Coral Gables Hotels: The 5 Most Beautiful Places to Stay

Coral Gables Hotels: The 5 Most Beautiful Places to Stay

Coral Gables has quite the selection of hotels, but there are 5 that stand out among the crowd. For your convenience, we've narrowed down the most beautiful.

You’ve made quite the good choice, deciding to travel down to the beautiful coastal city of Coral Gables. Everybody boasts about Miami, Orlando, Daytona, Tampa – but when you overlook the smaller cities, the subsections of the greater areas, you miss out on some great hidden gems. Coral Gables is one such city, hidden underneath the popularity of Miami, FL, and we assure you you’re going to enjoy it.

With a location for your vacation picked out, it’s time to decide where you’re going to be spending your nights. You can figure out the entertainment portion of your trip or even inquire with the locals, but when it comes to your accommodations, we recommend you pay attention to our recommendations. From a recognizable chain that specializes in luxury to a resort you’d love to call home, these are the 5 most beautiful places to stay in Coral Gables.

5. Courtyard Miami

South Le Jeune Road houses something for all travelers looking for a slice of the opulent lifestyle for just a little while. Anyone traveling to Coral Gables will want to set their sights on this Marriott property. It may very much so look like a Courtyard Marriott property from the outside, but this Miami hotel has so much more to amplify your Florida vacation.

Looking beyond the rooms that this Courtyard Marriott provides for just a moment, you’ll find that your room rate comes with some fabulous amenities. Take, for instance, the outdoor swimming area, which simply basks in the warm Coral Gables air. You can take a dip before or after your workout in the heavily stocked exercise room. When you’ve worked up an appetite, feel free to duck into the Courtyard Café & Lounge for a casual bite to eat.

Staying at the Courtyard Miami puts you in great proximity to some fun attractions, such as the Miami Metrozoo and Grapeland Waterpark. If you’ve rented a car or don’t mind public transportation, Miami beach is only approximately 11 miles away and, during a nice sunny day, is certainly a must. Coral Gables is no stranger to culture, as you’ll find if you decide to check out the Actors Playhouse for some small live theater.

Should you take away just one thing during your stay at the Courtyard Miami, let it be a memory of the exquisite views. The city is gorgeous, and being able to experience it from the window of your room is certainly a treat. When it comes to Courtyards accommodations, you’re looking at an easy selection of a King, Double, or King and Sofa Bed arrangement. No frills, no fuss – just an easy selection of very comfortable and finely furnished rooms. Plush bedding, comfortable furnishing, and an exquisite bathroom ensure that you’ll have quite the relaxed stay.

4. The Westin Colonnade

When you picture the perfect hotel, that one ideal location that you want to spend your vacation at, chances are you come up with a place like the Westin Colonnade. When you pull up to this massive structure on Aragon Avenue, you may wonder if you’ve booked a room inside of a multi-storied museum. The architectural structure is an impressive work of art that towers over the street and is very reminiscent of a New York city skyscraper, minus a few dozen floors.

The Westin Colonnade is in a great location in Coral Gables, being only a few blocks away from the Miracle Mile, Downtown Coral Gables, and the Miracle Marketplace; but it’s not just the location that should bring you down to this beautiful hotel. The Westin comes with an option of five different room categories to choose from, with accommodations suitable for up to 4 people.

The Traditional Standard Room is exactly what you’d expect, but the 409 sq ft space is outfitted with some truly comfortable furnishings. A 32-inch flat screen TV faces either one king or two double-sized beds from Westin’s Heavenly bed line in every room. The health conscious individual will love the WestinWORKOUT Room, which adds a tread mill or elliptical, while guests seeking indulgence will love the Deluxe Room and its direct pool access. For additional space, you’ll want to look at either the two-storied Townhouse Loft, at 485 sq ft or the Executive Room, at 530 sq ft

Health enthusiasts will love Westin’s state-of-the-art fitness center while foodies will want to dive right into SUSHISAMBA, Coral Gables’ and the Westin Colonnade’s delicious ethnic bite from the sea. Also separating the Westin from most other modern hotels is that it is dog friendly, and should you travel with your four-legged friend, they’ll get their own Heavenly Dog Bed.

Don’t forget to request a room with a view to get a great look at Downtown Coral Gables at nightfall.

3. Hyatt Regency

Boiling your hotel choice down to just 5 options can be intimidating, but when a Hyatt property is one of those options, you can rest easy. The Hyatt Regency in Coral Gables delivers on everything you’d expect from the Hyatt Regency brand – beautiful accommodations, fun activities, opulent dining, and a few extra additions that we’ll be sure to touch on.

In regards to accommodations, the Hyatt Regency at 50 Alhambra Plaza comes with three different options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something simple and easy to handle or are in need of something spacious, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at this Regency.

Making up the basic room is the Standard category, available in 450-500 sq ft and sport a plush Mediterranean style. The crispness of each room is refreshing, especially after a long day of shopping and exploring in Downtown Coral Gables and Miracle Mile. Even more luxurious and stocked with a 42” flat-screen, high-speed internet, and a deluxe bathroom are the Deluxe Rooms.

Being on vacation, we definitely recommend treating yourself, and with the 505 sq ft Hyatt Regency Suite, treat yourself you shall do. Tacked onto the standard accommodations is an additional seating area with a sofa bed and an attached marble bathroom.

For some fun and relaxation, the Hyatt Regency is equipped with its own resort pool and Jacuzzi. Take a dip, head back to your room, and get yourself ready for a few hours of cardio and fitness at the on-site fitness center, complete with Life Fitness Cardio equipment. When you work up an appetite, Two Sisters Restaurant is right nearby to serve up a delicious American cuisine lunch menu from Executive Chef John Skonieczny. Of course, if you’re looking for convenience, you’ll want to take advantage of the Hyatt’s prompt room service.

2. Hotel St. Michael

This travel gem has quite the name, but this European-styled boutique definitely earns the title of St. Michael. Once known as the Sevilla Hotel from 1926, Hotel St. Michael was restored to its original form after many years of wear from its endless stream of travelers. Lodging, of course, has gotten the upgrade it needs to stay in line with modern hotels, but everything else about Hotel St. Michael is what you’d expect from a hotel that we deem “beautiful.”

We could go on and on about how its location on Alcazar Avenue puts it in close proximity to the Village of Merrick Park, Coral Gables Country Club, South Beach, Miracle Mile, Miami Science Museum, Jungle Island, and the Miami Children’s Museum, but you’re probably dying to know what the rooming in a hotel almost 90 years old looks like. We promise you, once you walk through your room door, you would never guess Hotel St. Michael’s age.

This luxurious spot skips the usual “standard” rooms and goes straight into the King and Queen Rooms. They may not be rooms fit for a king or queen, so to speak, but they’re definitely ideal for someone looking for something comfortable and classic. Hotel St. Michael provides a modern experience without being heavy on “modern décor.” You won’t get plush white bedding, but rather an appropriately designed comforter. A flat-screen television is included, but chances are you’ll be too distracted by the going-ons of Coral Gables to want to bother with television. Beyond the King and Queen Rooms, there are the Double Rooms equipped with two double sized beds and a Junior Suite for those special occasions.

When your craving for food catches up to you, Segunda Muelle is the recommended restaurant for all Hotel St. Michael’s guests. With a heavy emphasis on seafood, Segunda brings in local, fresh flavors to their menu.

When you want a taste of Coral Gables history, Hotel St. Michael is the hotel to try.

1. The Biltmore Hotel

Another relic of Coral Gables past, The Biltmore Hotel has taken a more modern route to being one of the city’s most beautiful and sought after hotels. The church-like structure stands tall on Anastasia Avenue, its peak lighting up nightly in a beautiful display. The building is tall and proud with accents from its 1920’s creation speckled throughout to carry its past throughout time.

The Biltmore is a classical venue with eight different room options. The standard room, or the Superior Room, has all the staples one would need to survive a vacation outing, from just enough space to be comfortable to a big, plush mattress. A step up is the Junior Suite, with a divider from the living space to the bedroom. The 1-bedroom, Everglades, Merrick, Terrace, Tower, and Golf Suites each provide their own distinguished look, feel, and calming space to ensure that guests get exactly what they’re looking for out of their stay in Coral Gables.

Fine and casual dining surrounds The Biltmore, so you’re never too far from something to satiate your appetite. From French cuisine at Palme D’Or, Italian at Fontana, or casual American at Cascade, you’re a simple walk away from always delicious and satisfying cuisine.

Biltmore stands out on this list of five with its own, 18-hole golf course. Take a break from your tiring vacation and enjoy something relaxing and slower paced to reenergize yourself a bit. If you’re newer to the game, the Biltmore Golf Academy allows even novice golfers to take advantage of this unique offering.

Well, now it’s up to you, fair traveler. We’ve given you five beautiful hotels to choose from in Coral Gables, and you just need to decide which suits your needs the best. We don’t think there’s a “wrong choice” here, so don’t let it stress you out!

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