9 Unforgettable Phoenix Restaurants

9 Unforgettable Phoenix Restaurants

We believe that you should never waste your time on a terrible meal and to prevent that from ever happening we have compiled this list specially for you!

The most sincere way to anyone’s heart is a good meal, so if a city can’t win over your stomach then it’ll never be able to win over your heart. Fortunately, being that Phoenix is the capital of Arizona, there are plenty of restaurants to try. But like any city, not all of them are worth your time, especially if you’re on vacation where your time is extremely valuable. That’s why we decided to put together a list of some of the best dinning experiences that Phoenix has to offer. The list has a wide range of options to fit any mood you might be feeling whether it’s an amazing burger, an American Polynesian blend of excellence, an award-winning high class farm, or an authentic Italian pizza. Phoenix offers a delicious option for any picky palate. We hope you enjoy our selections.
Here’s our list in no particular order:

The Stand

If you’re in the mood for a good burger then you can go almost anywhere. If you’re in the mood for the best burger in town then start heading to The Stand. The Stand specializes in perfect burgers and it pays off. What that means for you is no preservatives, 100% fresh beef that is ground in-house every day, and hormone and antibiotic-free chicken. The menu doesn’t have a hundred selections to choose from and they do have the occasional taco option but what they do have is untouchable by any other restaurant in town. We suggest that you wash it all down with their fresh homemade lemonade or their in-house horchata. If you have any room for dessert they also make hand-spun ice cream milkshakes that are a treat for the whole family or anyone you want to share it with although we won’t judge if you want to keep it all for yourself. It’s that good!

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“This burger just seemed so picturesque. "

Quiessence At The Farm

Leave the kids at home for this one…seriously…no kids allowed. This is one of the most romantic spots that Phoenix has to offer. It’s only a short drive away from downtown, located in the Farm District. Yes, it is an actual operating farm but it’s easily accessible, however, they suggest you bring a pair of walking shoes for the short stroll that it takes to physically reach the restaurant. Being located in the Farm District has a lot of perks, some of those perks being the ability to have the freshest food and a chance to dine beneath the stars. This experience won’t be cheap but we can assure it’ll be money well spent. Quiessence doesn’t cut any corners. Even the waiters are expected to know every small detail that involves the simple and rustic dishes on the menu, so don’t shy away from asking a question if you have one; their goal is for you to leave fully satisfied.

Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana

What The Stand is to burgers and Quiessence is to romance, Pomo is to authentic Neapolitan pizza. How authentic is it? Well you can’t buy this frozen at the supermarket because the recipe for their pizzas has been handed down over generations and can be traced back to when the family used to live in Napoli, Italy. The experience they provide resembles Italy to the extent that they are certified by Verace Pizza Napoletana and Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani. We know what you’re thinking and no, you don’t have to brush up on your italiano before walking through the door. Just come with an empty stomach so you have room for a whole pie.

Steak 44

If you’re looking for an amazing steak without breaking the bank then look no further. Steak 44 is reasonably priced for the quality of food they pride themselves on serving. It’s very fortunate that here you can eat well for a good price because you’ll want to come back soon. Besides the staff being some of the friendliest people in Phoenix, you’ll have your steak properly prepared to your liking. Also, Steak 44 reminds its guests that you don’t need to go to a fine dinning restaurant to have a fine dinning wine selection. Enjoy the warm towels they present to their guests at the end to complete the mood of the meal. You don’t have to take our word for it, we prefer you treat yourself by going in yourself any day!

Asi Es La Vida Restaurant

Asi es la vida is Spanish for “that’s life” but after eating here you’ll be assuming that you’re in heaven. This isn’t a typical Mexican restaurant that serves chips instead of bread. Actually, they serve sauce and it’s because they’re really good at it. The sauces are for your upcoming dishes in order to give the place a more authentic Mexican feel but the real reason is the sensational mix of flavor that it brings. Everything on the menu has a very nice blend that creates a romance between the ingredients much like the history behind Asi Es La Vida. The restaurant itself also has a fun Mexican atmosphere to it, so when you’re done snapping a picture of your food for an Instagram post that’ll make your friends jealous, make sure you also take a picture of yourself inside.

Beckett's Table

Located between the Biltmore and Arcadia corridor is this little American gem. It can only hold a modest 125 guests but that allows for the love of everything culinary to be the main priority. Beckett’s Table is the equivalence of buying a handmade mahogany table over a plastic folding one. This establishment makes sure their guests have the best quality food and that starts with their relationship with local farmers. They opened their doors in 2010 and since then have been consistently winning awards including one from Zagat and Wine Spectator. The exposed brick walls and leather seating give an elegant, yet relaxed atmosphere that’ll make you feel at home. Don’t be surprised if this becomes a weekly or daily stop in your routine.

Rusconi's American Kitchen

We’d like to thank the chef for this one and by the end of your meal so will you. Chef Rusconi is the culinary mastermind behind their delicious creations. He has been a part of a couple Mobil 4-Star Award-winning restaurants and now he has taken his talent to form his idea of perfection. Rusconi’s American Kitchen can cater to most people's needs whether it’s happy hour with some friends, wine flights, or an actual meal made with literal creative juices. It won’t be hard to find a menu favorite but just don’t get too attached to what you order because Chef Rusconi is famous for his ever-changing menu options. The chances of you boring your taste buds are little to none. And while on the topic of what Chef Rusconi is famous for, we should also mention that one of his preferred cooking methods includes a wood-burning grill that enhances every flavor.

Hula’s Modern Tiki

It’s hard to get great Polynesian food on the main land but thanks to the great folks at Hula’s Modern Tiki you have seafood like a proper islander. They have been voted Best of the Valley by Pheonix Magazine and it’s not just a one-year thing. They constantly win awards for the service they provide and the proof is in the signature cocktails. Sit down and travel back to a simpler time. Modern Tiki has decided that one of the most aesthetically-pleasing looks in American history consists of the 50s and 60s and we agree. The atmosphere is irresistible and it attracts groups of all ages but most importantly people that just want to smile and have a good time. They serve a fusion of Polynesian and American and what that means for you is that there is a little bit of everything on the menu. Although they specialize in seafood like the chicken of the sea, they still do a very nice job with the chicken of the land and you won’t be disappointed with their steak skills. Depending on when you visit, check out their website for their event calendar. They love having a fun time and there is always something happening!

Different Pointe Of View

Phoenix is a beautiful city. There’s a reason it’s the capital of Arizona and it’s because it’s a must-see by anyone and everyone. One of the best ways to see the whole city is with a bird’s eye view. A plane ride is too quick and probably too expensive. Humans can’t actually fly so that leaves one reasonable option, Different Pointe Of View. To say this place has a great view would be seriously underselling how spectacular it is. Located at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort, this panoramic view restaurant is waiting to give you a memory worth thinking about. The panoramic view is achieved with floor-to-ceiling windows that’ll make you feel like a movie star. Enjoy the desert landscape and the picturesque city that is Phoenix. We recommend you look up what time the sun will set on the day you’re planning on visiting so you can make a reservation to catch the light show turn into stars. Even if you don’t mind missing the sunset, we fully recommend you still make a reservation because everyone always wants to go because it’s never a bad a idea. Although the view is the standout segment of the meal, the actual meal itself is not to be overlooked. The team of chefs was carefully picked out and you don’t have to blindly believe the awards they rack up. Go in and taste it for yourself!

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