Clubs in Buckhead: 5 Fun Ideas for a Night Out in Atlanta

Clubs in Buckhead: 5 Fun Ideas for a Night Out in Atlanta

Buckhead may be labeled as a financial and commercial district, but we can assure you there are at least 5 fun reasons as to why its labels don’t define it.

If you head uptown in Atlanta, GA, eventually you’ll come across an up-and-coming district known as Buckhead – but if you’re reading this, chances are you know all about this major financial center. Thinking of it as a financial center definitely doesn’t give it too much travel appeal, but there’s much to be had in this urbanized paradise.

You see, Buckhead may be labeled as a financial and commercial district, but we can assure you there are at least 5 fun reasons as to why its labels don’t define it.

1. Johnny's Hideaway

Johnny’s Hideaway is a bit unique to the standard club scene. You see, it doesn’t perpetuate the stereotyping of modern dance clubs that seem to think it’s imperative to play a slew of nonsensical electronic or over-sexualized hip hop and pop. Instead, Johnny’s Hideaway takes its guests back in time to where dancing was far more than a little bump and grind.

Featuring DJs that spin hits from a range of eras, Johnny’s Hideaway is a nightclub for just about everybody. Even if you love the golden oldies, and we’re talking 1950’s era tunes, this joint can be your hideaway for an evening of dancing, fun, and entertainment. Johnny’s scoffs at the pretentiousness of nightclubs in cities like Las Vegas and California, opening its doors to such a vast crowd that it’s almost confusing to see such different age groups mingling.

When Johnny’s DJs aren’t spinning their eclectic collection of music on Sundays, live entertainment is brought in for a more authentic feel. A small cover charge beats the overpriced ticketing at a standard concert and these bands are too proud to play with autotune and lip-syncing.

Unique to most nightclubs, Johnny also offers up a light menu of delicious treats to dive right into. When you’re done with the dance floor, consider ordering a reasonably priced plate of queso dip or potato skins, followed up with well-seasoned buffalo wings, beef sliders, nachos, a BLT, or classic hamburger. Keeping with the feel the 50s music may instill, consider even a chocolate or vanilla milk shake to bring the night to a delicious close.

Johnny’s Hideaway is located at 3771 Roswell Rd NE and opens its doors 7 days a week. For reservations, call (404) 233-8026. It’s highly recommended to visit The Sinatra Room and The King’s Corner, areas within Johnny’s dedicated to Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley respectively.

2. Gold Room

When you enter the Gold Room, you’d probably expect to find yourself standing amidst an entire business encased in gold. Don’t expect that at all at this Buckhead nightclub. On top of being extremely tacky, it doesn’t provide an entirely entertaining aura, and if there is one thing the Gold Room wants to do, it’s entertain.

After a 2014 renovation, the Gold Room pulled itself away from the standard nightclubs of Atlanta, looking more like a Sin City nightlife joint that houses big-name musical guests, and big-name musical guests it definitely houses. The likes of Cedric Gervais, Panda Funk, Olver Heldens, Steve Angello, and Shaun Frank have all called the Gold Room home for at least one evening.

Gold Room’s abundance of pinks, purples, and other attractive colors give it a very inviting feel. Though the exterior is a little more rustic, the interior is what you’d expect from a modern space built solely for a nightclub scene. Comfortable pink booths are available for reservations, and a reservation is the only way to guarantee a place to sit once your legs have gotten tired from the nonstop dancing. If you have an event that you’re trying to top off perfectly, you may want to consider a table reservation. Birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties – there are few places in Buckhead that would play as a better host than the Gold Room.

The roof at 2416 West Piedmont Rd NE is rattling every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. For table reservation inquiries, call (404) 898-1707 or e-mail

3. Burn Social Club

Something is heating up at 56 E Andrews in Buckhead, and it does so every weekend at the Burn Social Club. What’s the difference between a social club and nightclub, you ask? There’s not much, but a social club is usually a bit more toned down, and Burn Social Club is the right level of subdued. You won’t find yourself entranced by brutal lighting or assaulted by an explosive sound system, and though the impressive turn out will make it look like a high-energy nightclub, you’ll get to enjoy a more “lounge-like” atmosphere.

Burn is a clever take on the nightlife scene with plenty of places to sit; beautiful, large, black couches in a venue that looks more like a library than a club. Unlike nightclubs, Burn actually allows you to interact with your patrons so it can own up to the Social Club moniker.

If you’re not into the nightclub scene but are looking for a great place to enjoy a party with dancing, alcohol, and a high-class atmosphere, Burn Social Club is the place for you. Drawing in a pleasant crowd, Buckhead's social club is exactly what a city like Atlanta needs.

To learn more about Burn Social Club and their latest events, check out their Facebook page or call them at (404) 389-0586.

4. Havana Club

There is definitely something about a place called “Havana” that tends to pull in quite the crowd, and the Havana Club at 3112 Piedmont Rd is certainly no different. What started as a cigar bar in the mid-1990’s erupted into one of Atlanta’s most prolific nightclubs that delivers a luxurious party every Friday and Saturday evening.

Havana Club is divided into 3 different rooms, each one differing from the other in the in the music played, the environment, and the crowd it attracts. The Main Room of Havana Club is your standard nightclub with a DJ spinning Top 40 hits to a room of people simply looking to party. VIP seating, cabana and bungalow rentals, and a separate Humidor area with a fully stocked cigar bar make the Main Room the place to be.

The Gallery tones down the opulence a little and replaces it with a state-of-the-art light show, complete with LED walls, lasers, and enough strobes to make you think you’re in a haunted attraction. House, electronic, and EDM blare from a custom sound system designed to shake the walls of The Gallery. Like the Main Room, The Gallery features VIP seating for special guests and parties willing to pay a price.

Standing completely opposite to both The Gallery and the Main Room is The Latin Studio; and as the name suggests, this isn’t your typical nightclub spot. Instead, The Latin Studio plays nothing but salsa, meringue, and bachata to play to Atlanta’s Latin crowd. To go along with the sultry sounds of salsa, The Latin Studio is a more toned down environment with dim lighting that accentuates the sensuality of salsa. Don’t know a lick about Salsa? You may want to check out The Latin Room one Saturday night for lessons so you can go on and woo your intended.

5. Sanctuary Nightclub and Lounge

Just as the name would lead you to believe, this Atlanta nightlife joint is certainly a sanctuary – but the question is: “For who?” It’s labeled as a dancer’s paradise, and a paradise for dancers it is. Headlined by DJ Mighty Mike and DJ Fabian, Sanctuary is the go-to spot in Buckhead and Atlanta for the most upscale Latin nightclub.

Spinning a collection of salsa, merengue, and bachata, Sanctuary brings the Caribbean to the Southeast. Mighty Mike and Fabian throw together the best of the best every Friday night to show every other club in the city how it’s done. Live shows, dance classes, and an exciting night of dancing and entertainment turns Sanctuary into a dancer’s blissful evening.

If you need a break from the constant dancing, consider taking a break in one of Sanctuary’s finest lounges accompanied by a refreshing beverage mixed by the club’s expert mixologists. When you’re kicking back with a great drink, you’ll start to drink in the atmosphere and see that Sanctuary is definitely not your average upscale joint. It plays to a vast crowd and ensures that adults of all ages are able to enjoy what the Sanctuary dishes out every weekend.

Now that you know where you can party in Buckhead - and that the district is more than just a haven for financial advisors – it’s time to make a choice. If you have the time during your stay in Atlanta, we definitely recommend checking them all out; but regardless of where you go, call ahead and make reservations. You don’t want to get left out in the night with nowhere to go but Denny’s.

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