New Orleans is famous for its amazing music, crazy parties, and delicious food. Unfortunately, NOLA’s food is not known for being the healthiest and is more-well known for its decadence. However, there is hope for your waistline. Fortunately, there are some amazing and innovative food options that are also available in New Orleans. It may just take some searching to find them. Below is a list of restaurants that can cater to your health needs and have you feeling great!

1. 1000 Figs
This restaurant is located at 3141 Ponce de Leon Street and is definitely recommended for those who are looking for some healthy alternatives. This restaurant has a lunch and dinner menu with a variety of options. On the lunch menu you can purchase a wide variety of sandwiches. They have everything from local seared greens to their smoked chicken salad sandwich served with rosemary aioli. One of their most popular dishes, however, would be there falafel sandwich complete with slaw, homemade tahini sauce, zhoug, and toum. There dinner menu serves bigger portions and even offers meals for two. 1000 Figs has recently updated and now are able to serve beer and wine. Their happy hour is quite reasonable, with drinks starting as low as $3.00. All of this amazing flavor comes with an ambience that is native to New Orleans. The style is simple and modern and is a perfect place to stop for lunch or dinner.

2. Carmo
The next restaurant on our healthy eating list is Carmo. This restaurant is located at 527 Julia Street in New Orleans. This is a tropical restaurant that focuses on the culinary styles of the Caribbean. This restaurant is sure to pack a lot of flavor due to the fact that they use local ingredients. Carmo restaurant has a lunch and dinner menu available with a large range of items. A large amount of different salads are available with a wide variety of exciting ingredients such as quinoa, pumpkin seeds, cotija cheese, and much more. Banquette breads are available that are served on crispy American bread, topped with Havarti cheese, and then topped with different ingredients such as scallions, shrimp, or even bananas. A lot of different sandwiches are available and of course dessert featuring Caribbean banana cake. The dinner menu also features a wonderful seafood selection that is not available on the lunch menu. Sashimi, ceviche, and cold-smoked yellow tuna fish are just a few of the items available. One of the major components that make Carmo especially unique is their juice selection. They provide some juices that are not available anywhere else. One of their pioneering drinks is the Cacao fruit drink. Commonly known for its chocolate flavor, the juice provides amazing benefits to your health and immune system. The setting for this restaurant is also very charming. Lots of windows create an open atmosphere with lots of natural light.

3. Seed
The next restaurant on our healthy eating list is Seed. This completely vegetarian restaurant is located at 1330 Prytania Street in New Orleans. This restaurant is one that is deeply involved in its cause. They serve only locally grown ingredients and cater to their guests with recycled materials, such as the ones they use for their menus. They even have solar panels and their own compost as well! Seed offers a wide array of starters that have a great amount of artistic flair to them as well as culinary innovation. You can start off with Southern Fried Nuggets, which are made from fried tofu and chickpea flour, or maybe an order of beet carpaccio, which consists of beets, capers, and grapeseed oil. Seed offers unique salads choices containing fresh and crisp ingredients. Soup is available, such as seed gumbo and three bean vegetarian chili. Although there is no difference between the lunch and dinner menu, they do offer an exciting brunch menu. You can order everything from pancakes to vegetarian nuevo rancheros. This menu is extremely dynamic with something to offer to every guest. Seed also offers some amazing drink options such as smoothies, juices, and cocktails. They actually juice their ingredients on site, which make the cocktails especially tasty and fresh. If you are looking for healthy eating this is definitely the place for you. With an amazingly simple atmosphere to match their simplistic message you are definitely sure to enjoy yourself.

4. Arnaud’s
The fourth and final restaurant that we will mention is Arnaud’s. This restaurant is located at 813 Bienville Street in New Orleans. Arnaud’s is an exciting place to dine due to the fact that it is located practically in the heart of the French Quarter. This restaurant is famous for its fine dining and also for the elegant ambience it provides. Arnaud’s is host to a multitude of wonderful musicians that add the glamour and excitement you would expect from New Orleans. Creole cuisine is the main focus of this fine dining institute. This restaurant offers lunch and dinner options as well as private dining. If you are looking for an exciting romantic evening just steps off of Bourbon Avenue this is definitely the place for you!