10 Unforgettable Things To Do In Beverly Hills

10 Unforgettable Things To Do In Beverly Hills

While most people visit the city of stars with hopes of getting a picture of their favorite stars, Beverly Hills actually has a lot more to offer.


Originally a Spanish ranch growing lima beans, Beverly hills was incorporated in 1914 by investors after they failed to find oil in the area and instead decided to create a city around the water springs found here. Ever since the roaring twenties, stars have been moving into larger and larger mansions in Beverly Hills, shaping the city's today fame. Nowadays Beverly Hills is an icon of wealth and fame, with the Rodeo Drive featured in numerous movies, animated films and series.

1. Visit one of the canyon parks

Source: http://www.hikespeak.com/trails/franklin-canyon-park-lake-loop-chaparral-trail/

California has a wonderful landscape when it comes to scenery, and thankfully, numerous preservation areas were established around Los Angeles. Bordering Beverly Hills is the Franklin Canyon Park, a 605 acres reservation with a lake, hiking trails and picnic grounds.

The conversation has been in development since the 1970s, with free education programs and daily operations today by Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority.

2600 Franklin Canyon Drive, Beverly Hills

(310) 858-7272

2. Drive along Mulholland Drive

Source: http://www.locationshub.com/blog/2015/2/20/10-los-angeles-film-locations-that-make-nightcrawler-so-dangerously-real

If you've ever wondered from where those amazing pictures and videos were taken in all the teenage romance movies, the answer is simple: Mulholland Drive. Accessible from numerous roads, including Beverly Glen from Beverly Hills, this road opened back in 1924 has stunning views over the city of Angels.

"The Mulholland Highway is destined to be one of the heaviest traveled and one of the best known scenic roads in the United States."

Source: books.google.co.uk

The road itself is 21 miles long and stretches out inside the eastern Santa Monica mountains. Among the landmarks visible from the drive are panorama views of downtown LA, the Hollywood sign and event the Universal city.

3. Visit the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation

Source: http://lamischief.tumblr.com/post/63319162158/frederick-weisman-art-foundation

The collection currently exhibited was first opened in 1982 by Frederick R. Weisman in this Beverly Hills villa. He worked together with his wife to create a special atmosphere, and from the gallery it seems like they succeeded. The foundation also loans artwork to other museums all across the world.

Works of numerous modernist European artists displayed, such as Cézanne, Picasso, as well as post-war art, abstract expressionist pieces and contemporary works from the state. The exhibition is accessible through guided tours, appointments have to be made.

(310) 277-5321

4. Walk along Rodeo Drive and look for celebrities

Source: http://rodeodrive-shop.com/

Rodeo Drive has been the main street of Beverly Hills ever since it was platted in 1906. However, for a whole five decades it had nothing special but hardware and general stores, hotels and petrol stations.

The first luxury boutique was opened in 1967, Giorgio Beverly hills. It was soon followed by Gucci, Van Cleef & Arpels and eventually the whole load of shops one can visit today. In 1977, a campaign was started to advertise Rodeo Drive as an exquisite international shopping lane for the rich, which obviously succeeded. By 1980 25% of the city's tax revenue came from Rodeo Drive.

The drive received a complete makeover in 2003, widening the streets, re-paving the road and adding crosswalks. Taking a stroll along the two mile drive also gives you the chance to spot your favorite Beverly Hills celebrities, including Taylor Swift, the Hiltons, Bruce Willis, Sharon Stone, Matthew Perry, Rod Stewart, Courtney Love and many more.

5. Visit Greystone Mansion and have a stroll in the park

Source: http://www.greystonemansion.org/

This beautiful mansion was constructed in 1927-28 as a wedding gift by oil magnate Edward Laurence Doheny, a few decades after he found oil in the Los Angeles area with his friends and became one of the richest people alive.

In addition to the Mansion, originally located on the grounds were stables and kennels, tennis courts, a fire station, gatehouse, swimming pool and pavilion, a greenhouse, a lake, babbling brooks and cascading waterfalls.

Source: www.greystonemansion.org

The estate was sold by the original owners in 1955, later bought by the city of Beverly Hills in 1965. This resulted in the mansion being converted into a public park in 1971, and in 1976 the building was recognized as a historical landmark.

The enormous estate has 55 decent-sized rooms with 46,054 living space inside. One side of the mansion still has wonderful views over downtown Los Angeles and Santa Monica bay. Besides the many rooms and the wonderful views, the interior includes a movie theater, a bowling alley and a hidden bar.

905 Loma Vista Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210


6. Relax in a Beverly Hills spa

Source: http://www.fourseasons.com/beverlywilshire/

If you grew tired of wandering around in Beverly Hills, take your time to rest in one of the many luxury spas located in the city, visited by both tourists and stars. While they may put a hard strain on the wallet, they surely provide an experience that you'll never forget.

Beverly Wilshire

This historic hotel was completed in 1928 and features a ballroom as well as tennis courts and an olympic sized swimming pool. Besides these however is the spa, open every day, with exquisite services to those who decide to pay a visit.

The hotel's spa features steam rooms, massage treatments, anti-aging treatments and special face and body cosmetics.

9500 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills CA 90212

+1 (310) 275-5200

The Peninsula

The Peninsula Hotel in Beverly hills offers a rooftop pool and Jacuzzi for guests, along with a fully-equipped spa next to the rooftop garden. The spa offers specialties like the Shiffa Gemstone Revival along with traditional body wrap treatments and customized facials and massages.

9882 South Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Hills CA 90212

+1 310 551 2888

Tomoko Japanese Spa

This spa was founded by Tomoko Kurono with the goal of finding the perfect spa treatment in the world. She believes that while many therapist possess the knowledge required, they don't give enough from their soul and heart into the massage for it to truly work. No matter the reasoning behind the success of Tomoko spa, customers flock for a massage no matter if they are tourists or celebrities. The spa was designed by Thea Home inc. with Tal Naor.

141 S. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills CA 90212

(310) 205-7300

7. Have a drink at one of the famous bars

Source: http://beverlyhills.peninsula.com/en/fine-dining/the-club-bar

If you are planning for a night out, make sure to visit one of the many famous bars in Beverly Hills. You may even stumble into a celebrity or two in the middle of your night!

The Club Bar

Located inside The Peninsula, this bar is the perfect one for high rollers. Offering an interior with dark birch panels and leather-bound chairs, the atmosphere resembles a gentleman's club. The bar is proud to offer a broad range of drinks as well as a fine selection of wines that includes the hotel's very own pinot-noir. Beside the drinks, Peninsula's Club Bar also offers meals in a mixed Asian-Western style for those who arrive hungry.

9882 South Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Hills CA 90212

+1 310 551 2888

Nic's Bar Beverly Hills

Nic's restaurant and martini lounge was opened by renowned chef Larry Nicola in 1997 at its current location, after a relocation from downtown. But what makes Nic's bar even more famous is the VODBOX, a walk-in-and-drink vodka tasting experience. Before entering the 28°F room, guests are provided faux fur robes and coats. The VODBOX itself is a room with stainless-steel freezers along the walls, containing white-leather shelves with only the best vodkas this planet can offer.

453 North Cañon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210-4819

(310) 550-5707

Nineteen12 in the Beverly Hills Hotel

This bar was named after the year the famous hotel was opened, and it offers drinking experience both indoors in an authentic interior setting and outdoors on a terrace overlooking the pool and the city of Beverly Hills.

The bar offers a broad range of drinks as well as snacks including lobster tacos and truffle fries. One can also reserve the whole bar for private parties, or make an appointment to get a private room for decent-sized groups of attendees.

9641 Sunset Boulevard Beverly Hills, California 90210

+1 310 273 1912

8. Visit The Saban Theatre

Source: https://ffawl.wordpress.com/2012/06/06/laugh-for-change/

The Saban Theatre, formerly Fox Wilshire Theater, is an art-deco historic theatre in Beverly Hills. Originally designed to house 2500 seats, the theatre saw numerous film premiers, broadway shows and live concerts during its 85 years story.

In 2009 the theatre received a grant for renovations and was renamed to 'Saban Theatre'. It is one of the many historical landmarks in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills with a secured place on The Federal and State Registry of Historic Places.

8440 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Theater Box Office


9. Have a walk through the Will Rogers Memorial Park

Source: http://www.beverlyhills.org/exploring/cityparks/willrogersmemorialpark/

The Will Rogers Memorial park is a triangle shaped public park bordered by the Sunset Boulevard, located across to the Beverly Hills Hotel. It was opened in 1915 as the first public park in Beverly Hills, originally called Sunset Park up until 1952 when it was renamed after the first honorary mayor of Beverly Hills, Will Rogers.

The park features flower gardens, open grass areas, palm trees, a dragon tree, pathways, plaques about the park's history and public restrooms.

9650 Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

10. Visit the Center For Motion Picture Study

Source: http://www.latimes.com/travel/california/la-tr-mission-lookalikes-photos-013-photo.html

This building, belonging to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, houses certain academic deparments as well as the film archives. The building itself is beautiful, and is the oldest building in the Los Angeles area that were specifically built to house cinema-related faculties. It was renamed in 2002 after Mary Pickford, the famous silent film actress.

1313 Vine Street, Los Angeles, California 90028

(310) 247-3016

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