A tourist could get lost in Los Angeles. By lost, not meaning off-course among unfamiliar street names, but rather lost in all the different experiences Los Angeles has to offer. A myriad of different cultures, ages, and histories, Los Angeles has a variety of dining options. Below are some of the more unique choices what will help make your trip to Los Angeles a memorable one.

Food Haus Café:

Located at 2106 S Olive St., Food Haus is in Los Angeles’ downtown district. On nice days you can enjoy the outdoor seating and people-watch as you munch on a variety of comfort foods. The inside of the restaurant is dedicated to the city itself, showcasing work from local artists and the city skyline painted on the wall. The café features the popular homemade “Lemonade of the Day” along with generous portions of American classics and their famous truffle fries. All burgers are made from grass-fed beef, the most well-known being the “Bleu Burger,” which includes bacon, bleu cheese, jalapeños, mushrooms, onion rings, garlic aioli and their beer infused barbecue sauce on a warm brioche bun. For those looking for something besides sandwiches, there is also an extensive seasonal menu of soups, salads and flatbreads. Food Haus is open 10:00am - 10:00pm Monday thru Thursday, 8:00am - 10:00pm Friday and Saturday and 8:00am - 8:00pm on Sunday.

The Stinking Rose:

Do you like garlic? Well, meet the restaurant that loves garlic, appropriately titled “The Stinking Rose.” Located at 55 North La Cienega Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA, the restaurant is centered around the pungent vegetable and includes it in all of their dishes, even the dessert! The prolific namesake can be found all over the restaurant, from the ceiling to the walls to even in remakes of well-known artwork. There are different sections to the restaurant including “Dracula’s Grotto,” “Michelangelo’s Room,” “Chianti Room,” the “GarBar” and a outdoor piazza for people-watching. In addition to its garlic infused entrees there is also the famous “Gilroy’s Garlic Ice Cream” covered in dark chocolate sauce. Standouts on the menu include the “Bagna Calda” appetizer and the “Silence of the Lamb Shank.” The Stinking Rose is open everyday 11:30am - 10:00pm.


Feel like tasting some of the local flavor? How about extremely local (as in someone’s backyard) flavor? It may seem a little odd, but that is exactly the premise behind Forage, a family-run restaurant that only uses fresh, local produce. Some people even choose to bring their own fruits and vegetables for the chefs to use. The fare depends on what is in season, so the menu is constantly changing and there is always something new to try. The farm-to-table restaurant is also a local favorite for vegans and vegetarians. Past choices on the menu have included cauliflower soup, beet green feta quiche, and couscous with pomegranate, pickled onion, and pepper dressing. Forage is located at 3823 W Sunset Blvd, in the Silver Lake Los Angeles district. Hours vary by day, so you may want to call ahead at (323) 663-6885.

Beer Belly:

In the mood for some locally brewed beer? Feel like munching on some delicious comfort food? Beer Belly is a gastropub located at 532 S Western Ave in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Beer Belly prides themselves on their rotating beer list featuring craft beers from all over the Los Angeles area. Can’t decide which beer to choose? There is a beer sampler hand-picked by the restaurant owner for the undecided (or the patron that wants to try a little bit of everything!). The menu at Beer Bully is built around its duck and pork entrees, including the favored “Death by Duck” (duck fat fries with duck skin cracklins and duck confit) and “Pork Belly Chips” (fried pork belly with sweet onion sugar and Tabasco aioli). Beer Belly serves lunch everyday 11:30am - 4:00pm and reopens for dinner at 5:00pm.

Café Brasil:

With two Los Angeles locations (11736 W Washington Blvd. and 10831 Venice Blvd.) and a large menu, Café Brasil is a convenient yet memorable lunchtime hot spot. Designed to make you feel like you were dining in its namesake, the menu features Brazilian staples such as fried plantains and fresh hand-squeezed juices. One of their specialties is the traditional feijoada, a beef and pork stew accompanied by rice, beans, collard greens and toasted yucca flower. Other traditional items include coxinhas (battered and fried shredded chicken), pão de queijo (baked cheese buns), and risoli (fried beef turnovers). The fresh drinks are a real standout here, with different-than-your-usual-fare choices such as mango, passion fruit, and sugar cane. Those who want an adult beverage can order sangria by the pitcher. For dessert there are some tropical choices, including the local favorite passion fruit mousse. Both Café Brasil locations are open from 11:00am - 10:00pm daily.