8 Unforgettable Clubs in New York City

8 Unforgettable Clubs in New York City

Looking for some fun in NYC? Here are eight fun (and unforgettable!) clubs to enhance your trip to the big city.

A little fun in the big city is never hard to find. The following list is what we consider to be 8 of New York City's best dance clubs, complete with great music and a fun atmosphere. Each of these clubs has a different flavor - from the way they look to the music they play. All of them are perfect for a night on the town in the middle of a trip to NYC.
* Please note that all clubs in this article are for those 21 or over.

1. The Village Underground

Village Underground Live Music

The Village Underground is known for its great music and fun atmosphere and features a local band that alternates at times, alongside special events such as comedy night. The Village Underground hosts a full bar, and has a homey atmosphere, featuring a dimly lit interior and brick walls.

There is a $10 coverage fee to enter the club, along with a two drink minimum upon entering the establishment. The Village Underground features some delicious food (try the calamari), along with the standard bar drinks. The staff are known for great service, and the homey feel of the club/bar allows for a great experience. Whether for a date or a fun night on the town, The Village Underground bar is worth a visit.

2. The Pyramid Club

The Pyramid Club New York City

A visit to The Pyramid Club is perfect for those looking to step back into the 1980s. The club features $6 cocktails and hit tunes from the 80's. There is a cover charge, but it is very inexpensive and well worth the experience. The atmosphere is fun and lively, good for either a group or someone just looking for an interesting stop during their trip to NYC. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are good days to check out The Pyramid Club because those are "Back to the Eighties" days (there is also industrial music played in a different area than the 80's music).

There is a happy hour but it should be noted that The Pyramid Club does not take reservations and is a "cash only" establishment. The club is a bit of a walk from the transportation system, but it's well worth it.

Seating consists of barstools along the bar and chairs and tables bordering the dance area. The Pyramid Club is a great place to have fun and let loose for a night in NYC.

3. One Step Beyond - Monthly Party

Monthly dance night featuring artists in hip-hop, EDM, and indie rock music! Drinks under the planetarium until 1 am...

One Step Beyond is a must-visit on a trip to NYC. Only open once a month, One Step Beyond is a club located in the American Museum of Natural History. Guests are permitted to either dance and drink in the hall or observe open parts of the museum. The party/club is mostly located in the Hall of the Universe, though some areas of the museum are open.

Tickets are sold before the event at $30, but are well worth it for the atmosphere and fun experience. Much of the music consists of 80's and 90's throwbacks, along with some indie music. Parts of the museum are open during the party, including a short movie in the Haydn Big Bang Theater.

Each party is hosted by a DJ (who is the main act), as well as a few featured musicians. Each party has a different line-up of artists, bringing diversity to the music. One Step Beyond is perfect for people visiting the city for a night of partying.

4. Lavo

Lavo Italian Restaurant & Nightclub New York

Lavo is a great experience for those who want a nice atmosphere and tasty food. The establishment is divided into two areas including a nightclub and a restaurant featuring amazing Italian fare (including salads, spaghetti, and many other dishes). Bonus: the restaurant provides complimentary garlic bread with marinara sauce.

Reservations are highly recommended for the restaurant. The nightclub features a DJ and bar area, along with a dance floor. The bar features a selection of drinks and although they are somewhat expensive, they're well worth the cost.

In addition to dancing and music, there are also dancers on the restaurant tables after 9 pm. The staff are known for their friendly service, and the establishment hosts parties such as New Years Eve. Lavo would be a fabulous choice for dinner and dancing, or just a night on the town.

5. Mehanata

Mehanata - New York * Belly Dancing * Ice Bar * BG * NYC Best

Mehanata is a Bulgarian bar that features two floors, each providing a unique experience. The cover is typically $10 and includes your admission as well as those in your party.

The first floor consists of a traditional dance floor featuring Bulgarian music. There are VIP tickets available, and the line outside is usually not very long. The basement is very much worth mentioning. Before entering, customers pay $20 per person for two minutes in the "Ice Cage." Before entering the "cage," customers put on antique Russian outfits and once inside are permitted to pour their own drinks; drinking as many as they can within the allotted two minutes.

There is a second dance and bar area on the same floor as the Ice Room, complete with booths. With great service and a unique atmosphere, Mehanata provides plenty of inexpensive fun.

6. Le Bain

Le Bain at The Standard, High Line Hotel is a NYC rooftop bar that offers world famous DJs, nightlife, and great views of the city. This Meatpacking District club also features a dance floor, state of the art sound system, and a plunge pool in the summer.

Le Bain is a rooftop bar connected to The Standard Hotel. Le Bain is a wonderful experience for any on a trip to NYC. There is a fabulous DJ on the floor of the club, along with a "grass" floor in the summer (the summer months also feature a plunge pool).

There is a crepe bar on the rooftop and the views are nothing short of breathtaking. There is no cover fee for entrance to the club, and drinks are somewhat expensive (but they are strong!). A unique feature of Le Bain is the two hot tubs: one situated on the rooftop and the other on the dance floor. Both of these are open in the summer.

Le Bain presents a fun and friendly atmosphere with breathtaking views and special nights. This is a must-stop on a trip to NYC.

7. Beaumarchais

Top french restaurant in the nyc meatpacking district. Known for it's great food and famous weekend party brunch.

Beaumarchais is a French themed restaurant and dance club. The restaurant boasts a wide selection of French cuisine with multiple options, ranging from entrees to full dishes. However, at a certain time in the day, the blinds to the restaurant are closed, and the party begins.

Reservations for a table are highly recommended for 2-2:30 pm as the party slowly begins around 3 pm. There is an excellent DJ on staff, as well as a wide selection of drinks. There is a coat check, and dressy attire is recommended. There are sparklers that are set off when certain champagne is ordered, as well as a dance floor.

The staff are known for their friendliness, and the restaurant exudes a warm and fun atmosphere. The main goal of the dance club is a fun time, and the restaurant goes to great lengths to achieve this goal. The party ends around 6 pm, and the blinds are once again opened. Beaumarchais would be the perfect choice for those who desire a meal with a great deal of fun afterwards.

8. Cielo

Where Music Lives

Cielo's is located in the Meatpacking District of NYC. The hours are 10 pm to 4 am five days of the week, with Tuesday and Sunday being the exceptions. The only guest list is reserved for guests of the DJ, the press, and competition winners. There's a smoking section and year-round coat check.

The music played at Cielo's is mostly dance-techno, and each night has a different DJ. Cielo permits reservations and also hosts special events with guest DJ's. A haven for those who enjoy techno music and an energetic crowd, Cielo presents a modern look with great music.

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