Romantic Restaurants in Romantic New Orleans: 7 Special Spots for Date Night

Romantic Restaurants in Romantic New Orleans: 7 Special Spots for Date Night

New Orleans is often referred to as the most romantic city in America. Here are a few of the most romantic restaurants for the perfect getaway.

New Orleans, Louisiana, is often referred to the most romantic city in America. The city's many cuisines add to its romantic ambiance, allowing couples to taste its "melting pot" of cultures on their lips. The distinctive atmosphere of each restaurant and the variety of cuisines in New Orleans enable couples to experience the world without leaving the city's boundaries, and help in creating the ultimate romantic getaway. One of these 9 restaurants could be the first stop in creating your perfect romantic vacation.


French Quarter, Fine Dining.
Classic Creole Cuisine
Open For: Dinner, Sunday Brunch
(504) 523- 5433

The French Quarter of New Orleans maintains some of the most romantic aspects of the city. As you step off of Bourbon Street and step up to the doors of Arnaud's, you will find yourself at the heart of the French Quarter while the smell of classic creole cuisine wafts through the air. Named a top New Orleans restaurant by Southern Living magazine, Arnaud's offers a fine dining experience with excellent service in a turn-of-the century dining room, which has been beautifully restored. With live Dixie Land Jazz in the Jazz Bistro, romantic dinners in the main dining room, and cocktails in the award winning French 75 Bar Arnaud's does not fail to give its guests an explicit romantic dining experience.


French Quarter, Business Casual Fine Dining.
Continental, Contemporary Cuisine.
Open For: Lunch, Dinner.
(504) 525-4455

The Bayona is located within a 200 year old creole cottage in the romantic French Quarter of New Orleans. With beautiful courtyard seating, a wine selection that has been described as the most eclectic and diverse in North America—having something to compliment every meal at the Bayona—and the abundance of flavorful dishes with the freshest local ingredients, the Bayona has been named one of the top 40 places to dine in the United States. Besides this recognition, Bayona Chef Susan Spicer had been named Best Chef in the Southeast in 1993, while her food continues to satisfy patrons today.


French Quarter, Business Casual Fine Dining.
Continental, Creole Cuisine.
Open For: Dinner
(504) 581-3866

Located 1/2 block from Bourbon Street, one of the most popular—and romantic—streets of New Orleans, Broussard's contains three elegant dining rooms overlooking a lush tropical courtyard as their romantic bar remains reminiscent of a once used carriage-way. The staff at Broussard's had once been described as having the ability to see fine dining as an art form, while founder Joseph Broussard's tradition of masterfully combining the excitement of classic French dishes with local Creole cuisine has been carried on since the the restaurant's opening in the 1920's. Winner of the Diner's Choice Award 2015, and Wine Spectator Best Award of Excellence 2015, Broussard's can be known as offering an exquisite fusion experience. Consider one of these popular dishes for your first visit: Shrimp, Pecan Stuffed Salmon, or Pance Accadim.

Cafe Amelie

French Quarter, Casual Dining
American, Contemporary, Creole Cuisine
Open For: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
(5094) 412-8956

Romantic dining in the French Quarter of New Orleans does not need to only consist of "fine dining" restaurants; Cafe Amelie offers a romantic experience with casual dining. When it comes to finding a good recommendation for a restaurant, locals tend to have the best advice and the Cafe Amelie has been a favorite among locals and tourists since its opening in 2005. In its enchanting 150 year old Princess of Monaco Courtyard and Carriage House setting, Cafe Amelie is said to have the most delicious food and refreshing cocktails. Known for having one of the most romantically beautiful courtyards in the quarter, many couples find themselves enjoying a meal, or a drink, and feeling almost as though they have bypassed life for a moment, and ended up in a fairy-tale.

Court of Two Sisters Restaurant

French Quarter, Buisness Casual Fine Dining.
Continental, French, Creole Cuisine.
Open For: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
(5094) 522-7261

Imagine sitting in the largest outdoor dining courtyard in the French Quarter, with flowing fountains and flowering plants surrounding you as a strolling live Jazz trio glides over to your table, while you enjoy a delicious creole style dinner with your significant other; the Court of Two Sisters Restaurant, having been named AAA Southern Travler's Best Outdoor Dining 2013, offers this experience. The restaurant offers daily live Jazz entertainment, as guests continuously enjoy a colorful brunch buffet with Eggs Benedict, or romantic creole dishes for dinner as they are surrounded by twinkling glass lights in the storybook courtyard. The restaurant also contains three indoor dining rooms, so that upon preference, or when weather does not permit, guests can still enjoy their time at the Court of Two Sisters Restaurant.

Commander's Palace

Uptown/ Garden District, Fine Dining (Dressy Attire, Jacket may be Required).
Contemporary, Creole, Louisiana Cuisine.
Open For: Lunch, Dinner, Sunday Brunch.
(504) 899-8221

When people think of a really romantic restaurant, to which they can take a loved one to, most imagine the idealistic fancy fine dining experience that calls couples to dress in their finest clothes so they will be ready experience live music, fine cocktails, exquisite service, and superb food; what could be more romantically idealistic than a fine dining experience in a palace? Commander's Palace has been voted Best Restaurant in New Orleans 2014, and for three years running. For 18 total years the Palace has been the most popular restaurant with leading-edge Haute Creole, and cooking with the distinctive flavor of Louisiana terroir. With its five star rating, Commander's Palace has attracted and satisfied many guests. Guests are able to experience an original Jazz Brunch, and patio dining, as they are also able to walk through the kitchen to the bar or patio to see greatness at work. Commander's Palace has received a variety of awards, including Outstanding Service 1993, Outstanding Restaurant 1996, and Best Chef 2013, while upholding the integrity of each title to present day. Offering the ultimate romantic dining experience, it is not hard to see a flawless title in the restaurant's name; Commander's Palace is indeed the palace of the "commander" of all restaurants.

Richard Fiske's Martini Bar and Restaurant

French Quarter, Fine Dining (Dressy Attire, Jacket May be Required).
Contemporary, Louisiana
Open For: Dinner
(504) 586-0972

In a world heavily influenced by media and pop culture, in which a particular pop culture icon be recognized for romancing all the women surrounding him at a bar while sitting well dressed, with a martini in hand, what could be more romantically appeasing than a martini bar and fine dining restaurant in New Orleans? Richard Fiske's Martini Bar and Restaurant is an upscale establishment in the heart of the French Quarter. The restaurant is known for its fabulous creole cuisine, its featured nightly Jazz with New Orleans' best musicians, and its award winning cocktails. With its plush British theme, it exemplifies the exquisiteness of bars seen in scenes in fancy movies. Gambit named the establishment the Best of New Orleans 2014. With its "number one" happy hour, in which guests enjoy $3 martinis, $4 cocktails, $2 beer, and $2 food specials from 4-7 pm, Richard Fiske's makes the perfect stop before having a romantic night out on the town.

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