3 San Francisco Hostels That You Can Rely On

3 San Francisco Hostels That You Can Rely On

If you are looking for great San Francisco Hostels these high quality options offer a high standard of accommodation at amazing rates.

A hostel can offer excellent value in any city, but it is a particularly good idea to consider a stay in one in San Francisco. Hotels in the city and the surrounding area can be extremely expensive. Even the most basic of hotels can start at $200 per night.

Hostels have moved on a lot in recent years, and many offer accommodations for families as well as the traditional backpacker crowd.

Here we talk about three of the best hostels available in the San Francisco area. They are all very different, but all are owned and operated by Hostelling International. They operate in 80 countries around the world, and have more than 4,000 hostels to choose from. There are 57 Hostelling International locations in the United States. There is a membership charge, but it is very affordable. You can either join for the year for $28, the night for $3 per night, or get a lifetime membership for $250.

The three hostels which we have chosen offer accommodations in the heart of the city, the popular tourist area of Fisherman's Wharf, and the peaceful area of Marin. Which one will you choose?

Hostelling International San Francisco City Center

Whenever you make a choice of which hostel to stay in, the first thing that you have to consider is location. If you want to be in a very central location, the Hostelling International San Francisco City Center hostel should be high on your list of choices.

It is very conveniently located in the Tenderloin district which means that you are within easy walking distance of Union Square, and have access to public transportation so that you can explore further afield.

The building dates back to the 1920s, but the hostel has just been renovated. You get all the benefits of staying in a convenient location, in an historic building, with very comfortable accommodations. The very best thing is that prices start at $37 per person per night. Private rooms which sleep up to two people and have a bathroom start at $100 per room per night. In a city where it is difficult to find a room for less than $200, this is an absolute bargain.

The dorm rooms mostly sleep four people, with some accommodating up to five. The larger rooms are co-ed. A very nice feature is that all of the dorm rooms have their own bathroom. Towels and soap are also included free of charge. No need to bring your own bedding either, as that is also included.

If you want a private room, there are a number of types available, each sleeping up to two guests. You have a choice of either one double or two twin beds. Every private room has its own private bathroom with a shower. If you want to upgrade you can get one of the Private Premium rooms which gives you more space, a bath as well as a shower, and a top-floor view.

This hostel has some good common areas where you can relax after a day of sightseeing. A very unusual feature is that it has its own bar. This is obviously a very popular place to spend some time socializing. Ivy's Place Bar is open from 6:00pm to 11:30pm every day. Ivy's serves wine and beer as well as light snacks. There are plenty of cafes, bars, and restaurants within very easy walking distance of the hostel.

There is a good-sized lounge for guests. It has a large projector which shows movies. Wireless internet is provided free of charge. There is a good-sized area on the second floor where guests can eat food, work, or socialize. This is a relatively large hostel so there is always someone new to meet and get to know.

You will also be sure to get a good breakfast at Hostelling International San Francisco City Center. A continental breakfast is included in your room rate. It is served from 7:30pm until 11:30pm each day. There is a good selection of baked goods, oatmeal, juice, and coffee. You can upgrade your breakfast to include pancakes and eggs for just $1. You can also prepare your own food in the large, well-equipped kitchen.

This really is an excellent choice if you are looking for somewhere to stay on a budget in San Francisco.

Hostelling International San Francisco City Center
685 Ellis St
San Francisco,
CA 94109
Phone number: (415) 474-5721

Set in a 1920s boutique hotel, HI San Francisco City Center offers superior service, value, and amenities in a friendly atmosphere.

Marin Headlands Hostel

The Marin Headlands Hostel is another Hostelling International-owned property. This is the place to stay if you are looking to be close to San Francisco but are looking for a peaceful location away from the city. You will be staying five miles away from The Golden Gate Bridge, but you will feel as though you are a million miles away from the stresses of the city.

This is a very peaceful location, but it is not as convenient if you want to explore the city of San Francisco. It is a place to escape from the city, but also be within easy reach. Guests come here to relax, hike, and explore the beautiful surroundings. It is possible to use public transportation, but it is probably much easier if you bring a car to this location.

There is free wireless internet but the signal is not great. Phone reception is very patchy. You really need to be prepared as this is a remote location where you are coming to take a break from civilization.

Most of the dorm rooms sleep up to eight guests in bunk beds. There is also a large co-ed dorm room which sleeps 23 people. This hostel is used quite a lot for large groups, so you do need to book as early as possible to get a place.

There are some private rooms available. Rates for these range from $82 to $132 per room per night. Family rooms are also available, but you need to inquire directly for the rates as these are not published. Most of the private rooms are in the annex, and the dorms are in the main building.

There is a kitchen where you can prepare your own food. As this is a remote location you really do need to plan your meals ahead of time, and bring food with you. The hostel provides a free continental breakfast every morning. It is basic, but a good start to the day.

This is a great hostel if you are looking for peace and quiet. If you want to hike and enjoy the natural surroundings, this is a wonderful choice. However, if you are looking for easy access to the city, you will want to consider somewhere else.

Marin Headlands Hostel
941 Fort Barry
CA 94965
Phone number: (415) 331-2777

San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf Hostel

The San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf Hostel is located in the Fort Mason area of the city. It is in a perfect spot for exploring San Francisco. This clean, comfortable hostel is within walking distance of the famous Fisherman's Wharf. It is located in a National Park, and has amazing views of the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge.

It is easy to access from anywhere in this wonderful city, as public transport is within very easy reach. This is the perfect combination of a quiet location, but within easy reach of all the San Francisco attractions.

The hostel has a mixture of private rooms, and the usual dorm-type set up. Some of the rooms even have a view of the San Francisco Bay. You can request a room with a view, and the staff will do their best to accommodate you, but these cannot be guaranteed.

There is a mixture of dorm types, and the hostel can accommodate up to 172 guests. Some dorms are for women only, others men only, and some are co-ed. Dorm rooms have bunk beds, and range in size from accommodating four people, right up to 22 people. None of the dorms have their own bathrooms, so they share facilities. Dorm room rates start at just $32 per person. Private rooms are priced between $75 and $129 per room per night. This is amazing value if you consider the location, and the benefits of this hostel.

They also have private rooms, but there are none with private bathroom facilities. These private rooms can accommodate either two or three guests.

The San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf Hostel is another one of the local hostels which has its own cafe. The aptly-named Cafe Franco is open every day from 7:00am until 9:30pm. It serves simple snacks such as tasty muffins and energy bars. A very nice feature is that it also sells beer and wine for guests to enjoy. There are of course many places to dine within easy reach, but it is a nice feature that the hostel has its own cafe.

The hostel has a free breakfast which is included with your room rate. It is basic but a good way to start the day. Guests can enjoy oatmeal, bagels, fruit, coffee, and juice. The kitchen is large and well-equipped. Guests can prepare their own meals if they wish.

There is free wireless internet for all guests, and the connection is pretty good. It isn't necessary to bring a car here, as public transport is so good, but the hostel does offer free parking. There is limited availability, but this is a huge perk in a city where you are lucky to find a parking spot for less than $22 a day. It all adds to the amazing value of this place.

San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf Hostel
240 Fort Mason
San Francisco, CA 94123

Whichever one of these hostels you choose, we are sure that you will be comfortable and enjoy a good standard of accommodation for a very reasonable price. These San Francisco hostels will give you a great base to explore this exciting city.

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