The Best Places For Brunch in Las Vegas: A Gourmand's Guide

The Best Places For Brunch in Las Vegas: A Gourmand's Guide

Whether you're looking for a boozy or a budget brunch, Daring Penguin brings you its list of the best in Sin City for a quality meal mid-morning.

Whether you’ve had a night in the casinos or been wowed by a spectacular show, when it comes to the weekend in Sin City you will be searching for that most laid back of meals—brunch. Las Vegas is saturated with great brunch joints, where you can experience everything from caviar and champagne to dim sum. Here at Daring Penguin we have five options that are sure to tempt.

All those separate realities. Worlds within worlds. Fractured possibilities. All and more, sundry and brick bracks, working on the dimensional hypothesis of a multiverse. Each a diverging branch from that stalwart bark known as existence; the Big Bang the only common thread shared by the mismatch conglomerate. Few common elements in their makeup. Cultural differences creating landmass and far away archipelagos of dubious nutritional value. Each buffet one reality warping wild exercise of breakfast possibilities.

As you float, no doubt like a cartoon character across the landscape of the strip, your nostrils inflated to colossal proportions and your eyes watering with delight, you'll discover smells of almost divine inspiration. A jet stream of diverging fumes snaking all the way across the metropolis, hooking themselves to your nose and trailing you by a leash. Salty goodness calling you like sirens maiden voice. Deep fried nirvana temptation you with its tanned perfection. Raw sushi, of the best kind, moving its salmon pink rump in front of your bugged out eyes. And, yes, gasp and God Lord cheers of joy, a sight that will forever fight over that memory of your kids birth as the best day of your life; a gigantic golden fountain of gushing beer and tiny life rafts transporting sinfully perfected crab cakes. O.K., I admit it, still last bit of fanciful fantasy was a hipérbole. An exaggeration. But, It's Vegas, give them the credit they deserve. Sooner or later they'll get around to doing it. Probably add a couple of Roman Candles and synchronized swimsuit models, and a white tiger holding a kebab between its mouth - they have those by the thousands. So, if you're reading this in the year 2050, simply call me Nostradamus.

All this and more can be found in Sin City, a region that prides on checking each and every of the seven capital bad boys with aplomb at the gate. Whenever they veer into town, the top-brass rolls out the red carpet, the marching band, and the all boys celestial choir for the occasion. And Gluttony, he and Lust elbow each other like Richards and Jagger for the prime spot in the spotlight.

Vegas is a town that knows the golden rules as far as disobedience, immorality and sin is concerned. It is akin to an orgy of banquets and dining establishments. The logical outcome of what would take place if the Marquis De Sade, Caligula, and Charlie Sheen suddenly found themselves in a room with meters of cut lines of coke, a mountain of gold bullion and no adult supervision.

Each buffet is a smorgasbord of devilish concoction. A tear running down your eye in happiness at such sheer decadence. Each has its unique personality, its sui generis flavor, its solitary soul of sultry distinction. Each is a world onto itself. A governing body with its own set of rules and patriotic heritage, its sovereign nation. Still, they all take shelter under the blanket of giving the client not only what it wants but what his fantasy desires. Their motto being: “if he or she is not sexually aroused while looking at this spread them we are failing the American Dream. I want stiffies people!” An axiom, they valiantly close rank around. And an edict, an ideal, that Tom and Jane U.S.A., will forever be thankful for. That's their valued service to America, dare I say the world. That's how they prevent the terrorist from winning. That and the adamant regard towards crunchy bacon bits; swine being a comestible jackpot that translates across the kaleidoscopic cosmos of what's what.

The brass tack, the nuts and bolts, the sum and substance of all shaking hands in the steadfast belief that cheese is the substance that joins and pastes all entities together.

Vegas For Insiders: in 1931, after a federal anti-gambling law had forced most of the activity to move deep underground, Sin City legalized the trade and opened up the mega-resort bonanza and market friendly free-for-all that has dominated all manner of business practices up until the present. Strangely, Nevada doesn't condone a lottery. According to Article IV Sec.24 of the state's constitution "No lottery shall be authorized bu this state, nor shall the sale of lottery tickets be allowed." Go figure.

1. Double Helix Wine and Whisky Bar

The Grand Canal Shoppes, 3327 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States
+1 702-735-9463

Brunch: Saturday and Sunday from 11am

If you’re carrying on the party after a big win or soothing your aching head, Las Vegas will serve you the hair of the dog in style. We like Double Helix Wine and Whisky Bar. This laid back establishment offers the (almost) bottomless Bloody Mary or Mimosa for $20. As long as you can hold your drink, you are welcome to refill. The drinks come with delectable Arrancini- deep fried cheesy Italian rice balls. For a more substantial meal try the Veggie Omelette or the Croque Madame oozing with ham, gruyere cheese, béchamel sauce and topped with an egg. Dogs and cigar smoking are welcome on the patio where you can watch sports while you refuel for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

If you're like every Vegas slapped tourist, wanting and aching for more punishment, despite the fact that your eyes have turned to shades of red previously unseen, this place has got you covered. Double Helix Wine and Whisky Bar, does its name proud. When the owners' went about picking a proper label under which to qualify their joint, they decided to skew the metaphorical hoopla. Fo forgo the poetic iterations. To bypass the double meaning, "aren't they smart wordplay" and give the public a clear idea of the sort of rambling mess they were stepping into. The general consensus being:

"Geez, guys, we need it to be clear. No funny business. Everyone will be so f$"ked up after that they need kindergarten level directions."

And, just to really sell the sort of all-inclusive hangover, let's keep the party going, fare they offered, the following billboard has been seen, on more than one occasion herding the wobbly blitzed out crowd.

"Lunch With No Booze Is Just A Sad Breakfast."

In the Double Helix the walk of shame is merely the waltz of the status quo.

Vegas For Insider: Mafia big boss, Ben "Bugsy" Siegel was partially murdered in his girlfriend's home on account of his Las Vegas flight of Fancy. In 1946, Bugsy utilized mob funds in order to raise his pipe dream of a resort, The Flamingo Hotel. A year later, the mob gave old Bugsy the official retirement package from the Cosa Nostra. A couple of shots to the back of the head. The reason? Ben was utilizing his boondoggle in order to skim money from his superiors.

2. Lago at The Bellagio

3600 S Las Vegas Blvd • +1 866-259-7111

Brunch: Sunday, 11am-2pm

You’re in Vegas baby! Why not splash out on the most luxurious brunch of your life? We think the best place to do this is at Lago. Not only does Lago serve gorgeous Italian-inspired food, but you are also seated right next to their awe-inspiring fountains. This place has style and the food won’t disappoint. You will be greeted with a choice of mouth-watering Italian pastries before you sink into your starter which could be Duck with soft polenta, a Quinoa salad or beautifully light Raviolone. For your second course, the Eggplant Parmesan Benedict has all of the flavour and richness of the traditional Italian dish topped with an egg to remind you that this is brunch. The 4oz Angus Tenderloin is a favourite, served with crispy hash browns. And all while watching those fountains.

Vegas For Insiders: Most of the resorts, gambling havens, architectural feats of lunacy and just about everything that makes Vegas, well, Vegas is located in a 6.8 K.M stretch of boulevard referred to as "The Strip." And here comes the mind blown, are you kidding moment?.... The Strip isn't located in Las Vegas proper. The are known as Las Vegas goes as far as Sahara Avenue. The Strip meanwhile passes through two unincorporated townships: Winchester and Paradise. 18 of the world's biggest hotels, those that scream out Las Vegas, are really located about a mile off Las Vegas.

3. BLT at Bally’s

3645 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States
+1 702-967-7999

Brunch: Sunday from 9.30am

You can’t leave Las Vegas without heading for brunch at BLT at Bally’s. You might think that $90 a head seems a bit steep, but for this, you get unlimited pours of Perrier Jouét Champagne, Mimosa or Bloody Mary. That’s only for starters, the real star of BLT is the seafood. There are half lobster tails, cooked regularly in small batches so they are always warm, sweet and succulent. And don’t even get me going on the freshly shucked Oyster bar, the American Surgeon Caviar, the enormous Alaskan crab legs or the sushi. If you are not in the mood for seafood, this sumptuous paradise serves omelettes, ribs, steaks and more to choose from.

Vegas For Insiders: Vegas has a rather weird relationship with food. On one hand it will do everything within its power to draw the visitor into a smorgasbord of possibilities. Each of them ripe to steal you blind and fleece every penny that jangles in your pockets. On the other hand, some casinos will actually give you fine fresh free food, just to keep you sweating like a walrus in front of a slot machine. If you want to cut back in your dinner expenses, simply pick a casino having an off night (slightly bare) and waltz around the main floor. Sooner or later, some pit boss, or cocktail waitress, will swagger over and hand you a coupon for a complimentary buffet.

4. The Orleans Hotel and Casino

4500 W Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89103, United States
+1 702-365-7111

Brunch: 8am-3pm

If you got overexcited on the one-armed bandit or had too much trust in lady luck then never fear, The French Market Buffet at The Orleans Hotel and Casino is the place to go. There is a vast array of cuisine on offer here from Italian, Mongolian, Barbecue, American, Seafood, Mexican and Chinese, plus an oversized dessert bar that will tempt you over when you think it’s all too late. This is all available for $20.99 and there is the ubiquitous free glass of bubbles when you arrive. The gelato is highly recommended, so leave some room if you can.

Vegas For Insiders: 60,000 pounds a day. That's a lowball figure on how much shrimp is consumed in Vegas on a daily basis. To give you a rough idea, that's more than what the whole country, that's all the States in the union, eats on a twenty-four hour period.

5. MOzen

3752 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas, NV 89158, United States
+1 888-881-9367

Brunch: Sundays 12-2.30pm

If you are looking for Dim Sum, Sushi, Curry or a Thai treat, check out the elegant and impeccable MOzen. The real star here is the sushi with Nigiri and Sashimi on the menu, the selection includes Barbeque Eel and Sea Urchin, the Spider Roll featuring soft shell crab tempura, cucumber, avocado and masago-burdock is an explosion of sweetness followed by deep umami flavour. Even the more traditional breakfast fare has an Asian twist- the green tea waffle is to die for, with the tea’s bitter edge creating an interesting and delicious dynamic to a classic dish. If you are feeling jaded after a night on the tiles, the light, healthy options at MOzen will get you on the party path again, plus of course there is a Bloody Mary and Mimosa menu that will add some pep to your Sunday.

Vegas For Insiders: On any given night, there is an estimated $30 - 60 million in the larger casino vaults. Over the week Las Vegas can actually sum up the gross national wealth of a small nation. On holiday weekends, those estimates double.

6. Andiron Steak & Sea

1720 Festival Plaza Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89135.

A plate of doughnuts. Not some fancy croissants, or a basket of Argentine "facturas" ... Nope, nothing more and nothing less than an American classic the stable of the working stiff, the blue-collar slave, the pig breakfast, Homer Simpsons' pyramid of nutrition base. The all mighty, all venerable, plate of doughnuts. Freshly fried and glazed. Hot chocolate sauce and sweet strawberry paste frosting the pastry of the Gods. That's how a proper breakfast brunch kicks off in Andiron. Enough grease, fat and carbohydrates to soak up yesterday's happy hour.

Every Sunday from 10 to 2 p.m. Andiron opens its doors and sounds the cowbell. Like Zombies hearing a call for brains, the slightly lobotomized visitors to the strip, shamble towards the sound. Inside, they'll be greeted by a medley and all-encompassing selection of delicious all-American stock. Grilled cheese sandwiches, hot ham on bread, taters and sausages. Dairy products as far as the eye can see. Fresh gouda, crispy cheddar, mouthwatering manchego. Iberico ham and peppearde, pastrami and pepperoni dancing the chefs tunes and jumping headlong into recently baked brioche.

The trick, the ace up Andiron's sleeve? Nothing more than a wood-burning grill blazing to smoky perfection on its property. That and a rather rubbery idea as to the borders of what constitutes a sane breakfast. A must, for every finger licking patron and foodie aficionado is the braised short ribs, with potatoes, Brussels sprouts, Cipollini onions and poached eggs.

Vegas For Insiders: If you shoot your neighbor's noisy, barking dog and it's in their yard, your neighbor can hang you for it. This is an old edict or charter, still officially in place inside the city limits. The stature, which is legal in Nevada, was an archaic city ordinance... And ordinance, that to this day, hasn't been revoked.

7. Border Grill

3950 Las Vegas Blvd. S. Las Vegas, NV 89119.

When you hear the words Mexican Food, visions of tacos, quesadillas and chimichangas spring like lost cherished memories from your childhood. A conga line of Dorito cheese filled Tacos, lukewarm blackeye peas burritos and guacamole showered nachos, all dancing to the beat of a small chihuahua, cross merely thought that movie theater you call a mind. Mariachis strumming their stuff, while fajitas shake their tortillas and Margaritas go hog wild with maracas.

Mexican Food, if you don't like it then you're not from this dimension and we cordially invite you step off the planet. Hell, let's be honest, I'm fairly certain even Donald Trumps sneaks in a Taco Bell combo once in a blue moon.

The Border Grill is nouveau Mexican, which can be loosely translated as: "We're experimenting how far we can expand an already rich cultural menu. The properties of cheese and dairy products are being put to the test and our salsa is made from the freshest ingredients."

The place serves up a chain of never ending small plates crammed with mouthwatering concoctions that make your faulty diet tear up and call it quits; "That's it. This is a lost cause, I'm out of here!"

In Border Grill, you'll be amazed by a couple of things.
A. the swiss knife of meals goes well with everything. All hail the proficiency of cheese.
B. "35 bucks! That's kind of steep... Oh, it's one price till' I pop. Well, that's something else altogether, let me just go back to the hotel and slip in my war pants. Those with the expandable waist line and miraculous stretchy fabric."
C. "Man, never thought I'd like anything with spinach..."

8. Brooklyn Bowl

Mimosas, bloody Marys and drunken Palmers, top the list of happy-go-lucky, when in Vegas, beverages the fine establishment offers its eager patrons. Every Saturday and Sunday, after high-noon and waging on the blotto-ed partygoer, Brooklyn Bowl kicks open its doors and hands out medicine. Said remedy is called "Hangover Chicken Soup."

We are talking about a place that caters to tounges who's taste buds have been peeled by nothing short than a flood of dubious alcohol. Giant portions, monstrous fried goodness, and maple syrup a plenty.

Till' the brunch hour become extinct, at the stroke of 4, you'll be able to drown your late-night sorrow in an army of food made to comfort you back from the edge. 10-inch pancakes with fried chicken that will once more spring hope in your soul about mankind's chances for a better tomorrow. Cinnamon toast pizza, with strawberries, bananas and Nutella, that will make you forget, at least in passing, about that weird rash you've developed overnight in your nether region. Frittatas, of beef, sausage, roast pork, bacon and smoked chicken that will open your eyes and make you believe in the power of friendship among different meats.

Brooklyn Down is the sort of place you can unwind and, also not be ashamed of entering while missing your flip-flops, wearing a string bikini over your left eye, a pink tutu and pulling on leech of a shaved monkey with lipstick on its lips... Trust me, in Vegas, this is the sort of marketable point you'll quickly discover is essential to survival.

9. Culinary Dropout

4455 Paradise Road, Las Vegas.

"Dear God in heaven... He of infinite wisdom... Thank you for the sight my weary, bloodshot eyes have just laid witness to. Thank you for such beauty. For such arresting splendor. Long praise your name, and may your guiding hand hold my lobster bib in place. May your omniscience fingers and all-powerful breath beat back the vile, yet lovely tasting, bombardment of errant hot butter, crimson marinara sauce and creamy ranch, for this is a new shirt and it cost a pretty penny. Amen."

Situated in The Hard Rock Casino Resort, Culinary Dropout might very well be a lost pearl in a sea of oysters.

Vegas For Insiders: there is a service, in Sin City, that will actually come to your home or hotel room and cure your hangover. Using a combination of I.V fluids and I.V. vitamins, they'll have you up and running, ready to hit the Strip and call them back the next day, faster than you can shake your tail feather and order up an appletini. They're called Hangover Heaven and the boast that they can cure your heavy partying in less than 45 minutes. Over 200 thousand happy costumers have taken their remedy. They're therapy starts 159 buckeroos. They even have a Hangover Buss that cruises the streets looking for patients.

10. Country Club

Life music, decadent lifestyle, enough bountiful food to stave off world hunger and a host of regulars who are style partly stuck in yesterday's fiascos. The Country Club is a call back to the roaring twenties. The time of Gatsby, of Capone, of those sort of parties you just knew, were over the top but you simply didn't care.

It's a Vegas landmark that still nurses its Speakeasy roots. Ask any of the locals and they'll not only recognize the joint but basically chastise you for your utter ignorance. The Country Club is a Vegas charter. A high water mark of what this city can measure up to. It is a stable of the community; iconic. It's as much Vegas as are the dozen of incognito prostitutes, the blitzed out foreigners posing in front of the welcome sign, and the Adult Video Awards.

In the Country Club, you'll be treated to the best materials possible. Sumptuous Crab Legs, who might have cost a fisherman or two their lives; smoked salmon so fresh, that it's practically trying to swim; upstream; seafood ceviches, that makes all other seafood ceviches turn down their heads in silent shame; shrimp and oysters plucked from salt water tanks; Wagyu beef hot dogs, that spell out: "buddy, you've made it. You're at the top."

All of this for the hefty sum of 65 bucks! oh and endless rivers of sparkling bubbly... You can't have a Jazz Party without that and live musicians.

11. House of Blues

$59.95. Mandalay Bay, 702-632-7600. Sunday, seatings at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

"Oh happy day (oh happy day)
Oh happy day (oh happy day)
When Jesus washed (when Jesus washed)
When Jesus washed (when Jesus washed)
Jesus washed (when Jesus washed)
Washed my sins away (oh happy day)"

"Glory be to God! Praise his name! And give me some more Maple Sirup. That's right, what's more American than a proper dose of Gospel? Well, pancaked and apple pie... Thankfully, the House Of Blues, beats back the foreign invasion of sushi bistros, the onslaught of Mexican fajitas and those delightful breakfast egg rolls everybody is talking about. They'll wall up their borders like the trippiest Republican on a media blitzkrieg. And make a stand, vanguard and fortified the last bastion against invaders, with more American memorabilia and hootenanny than a Friday Restaurant. Like Gandalf declaring, "You will not Pass," House Of Blues' breakfast fandango keep out the Balrog of other cuisine cultures at the gate.

Here, all walks of life, all tourist and anybody with a credit card - no matter religion, denomination or immigration status - will be welcomed into the loving arms of a Gospel-inspired brunch, that will have you exclaiming Hallelujah each time the Gumbo makes and appearance. Prime ribs, omelette sation, biscuits, rice salad, pancakes, waffles, tasty eggs in all shapes and sizes and enough chocolate to give a dead man a sugar high.

12. Jazmin

$58. Bellagio, 702-693-8865. Sunday, 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

By now, you have most likely seen the Fountain Show at the Bellagio, at least, a dozen times. Once because you were simply passing by, twice because you were standing on the other side of town and happened to glance its way, and about 8 times once you realized: "That's the sham from Ocean's Eleven?! Clooney Instagram pic!"

What you probably haven't experience yet and few people know of it, is have breakfast so close to the magnificent water spouts, that you're almost swimming in their force. This, plus a motley crew of sinfully self-indulgent meals is waiting open arms for your wallet at this over-the-top bistro. Jazmin at the Bellagio's is simply to die for. It sports a menu that might have well been made by that robot in Futurama that never got off the couch and had a bevy of slaves pampering it twenty-four seven.

Greasy duck, slowly cooked short ribs, crab legs, oysters, mussels and the occasional lobster tail, dim sum and a chocolate fountain just waiting for you to dip your fingers and licked them to the very bone.

Vegas For Insiders: by the numbers.
- The costliest Burger in Vegas is sold for 5 thousand dollars. You can buy it at Fleur in Mandalay Bay.
- 360 pounds of caviar, fresh and sometimes flown from out of state, is spooned on yearly basis in the Bellagio's Buffet.
- Almost 99 thousand crab legs were cracked at Aria Buffet in the year 2014.
- The Monte Carlo, thanks to chef André Rochat, sport the largest Armagnac and Cognac collection in Las Vegas. And, the third largest in the United States. One of the bottles, from the year 1777, is worth more than 40 thousand dollars.
- The Bacchanal Buffet at Ceasars Palace serves over 500 food items throughout the day. It caters to a flow of guest that range from 3000 to 3500 daily. For a hundred and fifty dollars, this establishment will actually regale you with a complete poached lobster.
- All of Las Vegas' leftover are picked up and delivered to RC Farms. Used to feed hungry pigs and fatten them up.

13. Babystacks Cafe

Four locations, Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-2 p.m.; Saturday & Sunday, 7 a.m.-3 p.m.

"Back, back," a Manager fight off a crowd with a fireman's ax. "Charlie, call the boys in red. We're going to need the hose."

Yup, business as usual for Babystacks. Come breakfast, these four restaurants turn down their threat level to black and go into siege mode. Lines, as if they were giving free CD's signed by Taylor Swift, curl around the block. Everyone wanting to get a seat at this local favorite hangout. The prices are low, the dishes Fred Flinstone big and the wealth of meals makes a phonebook look tame by comparison.

A must try, even if you're getting something else are the fuel worthy, if synthesised they might power a round trip to Mars, cinnamon buns.

Vegas For Insiders: Micheal Caine, that British icon, married his at the famous Little Chapel on the Green in January 1973. Whenever the topic of Vega weddings come up, and people instantly fly off the handle and call them a sham, Caine's marriage comes into play. They've been happily together for over 40 years.

14. La Cave

$48, $20 bottomless brunch cocktails. Wynn, 702-770-7375. Sunday, 10:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m

A bottomless brunch where your well tailored behind will never have to leave its cushioned seat. Butlers and waitresses coast around the dining room like flies offering up trays of calory topping nirvana. All you can drink, plus all you can eat. Sandwiches, finger foods, ribs, shrimps, fungi plates, deviled eggs and much more bombarding your sense and tantalizing you to unholster you belt and let your belly run free.

15. Serendipity 3

Caesars Palace, 702-731-7373. Saturday & Sunday, 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

Pancakes, like roller coasters, share much in common with roadside attractions. They're always in an eternal, Guinness World Record, pissing contest. Who has the biggest toilet, fastest thrill ride or must insane piece of yarn... Well, in Vegas pancakes and waffles battle it out for supremacy on the strip. Dinosaur like flour cakes stump around, declaring the sovereignty over the competition. Sometimes, on rare occasions, blueberry waffles are none to roar up at their consumers and scream: "I'm the man. There ain't nothing bigger and stronger than me in this land. Now bite my jelly, you know how I like it!"

Serendipity seems to have personally measured its competitors' fare and gone out of its way to top their best. We're talking pancakes lined, with chocolate chips, that might need a separate seat if they ever want to go on a plane.

There's more than pancakes at Serendipity - like french toast with bacon slices, eggs and beef - but, if you want that twitter update of profile pic' that will have your neighbors swearing that you've gone to the giant's land from Gulliver's Travel then don't overthink it. Get the freaking pancakes.

Vegas For Insiders: The Golden Opulence Sundae, served at Serendipity 3 is listed by the Guinness World Records as the most expensive piece of dairy in the world. At thousand dollars a pop, this sundae is made with a series of ingredients that might make the average person look at a McDonald's Sundae with hatred. Three scoops of Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream, saturated with Madagascar vanilla and covered in 23-carat edible gold leaf. Then, just because they can, they'll melt the world's most rare chocolate, Amedei Porcelana, into creamy syrup and bathe your decadent sundae. oh and to help you wash down the sugary taste, they'll add a cup of an exclusive salt-free caviar, Gran Passion Caviar.

16. Yardbird

If your think isn't poultry then, buddy, just skip this entry. At Yardbird the chicken is treated like royalty. It's the main course, the entree, the dessert and, when you go to the restroom, there's even a fifty/fifty percent chance you'll be met with an abomination: chicken liquid soap.

This fowl heavy bistro knows which way the roster calls every morning. It will delight you with enough crazy feathery antics and strange concoctions, that you might as well surrender and give praise to their poultry overlord.

Dishes to dry out: Chicken ’n’ Watermelon ’n’ Waffles. The sort of combination that will have you scratching your head and wondering, "how on Earth can this taste good?"

Vegas For Insiders: here's a head-scratching fact, did you know that Las Vegas is considered the unofficial ninth island of Hawaii? By some curious turn of fate, or simply because those Hawaiians sure know their stuff, this Eden in the middle of the desert draws in around 200 thousand Pacific tourist. Some say it because of Vacation Packages from the island to Nevada at 700 hundred dollars (covering air, room, meals and transportation), other's claim it's because Hawaii is one of the only two states that has no form of legalized gambling. Whatever the cause might be, the truth is that for most Vegas natives, the reason can be easily explained with a little medley they constantly tell reporters when asked about this strange phenomenon. "Honey, it's plain and simple. When you live in paradise, where else are you going to vacation?"

17. Buddy V's Ristorante

3327 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

This fine Italian, “oh Mama Mia,” ristorante makes Don Corleone proud. A plethora of authentic cuisine from the motherland, mixed and matched with their Frankestenian offspring. True antipasto and bolognese sauce, happily holding hands beside their Americanised cousin Mac and Cheese. Carbonera, frittatas, cannellonis, ricotta perfections in a brotherly embrace with drowning little hot dog bits in a sea of ketchup.

Buddy V's is knows its clientele, it caters to fine palates and to tiny, newborn tongues who have only tasted the Italian wonder of Pizza Hut and want nothing more.

Right from the get-go, at 10:30 up until last call, this buffet lined pig trough will have the average customer. The Bloody Mary’s are bottomless, the Bloody Ceasars also fit that bill, and The Sangrias follow the trend. Brunch for adults is 33 bucks a pop, while the kiddies and their tiny stomachs only have to shell out 15 big ones.

18. Citizens' Kitchen and Bar

3950 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119.

At Mandalay Bay, they know how to ID a need and hold tight to that niche. Hangovers in Vegas are the norm, if you're not nursing a road crew behind your eyelids, then sadly you're
wrong. Mandalay Bay values it clients and, above all, prizes those plucky individuals who take the bull by the horns and ride that beast till’ there's blood on the soil.

Hangover central, I mean Brunch, starts early and ends at 4 in the afternoon. Eggs, in all its many shapes, grace the landscape. Chicken prepared in a dozen ways pockmarks the tables. Carbohydrates, those alcoholic soaking buddies, our allies against dreaded mind blasts, make their triumphant entrance right from the get go.

19. DW Bistro

6115 S Fort Apache Rd #112, Las Vegas, NV 89148.

This is the outcome of what happened, in another dimension. A different reality where somehow Pacho Villa and Bob Marley for a one on one.

“Hey,” he of the Fu-Mancho whiskers goes. “Mi amigo, you want a shot of glory? Swallow el guzanito.”
“Sure,” the dreadlocks master goes. “Let's swap.”
“Is that loco weed?…”
The wink of “you sure know your stuff.”

DW Bistro is a Jamaican Stock and Mexican Cuisine galore. It’s exotic fare done even more exotically, just to upped the ante and have bragging rights over its competition.

20. Tacos And Tequilas

3900 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119.

If you're truly searching for some fine south of the border comida. Some muy ricos tacos and excellent dos x uno Margarita. You might as well take turn, on Abnormal Avenue, pass by Illogical Boulevard and park your belly on Insanity Lane. Cause, in Sin City, if you’re in the mood for some quesadillas and huevos rancheros, there's no better place to go then down to Mickey Mouse Egypt. That’s right, the Luxor, that gigantic pyramid in the middle of the street, loves nothing more than to screw with our perceptions by letting us bask in the glory of a Mariachi Brunch.

Excellent fare, awe-inspiring drinks and a visual bombardment that will have your brain asking: “who’s the wise guy that spiked my orange juice? Come on fez up!”

Vegas For Insiders: The Luxor, that mighty faux pyramid in the middle of Vegas holds a number of unique distinctions. Here are a few that might get your mind rocking. The spotlight, on top of the hotel, that all powerful incandescent laser that shoots up into the heavens is perhaps Earth's brightest light. Its beacon can actually be seen from space. Did you know that scientist constantly fly-off to Luxor's top, all bushy tail and pleased, just grab a view of micro ecosystem that developed around the spotlight? The hotel's atrium, a gigantic 29 million cubic feet monstrosity, has the honor and fame to claim that it can actually fit nine Boeing 747s stacked, like pancakes, one on top of each other.

21. Eiffel Tower Restaurant

3655 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

Every Saturday and Sunday, from 11 to 3 in the afternoon, those wacky faux Frenchie waitresses tighten up their buns, spiff up their bow ties and endlessly practice a Pepe Le Pew accent. The Eiffel Tower Restaurant does Brunch with the air and swagger of Louis XIV taking a stroll down Versace. It's plum and circumstances, bugles and drums, fireworks and dynamite. They have Lobster caviar, baked crepes, bucatini pasta and chef’s specials that will you drooling with anticipation.

Vegas For Insiders: if you have 777 bucks laying about, you can run on down to Burger Brasserie at Paris Las Vegas and get yourself a Kobe beef and main lobster burger. The meal is topped by a bottle of Rosé Dom Perignon Champagne and topping include caramelized onions, aged prosciutto, imported Brie and a sauce made from an exclusive 100-year old balsamic vinegar.

22. Heart Attack Grill

450 Fremont Street
89101 Las Vegas

Their motto is "Help us fight Anorexia."

Nothing on the menu would be kosher with your doctor. Like the name says, Heart Attack Grill is a promise and one that they aim to keep. Is it strictly a breakfast joint... Ehhh... Do they serve brunch... Ehhh. My answer, to such unwavering lack of confidence on my in the field research, would be: "brunch is just a state of mind. Now pass the delicious hotdogs and burgers and clap your mouth shut."

This place is an unapologetic reminder of why some parts of U.S., seem like backdrops to Jurrasic Park. It is the big middle finger to Miss Obama's dietary mission. It's the sort of place where a man can be a man, and calories and the like are simply fantastic fairies than no one truly believes in anyway.

Their vegan menu, nothing but smokes and off the counter cigarettes. Their onion ring, deep fried in pure lard. Their drinks come in huge container, pill bottle small shots and IV drips. And their burgers hold the Guinness World Record for most calorie counts.

Oh, by the way, did I mention you can actually get spanked by a sexy nurse for an added fee, and filmed? Oh, I didn't well, let that odd reality hang out there for a bit.

Vegas For Insiders: If you have a cultivated girth, a belly that has cost you more money than you're willing to admit, in Vegas you might very well be eligible for a free meal. In Heart Attack Grill, all customers weighing over 350 pounds get to eat for free. Hurray!!!

23. Bacchanal Buffet

Caesars Palace Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

Breakfast: $30 buck and up, depend on the day.

Champagne Brunch
Sat - Sun 8am-3pm.

$100 million, that's the budget employed to revolutionize the breakfast experience in Vegas. Every buck, every cent, and every penny spent in making this now classic restaurant into a forerunner for best buffet in the city.

Bacchanal Buffet offers each and every one of its clientele, a disticinct adventure in gorging out and watching their pant's buttons break off from the strain. Feast your eyes, and your stomach, on a medley of offerings that will have you crawling on all fours and praying God for a doggie bag.

25,000-square-foot dining space with views of the Garden of the Gods pool complex and seating for up to 600 guests. 95 items of Breakfast delight waiting for your touch. Pastries scooped up put of Willy Wonka's lair. Fare and stock so fresh that it might actually muu if you ask for rare. Bacchanal Buffet is Ceasars Palace gift to the world. A way of telling the tourist that gluttony should be praised in Vegas. That although lust is more flashy to the gaze, nothing beats a stomach about to burst and the smile of a content fool.

In the words of a wise man: "dem' bi&%@es cost dough. And they ain't no good after you F&/k. Now, a lobster tail and some fine sparkling s%&t, and you just now you've spent your dinero right."

Vegas For Insiders: Bacchanal has been swamped during the year by an onslaught of different accolades. USA Today, named it best buffet in town, on more than one occasion. Desert Companion 2015: "best seafood buffet." In 2012 it even won the best desert by the Vegas 7.

24. Glutton

616 E Carson Ave Ste 110
Las Vegas, NV 89101.

Saturday & Sunday

It has self-proclaimed itself as "the boozy brunch" an epithet it holds tight with its beer drenched fists.

Here's a quick list of the various drinks it wants nothing more than to toss at our faces:

- Pappes Peaches with Bulleit bourbon, Giffard crème de peche, honey, lemon and basil.
- Glutton Mary with kimchi bloody Mary mix, American Harvest Vodka, shrimp, pickled mushrooms, celery and togarashi chili.
- Mule with Stoli Ohranj, mulberry vinegar, fresh lime, ginger beer; Peach Bellini with Martini & Rossi Prosecco, peach shrub and lemon.
- Aquavito with Krogstad aquavit, agave, lime and mint; Fremont Flip with Don Q white rum, St. George spiced pear liqueur; egg white and cardamom.
- Morningshade with chilled coffee, tequila, milk, cinnamon, orange and vanilla; Evans Colors, with American Harvest vodka, cucumber, basil, blueberries and lemon.

And, since we'll need a fats and carbohydrates to stave off the Pink Elephant, offers up a brunch menu sizzling with yeast-risen pancakes; shrimp scampi omelettes; spicy pork rinds; wood-roasted chicken hash; eggs with pork and roasted garlic hollandaise; house made sausage, caramelized onions, scrambled eggs, spicy bacon mayo, cheddar, duck fat potatoes.

And egg white frittatas for those watching the spare tire as well as yogurt.

25. Hard Rock Cafe

3771 S Las Vegas Blvd #120, Las Vegas.

“Rouge & Booze — A Drag Brunch”, is Hard Rock Cafe's grab at the golden ring for something new. Hosted by local queen Kitty Litter and her girls, this limelight super duper, God isn't Vegas great, spectacle kicks off its Tinkerbell insanity every last Sunday of every month.

Aside from the sort of show, you never thought you'd experience while nursing a hangover and trying to coordinate with your arm in order to dunk the eggs into your salivating mouth, Hard Rock Cafe also offers bottomless mimosas at 20 bucks per challenger. For food? Nothing but the best. I'm talking New Orleans- style chicken, biscuits with gravy, waffles, and the classics.

26. Hexx Kitchen & Bar

3655 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109.

Start early, or in some cases finish late, and stop by Hexx at 7 a.m., every Saturday and Sunday. Stay glued to your seat until the rooster calls and the kitchen staff gives you the evil eye at 1.30.

Hexx is nothing short than a veritable treasure trove of culinary gems. I'm going to preach, and sing homilies, on the holiness of such lovely stock as Carnitas Hash.

"Praised be to braised pork, roasted salsa, home fries, eggs and pico de gallo!"

I'll swoop down from my pulpit and sing:

"Can I hear an 'Amen' for Bloody Marys mixed with bacon-infused gin?"

And finally, I'll speak in tongues and twist my head all around as I give homage and thanks for such:

Translated from Aramaic: "long life The Colossal pitcher, with organic basil infused vodka, jumbo shrimp, an Alaskan crab leg, bacon, a beef stick, peppers and pickled vegetables!"

Vegas For Insiders: Mandalay Bay has 5,300 palm trees, and their famous wave pool has a capacity of 1.65 million gallons of water.

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