30+ Places to Check Out in St. Louis, Missouri

30+ Places to Check Out in St. Louis, Missouri

*Poof* Welcome to Daring Penguin! I am your vacation genie and I will help you plan a fun-filled trip to St. Louis. So check out this vacation check list for your trip to the "Gateway to the West."

Getting ready to go on vacation can be time-consuming and stressful. After you decide which city (or cities) you're visiting, you'll need to decide which attractions you want to visit, where to sleep and eat, your vacation budget, and most importantly, how to avoid as much whining and complaining as possible. It's not a job for the faint of heart.

But that doesn't mean it can't be easier.This article seeks to outline a week's worth of memorable activities that your family can enjoy on a vacation to St. Louis, Missouri without the hassle of figuring out what to do when.

Monday: Downtown St. Louis

On the first day of your trip, hit some of the most popular destinations in the center of the city. Ever since St. Louis was founded, the downtown area has been a bustling spot. Although it no longer has a thriving fur trade, like it did in the 1760's, it is full to overflowing of shops, tourist attractions, and entertainment. This makes it a fantastic place to begin your vacation!

#1: The Gateway Arch

Of course, one of the first places you should visit is St. Louis' crowning glory, The Gateway Arch, which can easily be described as an architectural masterpiece. Measuring at 630 feet tall, it's a marvel to behold, especially when the sun glints off the three stainless steel sides. But more spectacular still is seeing St. Louis from the observation deck at the pinnacle of the monument. Unfortunately, due to limited space on the deck, only so many sightseers are allowed up at a time. Therefore, you want to be sure to get your tram ride tickets early, as they often sell out quickly. These tickets can be purchased either at the visitor center, which is located underneath the arch, or at The Old Courthouse.

While you wait for your turn, there are several activities to keep you occupied. Enjoy the shops under the arch with unique and historical souvenirs for sale. Take the time to view the orientation videos available. One explains how the Arch was constructed and the other explains the evolution of the Greater St. Louis area. Check out the Museum of Westward Expansion, located underneath the arch. It tells the story of America's push into the untamed wilds beginning in the pre-Lewis and Clark era through the complete settlement of the "Wild West." With interactive and lifelike displays, you won't want to miss stories of Indian raids and daring pioneers, details about how and why different treaties didn't work, and archaeological discoveries in the local area. This fun museum requires at least two or more hours to explore properly, so don't cut yourself short!

(Please note: the Museum of Westward Expansion is currently closed through March, 2016.)

#2: The Old Courthouse

A corresponding museum to (and within walking distance of) the Gateway Arch is The Old Courthouse. This museum is completely free, and brings history to life by highlighting the Dred and Harriet Scott Case (an African American man and his wife who sued his master for their family's freedom and won). Although it's not a very big museum and only takes about an hour to view, it has received hundreds of very positive reviews. Even kids enjoy it!

Besides the fascinating history, this building has been restored to its historic glory. Visitors are awe-struck by its elegance and character, and are especially drawn to the decorative dome and artwork tastefully placed around the premises. Besides, in between looking at murals and displays, you can purchase tickets for the Gateway Arch observation deck and avoid the line at the visitor center!

#3: Tour Busch Stadium

Whether it's ball season or not, the Cardinals' home field is always open for guided tours. Enjoy viewing the field from places the public typically isn't allowed to go, like the radio press box and the Cardinals' dugout, as well as the Champion's Club to see the World Series trophies. Once everything is said and done, you even get a discount at the Officials Cardinals Team Store with your ticket stub!

If you decide to take your trip to St. Louis during baseball season, please note that these tours only happen on non-home game and special event days. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you call ahead first. Tickets can be purchased online, by phone (314-345-9000), or day-of at the Gate 3 ticket window.

Busch Stadium tours are offered year-round and provide a unique look at the home of the Cardinals.

#4: Cardinals Nation

But of course, after a tour of the Stadium, everyone's sure to be ready to eat. So head over to Cardinals Nation, a unique restaurant/sports bar with all sorts of toothsome dishes. And then, you also need to look through the Cardinals' Hall of Fame. Here, you'll be able to see memorabilia from across the ages, sit in a replica of the radio press box, and hold actual bats used by some of the most famous baseball players on the team. So basically, if you consider yourself to be any kind of Cardinals fan or you really like a good burger or quesadilla, you really should check this place out.

Cardinals Nation is a state-of-the-art venue which includes a high-energy restaurant and bar, Hall of Fame museum, rooftop deck and event facility.

#5: Citygarden

Citygarden is another attraction within walking distance of the Arch. It's filled with all sorts of really cool features like fountains where wading is not only allowed, but encouraged! And all along the wide, inviting sidewalks, there are sculptures that depict a range of things, from modern and abstract to detailed, lifelike animals and people. And to make sure you see everything, download the free Citygarden App, which gives you a guided tour via a GPS map.

Citygarden is an oasis in the heart downtown St. Louis: a vibrant and serene blending of lush plantings and internationally renowned sculpture with delights of water, stone, architecture and design.

#6: Downtown Carriage Ride

A great way to end your first day of vacation would be with a 30- or 60-minute carriage ride. These relaxing little trips are offered every weather-permitting evening and you don't even need a reservation! Begin your journey in front of the Gateway Arch, the Spaghetti Factory, or in front of the Hyatt Hotel and see a view of the city from a calmer perspective. And take it from someone who can speak from personal experience: your kids will never forget riding in a shimmery coach and driving by stores, sites, and the river with the cool evening breeze blowing gently past their faces. And then, if you decide you want to spend more time out and about before hitting the hay, take a stroll along the mighty Mississippi River on the Riverwalk and watch the activity on the water.

Sleeping Arrangements

After your first full day of vacation, the thing utmost on your mind is probably getting a good night's sleep. After all, without rest, all you're going to have is a cranky family with no ability to separate people when they start growling at each other. So, here are some places where you can consider bedding down during your stay.

#7: The Cheshire Hotel

For a mix of a "good hotel" feel with a feeling of British refinement, check out the Cheshire Hotel. It has several types of rooms to choose from, is pet-friendly, and amenities include an outdoor pool, a daily full English breakfast, daily tea service, complimentary chocolates, bicycles for close attractions, and restaurants located in the building.

Better than most places, this hotel understands that traveling can be stressful for kids... and a challenge for mom and dad. Therefore, they offer a few kid-friendly amenities just for the more youthful members of your family. Some, like the hotel-wide scavenger hunt, is meant to keep the kiddos occupied inside the establishment looking for special aspects of this establishment. Others, like the "Royal Kids Club" back pack helps keep them occupied no matter where they are in the city.

The Cheshire Hotel in St. Louis, MO is a charming, family-friendly boutique hotel in St. Louis with unmatched style and comfort.

#8: 370 Lakeside RV Campground

This 4-star campground is located about thirty minutes from the Gateway Arch, which is a perfect amount of space if you've had enough of the city and just want to get away from it all. Both primitive and RV sites are available. Located on 140 acres, they offer many simple back-to-nature activities, like fishing, hiking, sand volleyball, archery, and watercraft activities like kayaks and canoes. They also have a picnic table at each site and free WIFI throughout the grounds.

The RV Park and Campground at St. Peters' 370 Lakeside Park is situated along a 140-acre fishing lake just off Hwy 370 at Truman/Cave Springs Road.

#9: Klondike Park

For those who prefer an outdoors experience during their vacations, there’s Klondike Park, which is a tent-only facility, but they have picturesque cabins for those who don’t like sleeping on the ground. And don’t get concerned when the kids complain about not having WIFI in the park, because this park has a ton of amazing features, like biking and hiking trails, fishing, family activities, and nature programs.

Klondike Park is 250 acres of scenic property, featuring more than four miles of natural and paved trails for hiking and biking.

#10: Eureka Jellystone Family Resort and Campground

Jellystone Park has multiple facets. For those who prefer the great outdoors, this facility has a large campground that’s accessible to tents and campers alike! Besides the typical fire ring and picnic table, there is free WIFI throughout the grounds. Perhaps you're reading this description and thinking, "I wouldn't mind trying out this whole camping thing, but I'd kinda like to try it out before investing in all the equipment." Well, this is the best place to go! They have permanent tents, complete with air conditioning, and can house up to 6 people! However, if you prefer to enjoy nature from a distance, check out the family resort cabins. But whether you decide to sleep in a cabin or tent, Jellystone Park has the best kid-friendly atmosphere for miles around Amenities include an outdoor pool, mini golf, video arcade, arts and crafts, and outdoor programs, just to name a few. Altogether, that makes Jellystone the best family-friendly resorts in the 6 Flags area.

Jellystone Park Eureka is conveniently located just 1/4 mile from Six Flags St. Louis. The campground offers camping cabins, tent sites, RV sites, and tons of fun activities!

Tuesday: Forest Park

Forest Park, located fifteen minutes due west of downtown St. Louis, was the location of the 1904 World's Fair and it has been adding tourist attractions to the grounds ever since. Besides the museums and zoo on its grounds, it is also home to hiking trails, monuments, natural highlights, indoor/outdoor recreational centers, and landmarks. Even without the museums, the park would, in and of itself, have enough to keep visitors busy for hours. Nonetheless, be sure to leave time in your day for the other attractions on the grounds. There are so many restaurants, cafes, and other dining options in the park! So when your family gets hungry, just go find the closest cafe.

#11: The Missouri History Museum

Much like an art museum, the Missouri History Museum is a great way to spend the last couple of hours of the day. They have some fascinating permanent exhibits about St. Louis through the ages, the Spirit of St. Louis (an airplane that Charles Lindbergh flew from New York to Paris in 1919) and the 1904 World's Fair. Another permanent display is the History Clubhouse. This section of the museum is dedicated to instilling the love of learning, history, and museums inside children and their families. Please keep in mind that viewing the History Clubhouse is free, but requires a ticket to enter.

And, if you're still around in the evening, check out Twilight Tuesday, a seasonal outdoor concert series that takes place on the front lawn of the museum. The public is more than welcome to come out with lawn chairs, drinks, and bug repellent to enjoy the lineup under the St. Louis sunset.

#12: The St. Louis Science Center

The Science Museum is an interactive playground that features anything that could even remotely be considered scientific. The best thing is, your kids will have so much fun that they won't even realize that they're learning! They have entire rooms dedicated to forensics, technology, DNA, and agriculture. Children of all ages can explore the environment and ecology exhibits, where they can discover what an earthquake feels like or watch a simulator create a tornado, then dig out dinosaur bones in the paleontology display. Every hour, there are science demonstrations on CenterStage on the lower level with incredible themes like "Creepy Chemistry" and "Boiling Hot... Boiling Cold." You'll definitely want to pace yourself, however, because it's very easy to spend all day here and not really want to leave at closing time.

#13: The St. Louis Zoo

If you like animals, you need to check out the St. Louis Zoo. Enter by the north entrance, so you will see Living World first. This acts as a welcome/information center where you can get a good overview of the park and plan your visit. Although general admission is free, there are some attractions that require purchased tickets to enjoy, such as the sea lion show, zooline train, and the conservation carousel. And while you're there, look through the Insectarium, which offers a good look at some spectacular bees, bugs (behind glass of course), and butterflies. Also in the Discovery Center is a display of some of the rare, smaller creatures, like naked mole rats, meerkats, and tree kangaroos. But that's only the beginning. Throughout the zoo's 89 acres, there are literally thousands of critters, and more are arriving all the time!

If by the end of your visit, your kids are singing the Gayla Peevey's classic song "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas," or inserting some other animal into the lyrics like "baby tiger" or "dolphin," stop by the St. Louis Zoo Build-A-Bear, where your children can hand pick and hand stuff their own souvenir.

18,000 animals from 700 species on 90 acres, including an Insectarium, Children's Zoo, Penguin & Puffin Coast and a Zooline Railroad. Site has general information, animal photos, ...

Wednesday: Downtown Attractions, part 2

There's more to see and do in St. Louis than what exists in the general area of the Arch. So, head downtown again to see more of the sights. You won't want to miss any of these attractions!

#14: A Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Factory Tour

Okay, I want you to think about the first time you watched or read Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Did you wish that you could have been one of the people on the tour? Well, even though it's not a chocolate factory imagined by Ronald Dahl, the Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Factory (one chocolate for each child in the founder's family) does offer tours almost every half hour between 9 AM and 3 PM. This free tour takes you to the factory floor to let you watch professional candy makers form chocolates by hand and even allow you to taste a sampling of the chocolates and candies made there. Then, if you're interested in more of a good thing, you can purchase tickets to see the tasting room, where you can receive more chocolate samples! Reservations are not necessary, but close-toed shoes are required in order to take the tour.

Visit our STATE-OF-THE-ART chocolate factory!

#15: The Botanical Garden

The Missouri Botanical Garden is a glorious haven set on 79 acres and functions as a rich, natural habitat for flora and a calming oasis for humans. Featuring an amazing array of domesticated flowering and non-flowering plants alike, this park is a center for scientific advancement. It contains attractions like an archaeological wonder in and of itself, the Climatron, that is a climate-controlled geodesic dome housing a year-round greenhouse for tropic plants (like banana and cacao trees) and some rarer ones like endangered orchids and the double coconut.

#16: The Butterfly House

Also on Botanical Garden grounds is the Butterfly House, a popular attraction that allows visitors to interact with over 60 types of tropical butterflies year-round! Watching one of these gentle creatures land on your arm is only one of the experiences you will have here. You can also observe a butterfly emerge from its cocoon, watch as a caterpillar eats a leaf, or you can go outside to one of the butterfly gardens and observe local butterfly species live out their day. There is also a a video about butterflies hosted by the founder of the attraction, Sophia Sachs, that will explain the purpose and attractions of the Butterfly House.

#17: Hard Rock Cafe

After such a busy morning, your family is definitely going to be hungry. Right around the corner from the Upper Limits is the Hard Rock Cafe. Its electric atmosphere is fueled by a culture of live music and they pride themselves on their burgers. Between their good food and unforgettable character, this is an eating experience you won't want to miss.

Experience authentic American cuisine and one of the world's largest collections of musical memorabilia at Hard Rock Cafe St. Louis.

#18: Go Rock Climbing at The Upper Limits

Although it's not for everyone, rock climbing at the Upper Limit is a fun activity to do with your whole family. And if you've never climbed a rock wall before, that's not a problem. A staff member will give you a brief orientation on safety and how to climb. The goal is simple: get to the ceiling or as close as you possibly can. The better your fancy footwork and upper body strength, the higher you'll get. But, the family fee of $45 (or $14 for adults and $12 for kids under 10) is good all day, so you can test abilities over and over! Before getting started, however, there are some things they need you to do first, like signing a waiver and reading a short article on their website about their facilities. So be sure to check them out on the internet before you walk through their door!

Thursday: The Delmar Loop Area

Shopping + hipster culture = the Delmar Loop.

In other words, if you are up with the latest fashions, or if you enjoy shopping, this is the neighborhood to visit. And they have a little bit of everything, too. Coffee shops, boutiques, spas, specialty restaurants, open air music, studios and art galleries, Ben & Jerry's, a soda-pop factory... Seriously, when I said "everything," I wasn't exaggerating.

But even this section of the city does its share of commemorating. While you're popping in and out of shops, check out the three-block long Walk of Fame, which celebrates celebrities who claim the Greater St. Louis area as their home turf with a brass or bronze star bearing their name and a plaque explaining their accomplishments. This stretch of sidewalk contains names like Tennessee Williams, Ullysses S. Grant, Maya Angelou, Joseph Pulitzer, Chic Young, and 139 others.

#19: The Scott Joplin House

One of the quieter attractions in the Loop is the Scott Joplin House. Scott Joplin was once a household name as the father of ragtime, a music style popular in the early 1900's and the 1960's. He was born to poor parents, but when his incredible musical skill became evident at a young age, they did all they could to help him. Finally, as a young man, he began to receive some national notoriety, at which point he moved to St. Louis. Although not very large, this museum shows what the area looked like during Joplin's time. It features a player piano, which can either be played by a person or by one of the piano rolls, some of which were written by Joplin himself. Especially if your family appreciate music, this step into the past is one you'll definitely appreciate.

#20: Blueberry Hill

The best way to describe Blueberry Hill, a primary feature on Delmar Blvd., is to say a toy shop and a classic arcade exploded inside a music-enthusiast's burger joint. This establishment is a vibrant restaurant that frequently hosts live bands who have the Delmar Loop sound to come and play for guests. Between songs and while you wait for your food to be delivered to you, go ahead and wander around the pop-culture museum. Founder Joe Edwards personally keeps the display cases full of toys and memorabilia that will remind you of years gone by.

St. Louis Landmark Restaurant & Music Club. Grab a bite, have a drink and check out our memorabilia!

#21: The City Museum

You know the old adage, "don't judge a book by its cover?" Well, it could also be said: "don't judge a museum by its name." Although this particular attraction has a rather boring name, its premises more than make up for it. Built inside a 600,000 square foot former shoe factory and comprised of parts and pieces of salvaged materials, this museum has one theme from first to tenth floor: creativity. From the time you first set eyes on the gigantic outdoor playground/interactive sculpture (that is several stories high and contains items like salvaged airplanes, firetrucks, and an all-ages-allowed ball pit), you will be enthralled with the attractions this museum offers!

Each floor is cram-packed with attention grabbing features. For instance, take the life-size model of a Bowhead Whale on the first floor, or the "skateless park" on the third which is an indoor skate park, but instead of receiving a skateboard, every visitor is given free reign to run, swing, slide, and otherwise enjoy the attraction. The roof sports an amusement park witha ferris wheel, a giant praying mantis and a pond that you can cross by jumping from stone to stone. And don't forget to look for all the random hidey-holes, secret passage ways, and all the slides that make you feel like you're on the board of the classic game Chutes and Ladders.

As a museum dedicated to creativity in all its best forms, there's something here for everyone. And as far as vacation memories go, this one is sure to be a favorite.

Friday: Southwest St. Louis

#22: Grant's Farm

Grant's Farm is one of St. Louis' most popular sites, and for good reason! As a prime example of agri-tourism, they have enough to keep your family busy for hours. Take a ride on a camel, or let your kids ride a pony. Bottle feed baby goats and enjoy the petting zoo. And whatever you do, you won't want to miss the incredible shows! These informative, exhilarating demonstrations teach about the incredible creatures on the property, like the elephant herd. When you get tired, take a spin on the carousel or visit the cabin where Ulysses S. Grant stayed when he worked at the farm. This is also the home of the Budweiser Clydesdales, and you can take a tour to meet them and figure out everything that makes them so special, besides being featured on the cutest Christmas beer commercials.

However you spend your time on the farm, it will be time well spent!

A popular St. Louis destination since 1954, Grant’s Farm is the 281-acre ancestral home of the Busch family, named for Ulysses S. Grant who once lived on the land.

#23: The Magic House

The Magic House is another fun, hands-on museum that is designed to ignite your kids' curiosity, creativity, and problem solving abilities. In a day and age when imagination is becoming rare in younger generations, there has never been a greater need for a place like this. Your younger kids can learn from different displays about static electricity and the science behind music. Your older kids will be enthralled by a room dedicated to forensics where they can solve a mystery while studying fingerprints, crawl through duct work to spy on suspects, and discover secret passageways. There are also temporary exhibits that you'll definitely want to check out. There are so many displays and exhibits intended for children of all ages, making this another place where you can spend several hours and it feels like minutes. Admission is $10 per person.

#24: World Bird Sanctuary

If you like wildlife, and specifically like birds, you really need to check out World Bird Sanctuary. They have over 200 species, and have special displays on birds of prey from all over the world, featuring owls, falcons, and hawks. But they also have exotic birds, like parrots, and other birds from around the world, like an Egyptian Vulture! Their mission is to preserve animals, especially endangered birds, in their natural environment, and they do so quite skillfully, but they don't feature birds only. You can also view an impressive display of snakes, insects from Madagascar, and mammals like armadillos and bats. This is a great way to expose your kids to the natural world in a safe and educational setting.

#25: Klondike Park Stargazing

One activity your family will definitely have to check out is Broemmelsiek Park’s Friday Night Star Gazing, which is hosted on every Friday evening throughout the year, weather permitting. Using complex telescopes as well as the naked eye, participants can view the night sky like never before. This free program is run by trained facilitators who will point out specific constellations and other cosmic features that will make you appreciate the wonder and majesty of our universe just before hitting the hay.

Time Details: Starts at dusk. Location: Broemmelsiek Park Main Entrance (1615 Schwede Rd., Wentzville, MO 63385)

Saturday: Hit the Amusement Park!

#26: Six Flags

There are very few people who don't like amusement parks at all. There's just something about all the rides, the energy, and the constantly available carny food that's attractive to the modern American mindset. And Six Flags is known for stupendous atmosphere. But the best attraction here is Hurricane Harbor, a water park for the whole family. For those in your family who prefer the adrenaline rush, check out the Tornado, where you can ride down a 132 ft. long funnel, or the Dive Bomber, which is a 5-story slide that is practically a free-fall! Then after that, you have some serious twists and turns to reckon with before hitting the pool at the bottom. But, if you prefer saner rides, check out the Hurricane Bay wave pool or the Surf Rider, a simulator that can give you a taste of what surfing the waves really feels like!

So, head over to west St. Louis and get ready for a day full of fun.

#27: See a Performance at the Fox Theatre

In today's day and age of the silver screen, many people forget about the magic of the theater. What would be a better time to enjoy a musical than during your vacation? And of all the places to experience the stage, the Fabulous Fox Theatre is the place to do it. Although it is rather unassuming on the outside, the inside is extremely ornate and feels very much like an old vaudeville stage. The current season includes shows like Disney's Newsies, If/Then, The Sound of Music, and Beauty and the Beast. But Broadway productions only takes up half of the Fox's performances; the other half of the performances are famous entertainers like Riverdance, PianoGuys, and Andy Cohen & Anderson Cooper. No matter what you get to see, it'll be a great way to celebrate the last night of your vacation.

Honorable Mentions

It is literally impossible to see everything this city has to offer in just a week's time. So, if you have a few extra days to spend in the area, there are other places that would make great tourist destinations.

#28: Wabash, Frisco and Pacific Railroad Association

The WF&P Railroad is one of the top family attraction in the Greater St. Louis area. Located in Glencoe, MO, this attraction's purpose is to keep the history of steam trains alive and well. This park has several ride-able model trains... and they aren't like the cutesy kid-sized cars disguised as trains that you'll find in your local mall. These actually require tracks and truly run on steam. Mom and dad can ride them too! Each ride, which last about 30 minutes, costs only $4 and travels along the beautiful Meramec River. However, they're only open on Sundays from 11 AM - 4:15 PM.

#29: The St. Louis Art Museum

Another place to visit in Forest Park is the St. Louis Art Museum. This place is filled with all sorts of amazing art that was created throughout history. Take the Ancient Egyptian Collection, for instance. This display highlights hieroglyphics, explains the mummification process, and even has a real sarcophagus! Or, if you prefer the art of war, check out the Arms and Armor display, which has suits of armor and weapons from the 15th through the 18th centuries. Maybe you'd like to see art from around the world, like African headdresses, weapons from the South Pacific, and pottery from Asia, and other exhibits that hail from literally every continent on earth. These are just a few of the permanent displays in this three-story building. Like most art institutes, the St. Louis Art Museum always sports several temporary exhibits that are designed to pique visitor interest. In 2015, some of these included "Senufo: Art and Identity in Western Africa," Thomas Cole's Voyage of Life," and "The Artist and the Modern Studio." Go to their website for the current temporary exhibit, because in 2016, more exhibits are already planned for your pleasure.

When you're done with the museum itself, look through the gift shop to find some memorabilia of your favorite art piece to take home with you as a reminder of this experience.

#30: Go on a Riverboat Cruise

To take a step into history, book a cruise on a riverboat that will take you up and down the Mississippi. These boats will take you back 150 years to a time when river travel by paddle-wheel boats was the way to go. There are a variety of cruises offered: one-hour cruises, dinner cruises for a romantic evening, as well as several specialty cruises.

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#31: Cahokia Mounds

Cahokia Mounds centers around the site of an ancient Native American civilization, the oldest and largest north of Mexico. This incredible discovery, which has been a historical landmark since 1964, features a museum and interpretive center displaying everything that has been found, but other attractions include orientation videos and hiking trails around the mounds. This is a great way to allow your kids to experience history as more than just names and dates in a history textbook. Explore the mounds and discover what life was like in this ancient metropolis.

Sunday: Head Home

After a week touring the sights of St. Louis, you will probably be tired, but in a good kind of way. It's been a fun time, but all good things have to end eventually. Besides, home awaits. Fortunately, you will be satisfied to know that you've made some fantastic memories and have taken enough photos to inundate your Facebook friends. And who knows? This may be the vacation that, years from now, your kids will look back and say, "That was the best vacation we've ever taken!"

Photo credit: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8071/8319627409_08c1b2651b_z.jpg

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