6 Most Authentic Mexican Restaurants in Miami

6 Most Authentic Mexican Restaurants in Miami

From tacos to burritos to enchiladas, all topped with guacamole and served with icy margaritas, Mexican's know how to cook. Here are the top 6 joints in Miami.

Your mouth is guaranteed to water when you think of Mexican food. Everything from burritos, to enchiladas, to tasty guacamole, all washed down with freshly mixed margaritas with a splash of mint. Mexican food has it all. The best part of it is that Miami is filled with some of the most delicious Mexican food on the East Coast. The offerings are beyond words, and what is so special is that these restaurants have stayed true to the Mexican heritage. You will only find authentic cuisine, authentic atmosphere, and will always leave feeling full and satisfied.

Here are the 6 most authentic Mexican restaurants in Miami.

Ernesto's Taco Shop

8845 SW 107th Ave, Miami

Although Ernesto's is located in a shopping mall, that does not take away the fact that their food is some of the most delicious in town. A big bonus is that it is open 24-hours, meaning that you can satisfy your cravings for stunning Mexican food at any time of the day or night. The prices here are hard to compare elsewhere, starting from just $1.39 for sweet horchata (a drink made with rice, milk, coconut and cinnamon), and just $7 for some of the best tortas in town! Consider heading here on a Saturday or Sunday morning after finishing a big night for their $9 menudo – basically the Mexican version of a hangover cure that surprisingly works. Menudo means “cow stomach-lining stew”, but don't be disheartened, it's actually quite tasty.

Jacalito Taqueira Mexicana

3622 W Flagner Street, Miami

You can find this casual-dining restaurant on West Flagler and you will be guaranteed to leave with a full stomach and a smile on your face. Try three taco's for $6, or the yummy sope, which is a juicy tortilla filled with meat, vegetables, cheese, and sour cream (Mexican-style). This little restaurant is also a hotspot for diners who enjoy eating some of the more “exotic” parts of the animal body, such as the tongue (lengua) and beef cheeks (cachete). But, the crowd favourite is most probably the queso fundido served with chorizo for just $6.25. You won't be able to leave anything on your plate.

Viva Mexico

542 SW 12th Ave, Miami

Considered to be one of the only authentic taqueria's in Miami, this place is famous for its cheap food which is on par with some of the more higher-end restaurants around. They love their pork here, with you being able to choose fillings of parts such as tongue, stomach, and ear, but don't be disappointed if you find that your servings of guacamole and sour cream are a little small – the owners and chef's here guarantee that their tasty meats don't need toppings. They are really that good. Don't worry about blowing your budget here either as most of their delicious tacos will cost you a maximum of just $2!

Coyo Taco

2300 NW Second Ave, Miami

Located in a very laid back artsy and funky neighborhood, Coyo Taco deserves a mention on this list of best places to eat Mexican in Miami. They consider themselves to have Miami's freshest Mexican street food experience. With its bright blue walls on the exterior, you will feel like you are in a real taqueira in the heart of Mexico somewhere when you step inside. All food is made fresh to order here, and they even use tequila and mexcal of their own brand in order to make very tasty margaritas. The specialty here which you must try is their signature grilled octopus tacos.

Naked Taco

1111 Collins Ave, Miami

If you are looking for a Mexican restaurant with great food and a young hip crowd, then the Naked Taco is perfect for you. Located in the Dream South Beach Hotel, you will fall in love with the décor inside which has been inspired by Day of the Dead. Before you start your meal, slam down a complimentary shot of tequila. You can also see how many suggestively named items you can find on the menu, like The Cherry Popper margaritas. Just make sure that you don't leave without trying the jumbo crab with guacamole and lobster-filled enchiladas, or purchasing one of their shirts that they have for sale which says, “The Best Taco You Ever Ate!”.

Cantina Beach at The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne

455 Grand Bay Drive, Miami

Situated right on the water, seated at this restaurant you will think that you are sitting somewhere on the Mexican coast. The food here is absolutely brilliant and comes close to topping this list of authentic Mexican restaurants in Miami. Gourmet is the key word here, and the menu is nicely complimented with a premium range of tequila to quench your thirst. The specialty here is their tacos de pescado which consists of fried mahi mahi, topped with corn tortillas and cilantro.

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