12 Places Serving the Best Donuts in Los Angeles

12 Places Serving the Best Donuts in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a vast, sprawling city full of plenty of things to do and places to go. Grab breakfast or find the perfect snack during your next visit at any of these delicious donut shops.

Donuts are one of the most popular breakfast treats for people on the go. These sweet round fried dough concoctions have been a part of the food culture of the United States for centuries, and some people believe that the donut we know today first came about somewhere around the year 1850. Regardless of when donuts joined the national breakfast table, they have since become a classic, and donut shops frequently pop up in and around every city in the country. Los Angeles has some of the best donut shops around, but in such a large city, how can you know which ones to visit? Check out this list to help you discover the best donuts available on your next trip to Los Angeles.

Kettle Glazed

Kettle Glazed is a recent Los Angeles donut addition, but despite having only been around since 2013, it has already become a popular place for locals and visitors both to grab some tasty pastries during their morning commutes and adventures. Located in the Hollywood Hills area, this donut shop is always busy, and no matter when you pop by you will find the cases filled with delicious and sometimes over-the-top creations just waiting for you to enjoy. Stop by and relax in the modern but simplistic setting, and don’t forget to check out the seasonal special donut flavor on your next trip!

Kettle Glazed serves up a wide variety of different donut shapes, sizes, and flavors every day. Although flavors are chosen on a rotating basis, you can always find some versions of raised ring donuts as well as the ever-popular filled donuts available for your snacking pleasure. Kettle Glazed also offers croissant-style and old-fashioned donuts, as well as bars, twists, and mini donuts, among a few others. Try the chocolate peanut raised ring donut for a classic flavor on a classic shape, or go for the peanut butter and jelly-filled donut and enjoy this childhood taste sensation in a whole new way. More intrepid diners might like to sample the s’mores-filled donut for something completely unique. This donut is topped with chocolate frosting and chocolate drizzle, filled with marshmallow cream and finished off with a piece of graham cracker garnish. It is truly the ultimate in decadent donut indulgence!

Kettle Glazed is located at 6211 Franklin Avenue in Hollywood.

Source: www.kettleglazed.com


Technically, Winchell’s is a chain donut franchise, but it is a small one based out of California, so it bears mentioning here. This large West Coast donut favorite serves over 70 different types of donuts and other pastries, and because it is such an important staple among California’s donut shops, you’re never likely to be very far from a Winchell’s location. Aside from serving delicious donuts and cinnamon rolls, Winchell’s is also an excellent place to grab a hot or iced coffee before you get started exploring the sights and sounds of Los Angeles. Best of all, it’s one of the cheapest donut shops around serving quality products, so it’s worth checking out.

Winchell’s serves tons of different donuts, as well as muffins, strudels, croissants, bagels, and more, and this chain is just as popular for its breakfast bagel sandwiches as it is for its donuts. However, when you want something fried and sweet for your morning meal, choose the old fashioned maple iced donut or go for the simple glazed buttermilk bar to pair perfectly with your cup of coffee. If you’re looking for something a little bit more filling, try the iced chocolate cake donut with coconut, sample the filled vanilla crème donut with chocolate icing on top, or go for the fancy pineapple fritter-style donut instead. Fancy donuts are also available in shapes like stars or hearts that are sure to please the kids (and the kids in all of us)!

Check out the Winchell’s web site to find a location near you.

Source: winchells.com

Donut Friend

A far cry from the chain style donut dining available at Winchell’s, Donut Friend offers a more modern take on this breakfast classic. This restaurant calls itself a “do it yourself donut shop,” which is a pretty apt way to put it. Although there are several combination donut flavors (and a few simple favorites) available on the menu, the real draw of Donut Friend is the ability to customize your donut to whatever your heart desires! Kids and adults both are sure to love designing their own personalized donuts and chowing down on the perfect blend of all their favorite flavors. Ingredients are always fresh and many donuts are available free of allergens, eggs, or dairy for those with specialized diets.

Most of the fun of ordering at Donut Friend is its DIY donut menu. Choose your starter donut (glazed, vanilla, chocolate, or gluten-free) and then select any fillings or toppings you want. Filling options include fresh fruits, cream or cheddar cheese, jam, creams of many different falvors, and ice cream. Toppings include spices, nuts, candies, and sauces. Donuts start at around $2 each, and additional fillings and toppings run between 50 cents and $1.50 per item. If you can’t make up your mind, there are a few pre-made donuts available on the menu every day, and they’re just as delicious as the DIY options. Try the popular Strawberrylab donut, filled with strawberries and whipped cream and topped with chocolate, or go for the savory Jets To Basil donut, filled with vegan cream cheese, basil, and strawberry jam, and topped with balsamic and a vanilla glaze.

Donut Friend is located at 5107 York Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Source: donutfriend.com

Bob's Coffee and Donuts

Head to the Original Farmers Market in the heart of Los Angeles to check out Bob’s Coffee and Donuts, a perennial favorite among visitors to the area. Bob’s Coffee and Donuts prepares its donuts fresh daily on-site, so you never have to wonder if your breakfast has been shipped in frozen on a truck. Open early to accommodate area locals headed to work, Bob’s is always ready to serve you a perfect donut and a hot cup of coffee to help you get your morning started right. You know you can’t go wrong with a restaurant that has been a part of the morning routine of so many Los Angeles residents for several decades, so why not stop by Bob’s on your first morning next time you’re in town?

Bob’s may not have the massive variety that some of the other donut shops on this list can claim, but the flavors this donut shop serves are sure to please you no matter what you’re in the mood for. Kids will love the donuts shaped like dinosaurs and kittens, available in either chocolate frosted or pink vanilla frosted options. The whole family will enjoy the raised ring donuts and cake donuts available at Bob’s, including delicious buttermilk cake donuts topped with mini M&M’s candies and the simple but sweet honey wheat glazed donut as well. If you’re looking for one of the donut’s close relatives, opt for the powdered sugar raspberry Bismarck or the apricot Danish, both of which are delicious takes on the traditional. Visit during the holidays to find donuts shaped like Christmas trees, pumpkins, hearts or rabbits. Whichever shape or flavor you end up choosing, pair it with some tasty Bob’s American Blend coffee and you’ll be ready to tackle whatever the day throws your way.

Bob’s Coffee and Donuts is located at 6333 West Third Street in Los Angeles.

Source: www.bobscoffeeanddoughnuts.com

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What this Fresh Strawberry Donut lacks in presentation, it makes up for in taste. - The Donut Man, Glendora

The Donut Man

Technically, The Donut Man is located in Glendora, which is a good half hour drive or more from Los Angeles. You may be wondering why a donut shop so far away from the city itself has made it onto a list of the best LA donuts. Give it a try and you won’t have to wonder anymore! Featured on many television shows, this little out of the way store has quickly become one of the most popular places to get a donut in all of California. With excellent service and high quality, fresh ingredients, The Donut Man draws in crowds that make the trek from Los Angeles and beyond to order from its extensive menu of sweet, tasty treats. Since The Donut Man is open 24 hours a day, you can easily fit in a trip to this beloved shop at any time during your next visit to the Los Angeles area.

Throughout the year, The Donut Man offers several different seasonal donuts to accompany its main menu. Seasonal donuts are prepared in limited batches and may not be available all day long, but if you do stop by while they’re in stock, don’t pass them up! During the warmer months, fresh strawberry, fresh peach, and peanut butter donuts become available, and in the colder months, you can find cream puff and pumpkin donuts at this little store. Order a cruller filled with cream, or try a frosted donut in vanilla or chocolate with peanuts on top. If you’re looking for something even sweeter that will fill you up all on its own, reach for the gourmet cream cheese donut topped with raspberries. This beautiful little treat is sure to delight your taste buds! There are plenty of other donut flavors, shapes, and donut relatives available at The Donut Man, so rest assured that a drive out to Glendora will not leave you hungry.

The Donut Man is located at 915 East Route 66 in Glendora.

Source: www.thedonutmanca.com

Cafe Dulce

Stop by Café Dulce to treat yourself to a sweet morning! All of the pastries and sandwiches available at Café Dulce are made fresh every day, from scratch. A meal at this donut shop is sure to leave you happy and satisfied, and well aware of the quality of this tasty restaurant. Pair your donut selection with some of the best tea and coffee in the area as well, and enjoy your breakfast relaxing in the Little Tokyo part of town. Because of this donut shop’s location, the food and drinks available here represent a perfect combination of Eastern and Western flavors and styles. Grab a chai tea or a Vietnamese iced coffee, and if you visit during lunchtime, consider ordering some Korean cheese steak with kimchi on top and having your donut for dessert!

Café Dulce is more of a café, as its name suggests, than simply a place to grab a few donuts and run. Because of this, the restaurant does serve a wide variety of sandwiches, many of which feature Asian-inspired flavors and can provide a delicious lunch at a low cost to you. However, even if you do stop by for lunch, don’t skip the donuts! These incredibly light, airy pastries remain some of the most popular in the city, and it is only at Café Dulce that you can sample donuts with distinctly Eastern flavors such as these. Order a red bean donut, filled with whipped bean paste and topped with cinnamon, or go for the customer favorite, the green tea donut filled with creamy custard and topped with powdered sugar. If you’re a fan of milk tea or tea lattes, be sure to pick one up to go along with your donut delights.

Café Dulce is located at 134 Japanese Village Plaza Mall in Los Angeles.

Source: www.cafedulcelosangeles.com


Cofax is a modern coffee shop with a hipster sort of vibe that draws in crowds of locals looking for a simple coffee bar and a few tasty donut options on their way to work. Although the restaurant is simple and small, it gets the job done, and if you’re in the area you will definitely want to stop in and give it a try. Unlike many of the other donut shops on this list, Cofax is tiny and only serves a few different types of donut every day. The drinks are really the main draw of this little shop, but when you visit you can be sure to find a handful of incredibly delicious donuts to choose from. Sometimes less really is more! With only a few flavor choices available, Cofax can easily offer delicious, fresh donuts without compromising on their quality.

Most locals are quick to recommend the breakfast burrito, one of the biggest sellers on the Cofax menu. While you should consider trying this fan favorite while you’re there, don’t ignore the donuts! Try the honey cinnamon ring donut, or choose the lemon pistachio filled donut for an even sweeter option. The no-Oreo donut tastes like cookies and cream and remains one of the best sellers for kids and adults both. If you’re not feeling like a full size donut, or if you want to grab one of those breakfast burritos after all, order some vanilla donut holes to get a smaller taste of the delicious pastries available at Cofax. Bear in mind that the flavors offered at this little local coffee shop do change depending on the season, so if a certain fruit is not readily available, for instance, that donut flavor may be temporarily out of stock when you visit.

Cofax is located at 440 North Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles.

Source: cofaxcoffee.com

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Westwood Village, Los Angeles, CA Peanut butter and banana filled doughnut topped with chocolate chips

Stan's Donuts

When you visit Stan’s Donuts, you’re visiting one of the oldest donut shops in the greater Los Angeles area. With the kind of staying power to be a part of Westwood Village for over four decades, Stan’s Donuts deserves all of the acclaim it gets. Long ago, Stan’s began as a simple corner store, but today, it is widely known as one of the best places to get gourmet donuts in all of California. It is even so popular that it has begun shipping donuts nationwide to devoted fans who can’t make it back in person. Walking through the front doors of this beloved donut shop is like walking back in time, and a trip to Stan’s will make you feel like you’re living the life of an LA resident from the 1960s, stopping in for a snack before hitting the town.

Aside from being an important part of LA’s food history, Stan’s is also well known for its massive variety of donuts and other pastries. Of course, raised and cake donuts dominate the menu, but there are also plenty of twists, bars, buttermilk and old fashioned donuts, devil’s food donuts, filled pastries, pretzel donuts, cinnamon rolls, and more available at Stan’s every day. Try the peanut butter and fresh banana-filled donut, topped with chocolate chips, or order a chocolate cinnamon cheese Danish-style donut for an overwhelmingly sweet and delicious treat you won’t soon forget. If you’re looking to try something a little different, choose the pretzel-shaped donuts, which are wrapped in a twisty shape like their namesakes and come in a cinnamon peanut flavor or a plain chocolate flavor. There are so many types and flavors to choose from at Stan’s that you might want to stop back by several more times during your trip, just to sample everything!

Stan’s Donuts is located at 10948 Weyburn Avenue in Los Angeles.

Source: www.stansdoughnuts.com

Primo's Donuts

Like Stan’s Donuts, Primo’s Donuts is a longstanding Los Angeles tradition dating back several decades. Since its creation in 1956, Primo’s Donuts has been serving up delicious homemade pastries in LA’s Westside neighborhood to hungry tourists and locals alike. Run by the same family throughout the years, Primo’s has worked its way to the top of the local donut shops from its simple beginnings long ago. This shop specializes in cake donuts with various glazes in different flavors, but it also serves a smaller variety of fancy and specialty donuts and a handful of other pastries as well. Stop in for breakfast or lunch any day of the week and see for yourself why the excellent service and high quality of Primo’s has kept customers coming back for so many years.

Start your Primo’s donut dozen with some of the delicious special cake donut flavors that this shop has been developing over the decades. Try the orange glazed, cherry glazed, or maple glazed cake donuts, or choose the coconut-crusted variety instead. While they’re all very tasty, the orange glazed is one of the best! If you prefer your donuts on the fancy side, opt for the butterfly, or go for the bedazzled donut, topped with a chocolate and vanilla swirled glaze and a handful of chocolate sprinkles to make it “sparkle.” Primo’s’s filled donuts pumped full of lemon jelly are another excellent choice. For something a little more off the wall but nevertheless just as great as the other donuts available at Primo’s, try the donut bars topped with maple glaze and crispy fried bacon crumbles. Although there are fewer overall shapes available at Primo’s than at some other donut shops, and the flavors may not be quite as varied, the quality of these donuts makes them stand out above many of their competitors. Stop by to see why!

Primo’s Donuts is located at 2918 Sawtelle Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Source: www.Primosdonuts.com

California Donuts

Visit California Donuts to complete your tour of the oldest donut shops in LA! It’s no secret that the longer a restaurant has been around, the better it is likely to be. Just like Primo’s and Stan’s, California Donuts has been a part of Los Angeles for decades and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. Open 24 hours a day, every day, this old timey donut shop makes its quality baked goods available to the people of LA at any time of the day or night. If you’re in town and find yourself with a craving for some pastries at two in the morning, California Donuts is the place for you! Every menu item is prepared fresh on-site, and donuts are cut and rolled by hand as well. Whether you stop by for breakfast or make it part of your LA nightlife adventures, California Donuts is sure to have freshly made pastries ready and waiting.

With a handful of sandwiches and tons of donuts on the menu, California Donuts is sure to satisfy any customer. Try the breakfast croissant, made with Swiss cheese, scrambled egg, mayonnaise, and bacon or sausage, if you’re looking for a little something more to supplement your donuts. There are so many donut options available here, however, that you might not need anything else at all! Try the chocolate chip roll for a fancy bar-like donut, or choose one of the overloaded specialty donuts topped with unique ingredients you might not find anywhere else. Sample the Froot Loops donut, which is exactly how it sounds or go for the blueberry toast crunch or chocolate covered strawberry specialty donuts instead. There are plenty of classic donuts on the menu here as well, including matcha green tea, Boston cream, and a pink donut with sprinkles modeled after The Simpsons. Take your pick! Every donut is unique and delicious at California Donuts.

California Donuts is located at 3540 West Third Street in Los Angeles.

Source: cadonuts.com

Ms. Donuts

Ms. Donuts is small enough that it doesn’t have its own web site, but don’t let that stop you from visiting this excellent tiny donut shop in the heart of Los Angeles’ Echo Park district. Located in a strip mall, this little store is hard to miss, and it’s a bit of a dive. Regardless, it’s packed full of delicious, perfectly-fried donuts you’ll have to taste to believe. There is no seating inside Ms. Donuts, as it is intended to be the kind of place where customers grab their donuts and hit the road, so if you’re looking for a relaxing café style atmosphere, then this might not be the place for you. However, when you want to grab a donut or a dozen and take it along for the ride, stop in at Ms. Donuts and see what’s on the menu for the day. You're likely to be surrounded by plenty of locals who are doing the same thing.

Most donut shops in Los Angeles offer a buttermilk donut, but very rarely can they compare with the chocolate buttermilk donut available at Ms. Donuts. This hearty pastry is fried crispy and soaked in chocolate glaze to make it one of the tastiest treats around. Many locals are sure to recommend this particular donut flavor, so don't hesitate to give it a try! The other menu items available at Ms. Donuts are quite good as well, but nothing can compare with the ever-popular chocolate buttermilk donut. If you are looking for something else to fill out your box, try the plain old-fashioned, which is always a nice way to start your day along with a cup of coffee. The donut holes are also worth sampling if you find that you just can’t stomach a full-size donut, or if you’re looking for a smaller snack to hold you over in the middle of the night.

Ms. Donuts is located at 1353 Glendale Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Source: foursquare.com

SK's Donuts & Croissant

Although it hasn’t been around quite as long as some of the other installments on this list, SK’s Donuts & Croissant is one of the most well-known places to grab a pastry in Los Angeles. Located in the Miracle Mile, SK's Donuts & Croissant serves people from all walks of life and from all across the city in the same location it is has held since 1989. Although this little restaurant does serve more than just pastries, donuts are its specialty, and biting into a donut from SK’s is like getting a little taste of paradise.

SK’s serves donuts, fancy donuts, croissants, bagels, and sandwiches. The fancy donuts are traditional raised ring donuts with unique, overloaded, and sometimes outlandish toppings, including Fruity Pebbles on top of vanilla glaze. The donuts at SK’s, however, are called SKronuts, and they are quite a lot different than what you might be expecting. These fried treats are crispier than their standard counterparts, and are sliced in half with fillings piled into the middle like a pseudo-sandwich. Try the blueberry cream cheese SKRonut, filled with cream cheese and blueberries and topped with more of the same, or the similar cookies and cream SKronut made with crushed Oreos and creamy frosting. If you choose to derail from the donut menu, try the raisin custard croissant for a unique treat. However, the donuts are really where SK’s shines, so do yourself a favor and try as many as you can!

SK’s Donuts & Croissant is located at 5850 West Third Street in Los Angeles.

Source: mdlcdesign.com

When you’re craving a donut in the heart of LA, head to one of the best donut shops in the area and enjoy a delicious breakfast treat any time of the day or night. Whether you're looking for an old fashioned, buttermilk, or traditional donut, or you want to try your hand at chowing down on a donut topped with overflowing cereal, fruit, or other ingredients, there's a donut shop for you in Los Angeles. Choose your favorites from this list and consider making a special trip to some of the real winners. You’ll be glad you did!

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