Five Ice Cream Places in Las Vegas That Make a Perfect Sweet Treat

Five Ice Cream Places in Las Vegas That Make a Perfect Sweet Treat

It is no secret that Las Vegas is boiling hot most months out of the year, so here are the best and most creative ice cream places for the perfect sunny day snack.

Las Vegas is a hot desert town, and even when it starts to cool down, the sun is still sure to beat down on your back. That means there is rarely a day where ice cream sounds like a bad idea. Las Vegas is the perfect town to bypass your typical chain ice cream and dessert shops and go for the far-reaching, creative ones to get your sugar fix. Hunt down these five favorites for the best Vegas has to offer.

Pretend you are in the movies with Serendipity III.


Address: 3570 South Las Vegas Blvd at Caesars Palace

If decadence is how you like your dessert, you are going to want to make a pit stop at the famous New York creamery's Las Vegas location, Serendipity III. If the name sounds familiar, it is because Serendipity was featured in its 2001 movie, rightfully titled Serendipity, and has gone on to other films such as One Fine Day and Trust the Man. At the Casesars Palace location, you will find all your favorite frozen treats and several you didn't know you wanted.

If you feel like going the traditional route, try one of their giant brownies or sundaes. Maybe go for a slice of the Creme de la Creme Cream Cheesecake or a Deep Fried Oreo Sundae. Either way they never fail to reinvent the classics.

If a frozen drink is more your style, don't leave without their Double Frozen Hot Chocolate which is a magical mix of twenty different kinds of chocolate in a drink that is a work of science fiction. It's even been mentioned on HBO's Girls as well as the movies mentioned above.

The real draw is get a glimpse of the record-holding dishes at Serendipity III. The Golden Opulence Sundae is the Guinness World Record for the most expensive dessert with 23 karat edible gold leafs and some of the most expensive chocolate toppings. It also holds the record for the most expensive burger with its $295 Le Burger Extravagant.

Spot a celebrity and a frozen concoction at the Sugar Factory.


Address: 3663 South Las Vegas Blvd at Planet Hollywood

A celebrity favorite, the Sugar Factory looks to have the most inventive frozen drinks on the Strip. Their main attraction is the Goblet Bar featuring large frozen candy-themed drinks such as the Sour Patch Mango Obsession Goblet and the Blue Dragon Rock Candy Goblet. If your kids look intrigued, all of their masterpieces come without alcohol too, so it will quickly become a family favorite.

Want a milkshake instead? The Sugar Factory puts just as much creativity into their milkshakes as they do their frozen drinks. With concoctions such as the Barbie which is topped with pink rock candy crumbles or the Make a Wish, a birthday cake in a cup that even comes with a birthday candle, you are sure to be impressed.

If none of that sounds good to you, they have many gelato and sorbetto flavors and a full-service coffee bar, so they can't possibly disappoint.

Bonus: Are you in Las Vegas to go celebrity hunting or just want a fun story to tell when you get back home? The Sugar Factory is a favorite in Hollywood and the music industry. From pop stars such as Katy Perry and Britney Spears to actors such as Rupert Grint and Joe Manganiello have all frequented this ice cream shop.

Get fresh and personalized ice cream at the IcePan.


Address: 3475 South Las Vegas Blvd on the second floor of Harrah's Las Vegas.

If you thought you knew about personalization and freshness, IcePan is here to show you what it really means. Their ice cream is made on the spot for you in only minutes with the use of its namesake, the ice pan. This method allows ice cream to freeze and become firm in roughly thirty seconds, allowing them to make ice cream to order for every customer.

This kind of speed means you can have whatever you want in your dessert. Do you have a food allergy or dietary restriction? Choose from soy, non-fat, regular, or whole milk. You never have to worry about cutting corners on your diet or an allergic reaction with this kind of specialization. Then mix in any fresh fruit or favors that you like, from kiwi to green tea. Go for a fan favorite or try to pick a flavor combination no one ever has before.

Their standard ice cream flavors change with the season with watermelon, pumpkin, and pomegranate all being offered at different times of the year. Their year round flavors are inventive with their red bean ice cream which is one you'll have to try to believe. Their toppings include everything fun with mochi, marshmallows, and caramel.

Check out CREAM is ice cream by itself is not exciting enough.


Address: 1980 Festival Plaza Dr

With a simple name like CREAM, you would expect it to offer your standard fare, but you are wrong. CREAM is deceptively an acronym that stands for “Cookies Rule Everything Around Me”. Here you can pick and choose from numerous flavors to build your own cookie ice cream sandwich.

First you pick your cookie flavor. They have your regulars such as chocolate chip, peanut butter, and oatmeal raisin, but they also have more fun options such as red velvet, butter sugar, and turtle (the candy, not the animal).

Next pick your ice cream. They have creative options such as cup of joe, caramel cinnamon chill, and green tea. Once you have made all your choices, CREAM’s experts will assemble you a great finger food dessert. If you want a small and sweet bite to eat or want to try a new flavor combination without wasting food, get one of their mini-sandwiches. While only chocolate chip cookies are available for their smaller sandwiches, it is a great chance to try out the new ice creams without missing out on your cookie fix.

With so many ingredients involved in their dishes, CREAM is aware that many have food allergies and dietary restrictions so they offer the following options for those who might worry about finding something suitable to eat here:

Gluten-free cookies: chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and white chocolate fudge
Vegas and gluten-free cookies: banana chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, chocolate fudge
Soy ice cream: mint chocolate chip and vanilla

With CREAM’s focus on fresh ingredients, affordable prices, personalized customer service, and an atmosphere filled with fun, you are sure to find yourself returning again and again.

Try flavors you could never imagine at BLVD Creamery.


Address: 3770 South Las Vegas Blvd at the Monte Carlo

Have you heard of artisanal pizza? Made the slow and simple way and always fresh? At BLVD Creamery, you can try artisanal ice cream. If the goal at other creameries is to have something everyone will like, BLVD Creamery aims to have something you didn’t know you wanted.

Watermelon jalapeno sorbet? Please!

Bacon, oven-roasted tomatoes and avocado all in one ice cream? I’ll try it!

Donut ice cream sandwiches? Don’t mind if I do.

With these extreme flavors, you don’t have to worry about overspending on a dessert you might end up not liking. At only $3.50 a scoop and $7.50 for a triple scoop, you get handmade quality at chain store prices.

If people aren’t talking about their inventive flavors, they are talking about their alcoholic milkshakes and infused ice creams and sorbet. If you prefer something light and love your wine, try their prosecco sorbet or Black Cab, made with Cabernet wine. Prefer beer? Get a scoop of their Suds Sorbet, made with Shock Top beer.

If you are looking for a real treat, try their Irish Coffee Shake complete with Bailey’s or the Adult Cookie Jar with vanilla bean ice cream, Oreos, and Skyy Raspberry Vodka.


With the detailed luxury you find in the casinos and resorts on and around the Las Vegas Strip, why let your desserts be boring? These Las Vegas creameries look to make sure you either find your own favorite ice cream treat every time you visit or never have to eat the same thing twice.

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