10 North End Italian Boston Restaurants

10 North End Italian Boston Restaurants

Experience the best of Boston with every single bite at these 10 restaurants.

The North End of Boston is popular area for Boston locals and visitors alike. Don't wander aimlessly, not able to decide on a good spot to eat. There are many restaurants to choose from so a final decision can be pretty tricky. With many Italian restaurants in the area, this list will not only help you choose the right one for you, but will also help you decide much quicker. Some places are fancy and others are not, so choose which you want to dress for and go! You will have an amazing meal at any of these restaurants.


With a line out the door every night, Giacomo's is one of the most popular restaurants in the North End. It is not that popular for no reason. Long lines stretch outside consisting of locals and tourists in any weather ranging from rain to snow. The food they serve is seriously worth the struggle to get inside. The Italian menu is traditional Italian. Your plate will be loaded with pasta, which is every Italian lover's dream, and the garlic cream is mouthwatering. The food is simply delicious and the plates are simply Italian, but the meal you have will convince you to wait in that long line again.

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Regina Pizzeria

Have you ever wondered what true Italian pizza tastes like? Wonder no longer and visit Regina Pizzeria for a slice or pie. Boston locals come here to get a taste of Italian pizza and they always get what they want. This place has been open since 1926 and has become a sort of landmark for Boston locals. It is located really close to TD Garden, which is the arena the Boston Bruins play at. You will find Regina Pizzeria filled with sports fanatics before and after games, having a slice at one of the best pizza joints in the area. The prices are very affordable and it is a great place to take the family. It is always packed with North End residents and tourists because they truly serve incredible brick-oven cooked pizza. If you are passing by the famous TD Garden, take a quick break at Regina Pizzeria and enjoy the best Italian pizza pies in the North End.

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This cozy little Italian restaurant is one of the most romantic places to dine at in Boston. The interior decorations of Carmen makes you feel as if you are in Italy. With the dim lights and rustic feel, the ambiance is perfect for any date. Along with Italian experience, the authentic flavors that they are able to share with their customers make the food that much better. The menu only consists of lunch and dinner with many categories. Eat like a true Italian and order something from each category and share with the table. The prices are a bit high but once you start eating, you will know how much it is worth it.

Trattoria di Monica

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Located off the beaten path deep in the North End, Trattoria di Monica is a tiny hole in the wall. The restaurant only has a seating arrangement for just 25 people. It is a small Italian restaurant that is known for their delicious pasta sauce. The menu has two categories: appetizers and pasta. Since this is such a narrow menu, they are able to focus on everything they make. Since the main courses are all pasta, they have perfected the pasta sauce and have people coming back for more. Many locals come here frequently and some even have reserved tables all the time for them. The appetizers they serve are a treat before your meal. They have a variety of fried seafood as well as some other Italian delicacies. Their pasta is dressed with the best of the best. The sauce is what makes them stand out from any other Italian eatery. Whichever sauce you choose, you will always leave with a satisfied belly.

Limiting their menu and specializing in pasta has given Trattoria di Monica such a following that regulars often hold every table in this tiny establishment.

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Satisfy your ultimate Italian cravings at Quattro with the excellent traditional dishes they serve. With a casual feel, you will always feel comfortable and welcome in Quattro, especially when you are eating your food. Your taste buds will feel right at home when you put that first serving in your mouth. They designed the menu in such a way to provide an option for anyone and filled it with the most simple, yet satisfying Italian meal options you will ever find. Quattro is a small place, but gives you an interesting view over the counter of the back kitchen. All of the employees are also very pleasing to customers and lovely to deal with. They know the menu and can recommend anything that they think you will like or they can help you decide between meals depending on your mood. Anything you order will earn a spot in your heart for being just way too good. They have a variety of appetizers, pastas, pizzas, meats, and even seafood to satisfy every customer's order. Some of the plates are big enough to share and others are not. Go to Quattro with an empty stomach so you can pig out and enjoy yourself.

La Galleria 33

In the past, La Galleria 33 was featured on the show Kitchen Nightmares. They really took the advice they were given because eating at La Galleria 33 is no nightmare at all. The restaurant was recreated into a popular affordable place for classic Italian cuisine. Their red sauce is loved by many, so if you want a traditional red sauce pasta, this is the place to go. It is also a bit cozy and romantic with candles helping to light up the place. This is an appropriate place to take a lover or to hang out with some friends. The menu has some very classic Italian food and no price is over $25. The portions are generous enough to fill you up and possibly take some home. No sharing here, the food is just way too delicious. With their reasonably low prices and tasty food, you will always leave their satisfied.

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Perfectly prepared staples like eggplant parmagiana, spaghetti carbonara, fruitti di mare, and veal saltimbocca are just a few of the fantastic finds on the extensive menu.

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Neptune Oyster

Neptune Oyster is the place to go for Boston's best seafood. For oyster lovers, they have a wide selection of east and west coast oysters. It is a nice spot to hang out, drink some champagne, and eat some oysters. The oysters are not the only thing on the menu that will leave you impressed. The lobster roll is award winning and will leave you astonished at the amazing flavors it offers. It can be served cold with mayo or hot with butter. Other than these two options, they also serve fried clams that are to die for and many other loved delights from the sea. You can go for a casual lunch or dinner and eat the best seafood in town!

With sleek décor this no frills oyster bar is the perfect spot to sit and sip champagne while dozens of these fresh mollusks arrive before your eyes.

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Lucca Restaurant & Bar

This delicious North End Italian spot is always packed, even with another location in the Back Bay. When you go here to eat, they have seats right by a busy street. The people watching is excellent and keeps you entertained while you eat. Even though it is dimly lit inside, they frequently have the windows open on the side to let a breeze it. Other than the ambiance, the food is very tasty. There are incredible pairings and very different types of creations served here that will keep you savoring every bite. The hearty dishes keep locals coming back and will keep you wanting more.

Antico Forno

Antico Forno is a pizza place that keeps the crowds coming back and is a family favorite. They serve traditional Italian oven baked pizza, delicious pasta dishes, and yummy appetizers. If you can think of a pizza topping, you bet they have it. They have enough pizza toppings to make your pizza a healthy meal. The pizza pies are pretty large and can probably feed a group of people, but make sure you try some of their pasta or their appetizers. They have tasty baked pasta dishes and finger-licking appetizers. Luckily, nothing on the menu is over $20 and everything is big enough to share, so you can expect the bill to be more than affordable. There is no need to dress up because Antico Forno is a pretty casual place. It is the neighborhood's favorite pizza stop, so pass by and at least have a slice!

Traditional Italian baked in a brick oven make this kid friendly, North End pizzeria a favorite.

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Mamma Maria

With a romantic setting, Mamma Maria is the local place Italian people go to enjoy time with their partner. Outside, the cobblestone streets give it an antique feel and an old look. It is the perfect setting for a romantic beginning in any romance movie. The food is a completely different ball game. When you take your first bite, it is like you are starting a love affair with your plate. The menu offers a variety of balanced meals that will definitely make your decision hard. No pasta dishes are over-sauced and every dish is created with a great ratio of everything. It is a fancy dining place with five different dining rooms, including one you can reserve that holds up to five people. Take your partner and indulge in delicious food and a charming night filled with unforgettable moments and extremely appetizing meals.

Filled with the best Italian places ever, the North End will satisfy any Italian craving you have. You can also eat some delicious seafood or grab a slice of Italian pizza. Go with your family, loved ones, or partner and you will have an unforgettable time. Pass by if you are in the area for lunch or go out to dinner at one of these appetizing restaurants. Dressed up or dressed down, you will always leave with a full belly and a smile.

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