5 Breakfasts in San Antonio Worth Waking Up For

5 Breakfasts in San Antonio Worth Waking Up For

If you're spending the night in the River Walk City, make a point to stop by these spots to get your morning joe jive on!

After your night of enjoying the clubs of San Antone, get your energy back with a taste of Texas at these morning stops. Each stop has an award-worthy morning meal sure to get your feet planted on the ground. We personally visited many restaurants and bakeries to get the highest quality so you could enjoy your morning without the hunt! While sipping your coffee or OJ, enjoy the view and get a head start on your day!

Bakery Lorraine

Photo credited to Robert Parzychowski

Well worth the title spot of 'breakfasts to die for', the Bakery Lorraine had everything we could want in our first meal of the day. While catering to every appetite from sweets to savory, the menu was simple enough to not over-complicate our decisions. We tried the Ciabatta Red Pepper and the Croque Madame; all the ingredients were fresh and the tastes blended perfectly.

The coffee was rich and fresh as well, so we sat and took the time to enjoy our meal. At the Lorraine, each meal is truly hand-prepared with local ingredients, and it is easy to tell the care that goes into each dish.

Though the Lorraine was established in 2011, Lorraine owners Anne and Jeremy met at Bouchan Bakery and honed their craft around San Francisco before heading to San Antone. Years of experience and a dedication to quality has made this breakfast bakery the top of our list for the morning meal.

La Boulangerie

Photo by Victor Machado

A smaller menu with the biggest taste resides at this pop shop, La Boulangerie. Fresh taste with fresh ingredients is another sterling trait of this breakfast and brunch bakery, with a friendly staff to boot. The interior was almost home-like in its quality and decoration, and made us instantly at ease. Pink was the primary color, making the interior of the bakery very fresh and Parisian.

Our stop entailed a taste of the rillettes and cornichons pickle sandwich and goat cheese, arugula, and maple syrup sandwich. The Viennoiseries section was very tempting to our eyes with its sweet offerings, but we went with a slightly more healthy angle to indulge our sweet tooth later on in our day. The coffee was nothing to miss, either.

La Boulangeri is located on Broadway Street, number 207. See you there!

Taco Taco Cafe

Photo by jess lis via freeimages.com

Hardly kept a San Antonio secret, this delicious cafe was featured on the Food Network for its outstanding Tex-Mex taste. Indulge your senses with delicious and generous plates of genuine Mexican cuisine with an American flare.

Family owned and operated, the Taco Taco Cafe has plenty of food choices to go around. Our choice for the morning was the puffy chicken tacos -- homemade tortillas and handmade beans made the plate amazing.

Though indoor dining was a choice, we decided to enjoy our dish in the early morning Texas sunshine (before that legendary Texas heat had quite set in) and talked about our plans over our morning coffee.

Pete's Tako House

Photo taken by Peter Galbraith

No, we hadn't partied too hard the night before, it really is Tako House. Sipping a horchata drink apiece, we enjoyed people-watching on a busy street as we ate at this delicious taco spot. Founded in 1978 by Pete and Dora, Pete's Tako house quickly become a popular local stop. Booming business forced Pete's to relocate into a bigger area, to keep up with the customer traffic.

Pete's has certainly mastered the art of Tex-Mex in their dishes, but we went ahead and ordered tacos for breakfast. A couple of Papas Rancheras combined with friendly service made a great start to our morning of exploring SA.

Located at 502 Brooklyn, Pete's is right next to a popular night stop bar, the Brooklynite.

Vida Mia

Photo credited to vida mia's website, http://www.vidamiacuisine.com

A rich history, a rich philosophy, and even richer taste keeps Vida Mia a wonderful stop for breakfast. With a legendary cinnamon coffee, we enjoyed the Chilaquiles plates. Eggs, beans, chips, cheese, and cream combined sounds a bit odd, but taking that leap of faith paid off in a big way. The flavor of our dishes was amazing coupled with the engaging history of the restaurateur's spot.

Opened on mother's day, 1972, the Vida Mia opened, and was an instant success. In keeping with the family memories, the food is prepared in the traditional Nahuatl way.

The Vida is located in Suite 803, 19141 Stone Oak Parkway, if you are planning to stop by for your breakfast jaunt. We hope you enjoy your stop, and eat some extra Huastecos for us when you order!

We hope this list helped you enjoy your most important meal without the hassle of searching. Our trips to San Antone are always a delight, and having the spot to recharge our batteries for another day already in mind helps save some time. Enjoy your snackin' before you get crackin'!

Insert image via Mike Thorn on freeimages.com

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