals) and make sure to pop in at the Graveyard for a night you won’t want to miss!

Source: http://www.yelp.com

The Sun Dial at the Peachtree Plaza

If posh is more of your scene, the Sun Dial at the Peachtree Plaza is your dream come true. With its astounding overhead view of Atlanta and ritzy interior, I cannot dote on the Sun Dial enough. This is truly the best bar in the city and a must not miss spot for a fancy evening out. Gaze at the city from seventy-two stories up as your lounge chairs rotate around the cylindrical bar. After enjoying your glass elevator ride up, you can sit in a lounge chair and snack on desserts while listening to live jazz music. Sip on specialty cocktails and delight in all the city has to offer. Between the view and the romantic, elegant setting, the Sun Dial makes an excellent date spot for any traveler.

Source: http://www.sundialrestaurant.com

Prohibition at East Andrew's Entertainment District

If you are feeling extra adventurous, make sure to stop by Prohibition in East Andrew’s Entertainment District. East Andrew’s in Buckhead is home to many exceptional bars, but Prohibition is by far the classiest. You can literally travel back in time as you sip top shelf cocktails in luscious loveseats by the fireplace. This cigar bar is the epitome of secret bars, and it is so secret many Atlanta natives still don’t know it exists, much less how to get in! Its elusive nature serves the atmosphere well though considering its cozy interior. The gold ceilings and mahogany bar make every bar goer feel like they’ve entered another era- a feeling they absolutely should have! This luxurious cigar bar is modeled after 1920s era speakeasies and the characteristics ring true right down to the bar’s entrance. To get inside, you need the phone number and password designated by the bar. Once you have them, step inside that antique phone booth and dial the number. When asked, give the code word. Then, step inside and enjoy Atlanta’s best cocktails at Atlanta's best speakeasy!

Source: http://www.complex.com

Stillhouse at East Andrew’s Entertainment District

Are you wondering just where to get that phone number and password for Prohibition? I’ll let you in on a very well-kept secret; any bar in the East Andrew’s complex has access to Prohibition. Just go into any bar, buy a drink, and ask your bartender about it. Choosing one of these award winning bars is not as easy as it seems though. My recommendation would be the Stillhouse Bar across the courtyard from Prohibition. The inside features an upscale yet rustic look, and the patio is divine. As an added bonus, not only do they have TVs for sports fans, but they have live guitarists on the weekends to add to the ambiance created by the barrel covered walls. Stillhouse specializes in burgers and moonshine, so you should definitely check it out if you find yourself wanting to try some Georgia moonshine!

Source: http://www.bizbash.com

The Barrelhouse on Tech Square

If you find yourself thirsty in Midtown, be sure to stop in at The Barrelhouse for great food and reasonably priced drinks. Sitting on Tech Square just outside of Georgia Tech’s campus, this bar has a great college atmosphere and makes for a wonderful spot to pre-game for the Yellow Jacket’s Saturday afternoon football games. With their rustic atmosphere and abundant selection of craft and local beers, the Barrelhouse is the best place to try the local Atlanta flavors!

Source: https://s3.amazonaws.com

The Vortex Bar & Grill in Midtown

If eccentric is more your style, but you find yourself in Midtown rather than EAV, make sure to pop in at the Vortex Bar & Grill in Midtown. This bar has been a staple in Atlanta nightlife since the 1990’s and is best known for its burger and its house rules. Inside this lewdly decorated bar, you’ll be greeted by lovely alternative ladies and expected to follow all of the rules in this self-proclaimed “Idiot Free Zone.” Rude customers are notoriously thrown out creating a good laugh for the law abiding Vortex customers. Indulge in the Vortex’s own Laughing Skull Amber Ale while chomping on an award winning burger from Atlanta’s favorite restaurant. If you are feeling adventurous, go for the $2 mystery shot for a feisty night out, and don’t forget to try the cheesy-goo. If you prefer beer, try their selection of craft beers! I recommend the Jailhouse Misdemeanor if you feel like venturing away from Laughing Skull.

Source: http://4.bp.blogspot.com

The Flatiron Restaurant & Bar in East Atlanta Village

Back in East Atlanta, there is a bar whose atmosphere is reminiscent of the Vortex. Not quite as outlandish on the interior, The Flatiron sits on the intersection of Glenwood and Flat Shoals in the heart of EAV. This small bar rests below a tattoo shop and acquires its name from the building it is found in. The inside is a triangle with lewd décor high overhead and a square wooden bar in the center. The Flatiron is a favorite of the locals, and as such, is a great place to mingle with the East Atlanta hipster crowd. Grab a craft beer and chat with the other bar goers either inside or on the patio, because this is the place to meet the eccentric locals.

Source: https://wdanielanderson.files.wordpress.com

Front Page News in Little Five Points

This Cajun bar is one of the true treasures of Little Five Points. My friend and I discovered it during Mardi Gras and it is a blast! The patio bar is a wonderful spot to sip down daiquiris under mystical string lights as you mingle with the young adults of Little Five Points. Make sure to get an order of pretzel bites to go with your Bacardi Hurricane, and don’t forget to check out the craft beers on the drink menu!

Source: http://www.eatdrinkrepeat.com

Game X in Downtown Atlanta

Maybe sipping on cocktails and making idle chit chat with strangers isn’t your idea of a fun evening out. That is perfectly okay, because Atlanta has a bar for everyone! Recently opened just off of Centennial Olympic Park is a wildly entertaining video game bar! Game X features all of the fun of Dave & Buster’s without the children or the trip outside the perimeter. Game X has all of the essentials from Skeeball to Connect 4, as well as more advanced games. For a fun filled night out, look no further than Game X in Downtown, and let you inner child loose!

Source: https://s3.amazonaws.com

Czar's Ice Bar at East Andrew's Entertainment District

This fancy establishment is not only Atlanta’s only ice bar, but also boasts the best sushi in the city. Enjoy the lavish atmosphere in this already high-end entertainment district while sipping on the best top shelf vodka cocktails in the city. Keeping with classic ice bar etiquette, the bar top is a solid block of ice four inches thick, and on this extravagant bar you can slurp chilled vodka shots from ice blocks! This is a bar like no other, and while it may be a touch pricy, the experience is well worth it!

Source: http://www.czaricebar.com

Churchill's in Buckhead

If Prohibition has you craving another speakeasy, make sure to pop in at Churchill’s in Buckhead on your way home. In the main bar area, you will be met with a classic British pub with its classy wooden bar and décor. But if you venture past the main bar towards the restrooms and slip downstairs, you will find another hidden treasure. The War Room at Churchill’s sits just below the main bar and is modeled after Winston Churchill’s World War II bunker. In the bunker, you can partake in some darts before heading back upstairs to enjoy one of Buckhead’s finest bars.

Source: http://www.thrillist.com

Sister Louisa's Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium

Sister Louisa's Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium, better known as Church to the local Atlanta bar hoppers, is another eclectic Vortex-esque bar located just outside of Downtown. The interior features odd décor and cheap drinks. Church is the only bar I know of that has ping pong tournaments, and on the weekend, “parishioners” are treated to a dance party! This bar is notably an art gallery that serves alcohol, so by all means, check out Sister Louisa’s art while you partake in ping pong, darts, and dancing! There’s a whole lot of fun to be had at Church!

Source: https://www.sisterlouisaschurch.com

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