8 Reasons Why The Havana Club is the Ultimate Nightclub in Atlanta

8 Reasons Why The Havana Club is the Ultimate Nightclub in Atlanta

From salsa dancing to special VIP treatment, The Havana Club in Atlanta has it all.

The Havana Club in Atlanta is considered as one of the hottest and trendiest nightclub in the entire state of Georgia. Aside from having a near perfect rating on Tripadvisor, the club has features that no other club can rival inside its 15,000 square foot venue. From the 3 unique and different rooms which means waiting for a drink is never an issue to exclusive Havana Club monthly events, this club has definitely earned its reputation as the best club to have the ultimate partying experience in Atlanta.

If that's not enough to convince you that this nightclub deserves to be called the best, here's a list of everything that's waiting for you when you enter the all exclusive doors of The Havana Club in Atlanta.

Source: http://www.havanaclubatl.com

1. The Main Room

The premier venue for any corporate event, bachelorette party, or any kind of theme event Havana Club's Main Room is every party goer's dream come true. The expanse of the room is filled with an exclusive sage sofa, premier VIP sofas, a cabana and bungalow section, and even a banquet area. These seats are the perfect spot to take a break from the energy of the dance floor to enjoy a drink or two with friends.

It would be hard to keep yourself seated while in The Main room as world famous DJs play Top 40 hits throughout the night. The sounds alone will have you dancing until you can't stand anymore! With countless fully stocked bars within reach you will be sure to have a drink in your hand all night. If you're looking for an upbeat, but elegant night out the Main Room at the Havana Club is for you.

2. The Gallery

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Looking to get your blood pumping all night? The Gallery is a room that specializes in making guests jump to their feet as they enjoy a night filled with House, Electronic, and EDM. Combine this genre of music with perfectly timed lasers and an LED wall, it's guaranteed that you will have an electrifying night ahead.

When you've had your fill of pumped up dancing and prefer to sip on a cocktail or a glass of cold beer there are premier VIP sofas and high-tops to occupy for a break. Don't expect to be seated for too long though. The Gallery at the Havana Club is specially decked with a custom built sound system that is designed to amplify the entire room with high energy dance music. Get your feet ready to spend the night dancing in this electrifying room.

3. The Latin Studio

The Havana Club is not named as it is for nothing. The Latin Studio room brings the Cuban nightlife to life in Atlanta. Listen and dance to the sultry and sexy beat of Salsa, Meringue, and Bachata music while enjoying a drink on one of the premier VIP sofas, the horseshoe shaped couch, or any of the small couches. The Latin Studio will give you the ultimate Cuban nightclub experience and prepare your dancing shoes because you will be tempted to dance at least once inside this room.

If you're worried about looking like a fool while attempting to dance Salsa, don't fret, The Havana Club has the solution for you. Have your go at the Saturday Salsa Sessions which starts at 9pm. With the pros guiding your feet and the music moving your hips you will be Salsa dancing like an expert in no time. Remember that Salsa parties are for fun and don't forget to enjoy the ambiance in The Latin Studio even if you're not yet a pro.

Source: http://www.havanaclubatl.com

4. The Humidor

Cigar loving people who don't want to miss out on the fun of partying can find joy in Havana Club's Humidor Room. Probably one of the most unique features of the nightclub this cigar room offers cigar fans a chance to sample the extensive list of cigar brands available. For those who do not have any experience with cigars can always ask the help of Havana Club's personal cigar aficionado for tips and suggestions on which brands they would enjoy the most.

The exclusive room can be found in Havana Club's Main Room but can be roped off and reserved for the night for those who want to entertain in private. If you're worried about being secluded from the rest of the night club, don't, the room is equipped with a fully stocked bar, personal staff and security, and even a VIP seating section. Make the Humidor the choice for your next gathering and impress all your friends with your impeccable taste.

The Humidor offers these brands and more:
- Montecristo
- Aging Room
- Herrera Esteli
- Gurkha
- Davidoff
- Oliva

5. The Complete VIP Experience

There is no VIP experience like the one you will feel when you're in the Havana Club. Not only are guests treated with a fully stocked bar at every turn, they are ensured a night that is pumped with energy, but at the same time is not tiring.

The concept of the entire Havana Club is to give guests the complete partying experience without having to stand on their two feet the whole night. This is why there are a number of different seat options (Premier VIP Sofas, Bungalows, Small Sofas, etc) located inside the three Havana Club rooms. By reserving any of the VIP areas in the three rooms, guests are guaranteed that they will never miss a partying moment, while sitting comfortably and enjoying the sights and sounds of the club.

With each of the three rooms having their own VIP section, guests are able to enjoy the ambiance offered by the room they desire. In Havana Club, women won't be afraid to look their best in high heels because they will always find a place to rest their feet. Feel like a true VIP at the Havana Club and never regret wearing 6 inch heels while partying ever again!

6. Exclusive Havana Club Events

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No nightclub is complete without its own events and the Havana Club does not disappoint. The club hosts a variety of different events ranging from themed parties to go with the occasion (Halloween Parties, fundraisers, etc) to your every night Havana Club, Atlanta party with the resident DJ.

For some guests who want to have an event of their own, can book the Havana Club for such an occasion. What better to way to feel like a real celebrity that having a private event in one of the hottest clubs in Atlanta?

If you want to keep up to date with the current events or see who is gracing the Havana Club stage, visit their website and never miss out on the chance of partying at the Havana Club.


7. Home to World Famous DJs

The talent pool found in the Havana Club is undeniably fantastic. The club is known for being home to many famous DJs who keep the party pumping all night in the different Havana Club rooms. These sought after entertainers know how keep a crowd excited and dancing throughout the night.

Featured Havana Club Entertainers:

Superstar DJ Ross - Celebrity DJ
DJ Ross has earned his reputation as a Celebrity DJ. Aside from having a raging playlist of the most recent hits, he also commands the attention of the media. He has a created a loyal following for himself by creating legendary nights in the hottest clubs just like those nights at the Havana Club.

Atlanta's Star DJ - Eddie Gold
Having stolen the ears of Atlanta's EDM scene, Eddie Gold is truly an Atlanta's Star DJ. Being one of the Havana Club's resident DJ, Eddie Gold makes sure that every night he's on the center stage is one that is as electrifying as the LED lights in the room he's in.

LA's Famous DJ - DJ London Thomas
LA's own DJ London Thomas graces the stage of the Havana Club and brings with him awesome tunes. Menelik Thomas is a mixing beast as he transforms the latest hits to mixed genius that will entice anyone onto the dance floor. From his mixes of R&B, Top 40 and even Latin music makes sure that there is diversity in his playlist.

Resident DJ - Babey Drew
Considered as one of the top pop icons of this generation, DJ Babey Drew brings his talent to his home, The Havana Club in Atlanta.

A night in the Havana Club will always be filled with great music and a whole lot of excitement, don't miss out on partying with these talented DJs!

Source: http://www.havanaclubatl.com

8. Best Place for a Private Event

One of the best aspects of the Havana Club that has been drawing in loyal patrons over the years is their offer to have the club rented out for private events. There is no better and grander way to celebrate a special and spectacular event than renting the Havana Club and closing it for your own private event.

If you want to go big and be the talk of the town, hosting an event inside the Havana Club will give you just that, instant celebrity status. The club offers fully stocked bars, helpful staff members, and supreme service throughout your event. Now, who wouldn't want that?

There are a number of reasons to go out and party the night away in the streets of Atlanta, but there is no better place to do it than inside the expansive walls of the Havana Club. It is considered Atlanta's hottest club to get an ultimate partying experience. From their famous Main Room, The Gallery, and The Latin Studio to The Humidor, there is a long list of why the Havana Club is the place to be and no one should miss the opportunity to have a wild (or not so wild) night partying!

The Havana Club

Opening Hours:
Tuesday and Thursday: 9pm - 3am
Friday and Saturday: 8pm - 3am

Cover Charge:
Free - $20, depending day and gender

3112 Piedmont Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30305

Contact Details:
Phone: +1 404.941.4847 (Office is open Mondays - Saturdays)
Email: info@havanaclubatl.com

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