How To Make Your Las Vegas Trip Amazing: Top 10 Tips

How To Make Your Las Vegas Trip Amazing: Top 10 Tips

10 helpful planning tips that will make the most out of your Las Vegas vacation.

It's the weekend. Las Vegas is in full swing. You have been looking forward to this moment and are excited to take part in all of the action—and so has everyone else. No matter what you do in Las Vegas, there is going to be a line. Waiting for your luggage at the airport, waiting for a taxi, and waiting to check in to your hotel. There are going to be lines when you go out to eat at the buffet, go to a nightclub, or go to a show. There will even be check ins at the bars and pretty much any attraction that you want to see. What does you do so that you don't spend your entire vacation in lines? Plan it out. Do a little research. See when the most popular times for events are, and try and schedule around that. Even leaving a little early is a good idea as it will help to decrease the wait, and give you more time doing the the fun events that you came here for.

Las Vegas is most definitely a fantastic vacation destination for so many reasons. Whether it's the 24 hour entertainment, the endless variety of shows, and non-stop "fun" opportunities, there is so much to do in Las Vegas that it will feel like the trip opportunities will just happen around you without even having to try.

But like any vacation, there are a few important things to keep in mind when going to Las Vegas. Unless you are in Las Vegas to casually take in the sights, getting the most out the city's opportunities isn't as leisurely as a beach resort (though some of the casinos have built in beach areas for entertaining guests), and that means that everyone else around you is on that constantly moving schedule as well.

When planning any major vacation, it is important to plan out a few aspects of your stay. Even if you are are feeling carefree and want to go where the adventure takes you, it is important to at least have a few ground rules and basics in mind.

Budget Your Spending & Keep Some Money In Reserve

Las Vegas is designed to be luxurious and allow its visitors to really live it up. This can be a good thing, but it can also be a lifestyle that you need some preparation for. Everything costs money in Las Vegas: Taxi fare, resort fees, food, shows, gambling, a day at the spa, tipping hotel staff, tipping the cocktail waitresses, tipping the blackjack dealer, your dinner's wait staff, the valet driver, that guy in the glow in the dark Optimus Prime costume on the Strip.

I think you get the point: Money goes fast here in Las Vegas.

And never more so than when you're gambling.

Lady Luck can be fickle in Las Vegas. You can be covering all the expenses of your trip with a winning hand, or you could be sitting forlornly in McCarran Airport with the hopes of one last shot of reclaiming your lost fortune (Tip: Never play the airport slot machines. The odds just aren't good).

It's important to set aside money into two groups: The cash you intend to play with and back-up money in case the odds are not in your favor. That way, you can get crazy and have some fun while still having something set aside just in case. And at the end of the trip, if everything works out smoothly and you want to use it for some special treat, then the option is available for you. The important thing is to remember to just set a budget and stick with it.

Use Your Hotel's Concierge

Not sure what to do during your Las Vegas stay? Ask your concierge. If you are staying on one of the Strip hotels, you will have access to their concierge who can tell you all about fun and popular things to do in Las Vegas. The concierge will be able to share valuable insight on what are some of the best deals for shows, help out with dinner reservations, share information on special events during your stay, and provide directions to locations. This helps to save time, and helps to make your vacation run more smoothly.

Be Prepared To Stand In Lines

Book Your Show Tickets In Advance

There is never too early a time to book show tickets. Even if the show is a long-running production on the Strip, there's no guarantee that tickets will be available if you decide to get your seats last-minute. Whether you decide to book your tickets online or from one of the many ticket kiosks around the Strip, be sure to shop around. Some places offer better discounts than others, can help you upgrade to better seats or package deals. Some give you the security of knowing that your tickets are booked with plenty of time, preventing that last-minute scramble to get to that show you've been dying to see.

Make Dinner Reservations

Much like show tickets, you never know when that restaurant you've been wanting to dine at is going to become fully booked. Restaurants around the Strip can fill up very quickly around mealtime (and even faster on the weekends). Calling in advance or showing up in person before they open can help to eliminate those long wait lines. Otherwise, be prepared to spend a lot of your vacation time waiting for a table to open up.

Traversing the Strip Takes Longer Than You Think

The Las Vegas Strip has the convenience of scale, everything together in one compact location. Tourists can walk door-to-door to each casino, restaurant, and shop because it's all located together in one place.

That one place is also a 4.2 mile walk from one end of the Strip to the other.

Sure, it may not seem that bad as you're taking in all of the sights, but Las Vegas gets extremely hot during the day, and there's also the matter of having to walk back as well. Take a taxi if locations are more than a block away, and know your landmarks by learning where casinos are to make sure that you're not only going in the right direction, but you can get to your destination with ease.

Casino ATMs Charge Extra

Unless you're a fan of bank service fees, know how to use an ATM in Las Vegas.

Casino ATMs can put some heavy service fees and charges on your bank account if you frequently rely on them. Think ahead and take out more money than you would expect to use. Or if there's a gas station or convenience store in the nearby area, consider using their services instead (just make sure that you're in a safe area before taking out large amounts of cash).

Know Where To Stock Up On Supplies

No matter how well you believe that you have packed, you'll find that there's always that one thing you forgot, or didn't pack enough of. Fortunately, Las Vegas is also a city of convenience, especially on the Strip. If you happen to forget anything, whether it be a bottle of shampoo, sunscreen, a band-aid, or some aspirin (in case that night before was a little too adventurous), there is a CVS or Walgreens (and sometimes both) on every block down the Strip. Just be advised that things cost a little more on the Strip, so you'll still want to bring all of the essentials with you.

Travel In Groups

Las Vegas is a fun place with something going on all day and night long, but if you're traveling with friends, then stay in a group. While most people are friendly, you want to make sure that you have a partner looking out for your best interests. Whether it's that one tourist that just had too much to drink or that one hustler trying to scam a deal for themselves, you can avoid all of that so much more easily. Also, if you ending up being that tourist that has had too much to drink, your friends can make sure that you get safely back to your hotel without any problems.

Keep Water With You

Las Vegas is a desert city. And in the summer months, the heat can get pretty intense, even at night. Add in the factor that drinking alcoholic beverages can cause dehydration, and that becomes a recipe for shutting your vacation party down early. For that reason, always keep a bottle of cold water with you. It will help to keep your body cool and from suffering heatstroke or dehydration. It's also a good idea to drink water while you drink at the bar, as it will help to keep you from getting inebriated too quickly.

Have Fun

Above everything else, make sure that you have plenty of time scheduled to just have fun in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a busy place, and there are so many things to see and do during your visit. And while you may have everything planned perfectly, you can't see it all in one visit. So don't put pressure on yourself, just enjoy the travel experience. And if something spontaneous catches your attention, well, that's what Las Vegas is for—to catch your attention with great things you can't try anywhere else. So when it comes to creating the perfect trip, there's one thing that you can definitely plan on having a great time in Las Vegas.

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