Grand Canyon Accommodation: 6 Ideas for a Stay at the South Rim

Grand Canyon Accommodation: 6 Ideas for a Stay at the South Rim

Looking to spend some time at the stunning Grand Canyon? Got a place to stay? This guide will inform you about the best Grand Canyon accommodations so you can make your stay one dreams are made of.

The Grand Canyon is one of the true geological jewels of the United States and resides in the state of Arizona. Considered one of nature's great marvels, this unique canyon was carved out by the Colorado River over a course of many years.

Activities abound here and you will not be left wondering what to do. There are numerous types of tours, from helicopter to airplane, to jeep, horseback, mule, or raft. The sky is the limit here, both the Grand Canyon's sky and figuratively.

The Grand Canyon also has some great events they put on every year that you won't want to miss. At the Grand Canyon Music Festival, for instance, you'll get to see riveting concerts as you sit in a place of wondrous scenery. Or give the Grand Canyon Star Party a try. This party will provide you with gorgeous views of the stars and constellations in all their magnificence in an equally magnificent setting along with other star-crazed neighbors. There is also a festival where great artists gather together to share their awesome works of art, likely inspired by the wonder and beauty of the great Grand Canyon.

Red Feather Lodge

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The Red Feather Lodge is an accommodation that is located about a mile from the South Rim park entrance, offering a unique choice between either a hotel and a motel. The motel has rooms for pets and smoking and entrances to each room are on the outside. The motel rooms are nice and what others may call adequate, but have a few less amenities than you will find in the hotel. For example, the motel rooms do not have a fridge and microwave in the room, while the hotel rooms do. The other thing to consider about the motel rooms is that they can only lodge up to four people at a time, while the hotel rooms can lodge up to five people at a time.

The hotel was built a little later so you can expect it to look newer than what you will find in their motel. In addition to a few extra amenities, the entrances to the rooms are on the inside of the hotel. Some of these extra features do involve a higher price point than what you will get at the motel. You also have the option of choosing what bed arrangement you will have. The choice is between either one king-size bed or two queen-sized beds.

So if you're looking for something unique, with a great array of options, the Red Feather Lodge might just be your place!

Address: 300 State Route 64, Grand Canyon, Arizona 86023
Phone Number: (928) 638-2414

The Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel is just that, grand. The list of extra room accommodations here is huge and this hotel has really gone the extra mile to make sure you are comfortable. They don't just want a satisfied customer, but go out of their way to over-exceed your expectations. Depending on the room, you will find some things included with these rooms that you don't always see in many other hotels, such as an in-room scale, a safe, a bathroom phone, a copy of USA today, as well as many other features and extras.

The location is awesome as well, located only one short mile from the South Canyon Rim entrance in the village of Tusayan. It is also conveniently located by the National Geographic IMAX theatre so you can catch a movie while you're in the area to take a break from some strenuous sightseeing.

Several types of rooms are offered, such as the Deluxe Two Queen or Standard Guest Rooms for up to five people, The Grand Suite, which sleeps six, or the King Guest Room, which sleeps three. Make sure you book well in advance of your stay, especially in the summer, as rooms fill up fast due to the hotel's popularity.

As with most of the other South Rim accommodations, ADA guest rooms are available here as well. The prices vary based upon the season, but the cheapest room will be the King Guest Room if you don't have many people. The Grand Suite will be your most-expensive option, but provides you with more room, and a more home-like feel to it.

Address: 149 State highway 64, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023
Phone Number: (928) 638-3333

Thunderbird Lodge

If you are looking for a place to stay mostly based on ease of access to the trails, restaurants, and other historic places at the Grand Canyon, you will love Thunderbird Lodge. Thunderbird Lodge is also chosen by guests for its great location and views, as it is located right along the edge of the South Rim.

Rooms are divided into two categories at this lodge. You can choose a room with a view or a room without a view. Other than that, accommodations are similar throughout the lodge. Although the place is not one that stands out particularly for its curb appeal, many people find the rooms to be clean and adequate. Similar to many other accommodations, you do have the option to choose if you are going to have two queen beds or one king-sized bed.

There are a few things you will want to be aware of before heading over to Thunderbird Lodge. One is that check-in is at the next-door Bright Angel Lodge because Thunderbird does not have its own check-in area. It can be a bit tricky to find at night, so arriving in the daytime hours should provide you with an easier time. This will also help with being able to find parking as lots can get a bit crowded later on.

Keep in mind that the hotel doesn't have elevators, only stairs. So, before you reserve a room, you will want to make sure that won't be a problem for you, especially if you have a higher level room.
Also be aware that the rooms here are strictly non-smoking.

The entrance to the Rim Trail is located right by the Thunderbird Lodge, as well as walking distance to the Bright Angel Trail as well. The Rim Trail stretches all the way from the Kaibab Trailhead to Hermits Rest, which is a span of a little over 12 miles. Guests who are planning on hiking a lot will love the location that puts you within minutes of trails and tours.

Address: 10 Albright Ave, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023
Phone Number: (888) 297-2757

El Tovar Hotel

El Tovar Hotel has long been considered one of the most elegant hotels in the west, and was built with the intersection of influences from Swiss and Norwegian architecture in mind and has housed dignitaries such as U.S. Presidents and authors. El Tovar also has bragging rights in that it was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1987.

One very unique thing about this hotel that you won't see in some other cookie-cutter accommodations is that every one of the 78 rooms in the hotel is different from each other which gives it a charm and surprise-factor that should delight guests.

The hotel also houses their fine-dining area where you will be given traditional tried-and-true recipes that have been a part of the hotel's dining experience for years. You will also be awed by the view you will find as you look out your hotel room and see all the majesty of the canyon laid out before you as a larger-than-life and realer-than-real painting. Like some of the other South Rim hotels, this hotel is completely non-smoking.

Address: 1 Main Street, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023
Phone Number: (888) 297-2757

Bright Angel Lodge

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“Our cabin for the night #cabin #grandcanyon”

The Bright Angel Lodge has a location right along the edge of the South Canyon Rim Trail, and if you want a view of the canyon, make sure to talk with them when you are checking in. However, they do not guarantee a room with a view as these rooms tend to be quite limited.

The great thing about the Bright Angel is that, in addition to it being very close to the trail and rim, it costs the least out of the hotels located right on the rim and was built to try to provide a cheaper option to the other pricier hotels on the South Rim. The look and feel is a rustic frontier-like look and feel and was built back in 1935.

The hotel has a late check-in time of 4:00pm and if you arrive early, the rooms will probably not be ready until after 4:00pm, so keep this in mind and maybe have a look around your amazing surroundings instead if you arrive early.

You will find breakfast, lunch, and dinner, at the Bright Angel family-style dining, and can get other dinner foods at The Arizona Room which is also located inside.

In accordance with its name, this lodge is located right near the trailhead of the Bright Angel Trail, so you will see many tourists and hikers who are headed for the trail.

The lodge is smoke-free and pet-free. There is a large range of prices, depending on what you want, whether it be the standard rooms with a shared bathroom or one of their historic cabins.

Address: Highway 64, South Rim, Grand Canyon National Park, AZ 86023
Phone Number: (928) 638-2631

Phantom Ranch

Are you looking for a way to get better acquainted with the Grand Canyon? Then let me introduce you to a great little place called Phantom Ranch. For hungry and weary hikers, this place can't be beat and will be a welcome sight to see. At the bottom of the canyon you will find this homey place, which is only accessible by foot, mule, or rafting. This is a place that you will want to add to your bucket list to visit at least once in your lifetime. You will need to plan long ahead of your stay here, but considering the rave reviews and great ratings online, you will understand why you need to book a room here at least a year in advance.

Although the beds and decor are typically described as adequate for what is needed, the magic of Phantom Ranch is not so much in the accommodations as it is in the service you will find here from the caring staff and the magic of a great meal for a hungry traveler and lodging in one of the most awe-inspiring places on earth.

You have the choice of choosing between their dorm-style apartments which are separated into men's and women's, or the private cabin. Although the dorms are fairly cheap per person, expect to pay a bit more for a cabin, which can lodge anywhere from two to 10 people. But this cost, of course, could be divided between individuals of the group to make it more affordable for each guest. On perk of the private cabin is that it will allow you to sleep according to your group's sleep schedule instead of according to the the time schedule of random fellow hikers.

People also give rave reviews of the food here, and especially elaborate on the steak dinner they provide. And who wouldn't love a fabulous steak dinner after a long and arduous hike? They also have a later sumptuous choice of a stew dinner in addition as well as an early morning breakfast so you can get a great start to your day with energy to spare.

It is recommended that you stay here for two nights if you have hiked down to the ranch by foot in order to recover long enough before you will hike back up the canyon again.

Address: N Kaibab Trail, North Rim, AZ 86052
Toll-free reservation number: (888) 297-2757

While some of the hotels on the South Canyon Rim can be a bit on the expensive side, the experience of being able to visit this amazing canyon is the kind of experience you will never forget. You definitely won't leave disappointed if you choose to visit the Grand Canyon and stay in a South Rim accommodation with such amazing proximity and some of the most picturesque views on earth!

Although others may talk about the Grand Canyon and try to tell you just how great it is, you really can't know for yourself until you check into your cozy South Rim accommodation and start to explore your nearby surroundings, hike or visit your first overlook out over the gigantic red formations spread out below you. You will only then understand the reason why people flock to this area in droves and just why the demand for these accommodations is so high.

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