Our Selections for the 20 Best Burgers in Las Vegas

Our Selections for the 20 Best Burgers in Las Vegas

Deep in the American desert lies a famous tourist destination, Las Vegas. And here are twenty of the best burgers found in the city.

Las Vegas is an American icon. Everything in Vegas has the feeling of being larger than life, including the food. Vegas is a city made of fun, and for fun. From shopping and playing, to gambling and eating everything in this town is full of fun. With all this excitement, a craving for a great burger is likely to strike. These are considered to be 20 of the best of the best burgers in Las Vegas.

The Ronin Burger at Bachi Burger

How about a little something different when it comes to how your burger normally taste? The Ronin Burger at Bachi Burger features a flavor mix of Japanese cole slaw, sweet onion marmalade, and a fried egg that adds both tang and a punch beyond the traditional idea of a burger. If this doesn’t get your taste buds watering, the Bachi BBQ burger options include any combination of toppings a burger lover can dream up.

9410 W Sahara Ave #150, Las Vegas, NV

The Lucky Burger at Fukuburger

Fukuburger is a local-favorite food truck in Vegas. Here they try and put a different kind of twist on burgers, it’s the All-American burger, but with a little Japanese twist just to keep it interesting.

The Lucky Burger is one of the best burgers you could possibly get from this mobile burger joint. With lettuce, onions, tomato, a little extra twist of wasabi and their patented fuku sauce. This burger is at a level that you wouldn’t expect to find from a food truck, but it is absolutely delicious.

You will be able to find Fukuburger at 3743 Las Vegas Blvd in the Hawaiian Marketplace. There is parking in the lot just south of the marketplace, and Fuku does validate parking.

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“Monday Night Food @fukuburgerlv Best Burger In America, For Now They Are Only Located In Las Vegas So If Your Ever in Sin City Check Them Out!…”

Captain’s Order at Slidin’ Thru

Another food truck burger stop, Slidin’ Thru, offers up some of the best burgers that you can get on the go. Their sliders have a reputation of being cooked to perfection, and they have that reputation for a reason, every bite you take is as good as the first. The number of available topping combinations goes above and beyond what comes to mind when one thinks of a food truck. The slider you must try is simply called Captain’s Order. These little sliders are transformed into monster sliders fit for a captain. They are topped with roma tomatoes, feta cheese, sautéed onions, and balsamic reduction. Forget White Castle, this is the place you want to go for amazing sliders.
They post where they will be on their website, so make sure you check to see where they are before you go driving all around town.


Bleu Cheese Burger at Strip burger

This place knows how to make a burger, whether it is a regular burger, or something more creative and unique, they know how a burger should be made.

Their Famous Bleu Cheese Burger is one of the best and most famous burgers they offer, and it could quickly become a classic cheeseburger combination. With blue cheese and fried onions adding a little tang along with a little crunch this, burger will make you wish you had a bigger stomach to eat more than one.

3200 South Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89109

The Angus Burger at Buddy V’s Ristorante

How about something closer to home cooking? At Bubby V’s they believe in cooking a meal for you like they are cooking at home for their family.

The Angus Burger deserves recognition when it comes to burgers in Vegas. The Tomato aioli and brioche bun give distinction and a refreshing twist to the basic burger, the perfect meat to bun ratio ensures that you don’t get to much of one or the other, the seasoning is spot on to ensure it isn’t overpowering, and the way they sear it locks in the juice and flavor. Made and formed to order, cooked to perfection the way you prefer. This burger is an absolutely delectable dish and one that you would expect from a Las Vegas restaurant.

3327 S. Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109

The MeanBean at SkinnyFats

If you think the name of the restaurant is fun to say, wait till you look at the menu to order. Everything is separated between Healthy and Happy. I am sure you can figure out what kind of foods fall under which category. This burger is for those that don’t eat red meat and is still one amazing bite. The MeanBean, as it has been dubbed, is on the healthy side of their menu. It is crafted using the house made vegan patty topped with tomatoes, onions, spinach, avocado, and a spicy hummus sauce. All that on a multigrain bun and you are sure to satisfy your taste buds and leave happy and satisfied.

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“It's the Mean Bean veggie machine!!! 🍃🌿🌱 We make a very special vegan patty in-house with black beans, corn, veggies & spices, and stack it with with…”

New-Mexican Style Green Chili Burger at DW Bistro

If you like heat with your burger then DW Bistro’s New-Mexican style green chili burger is without a doubt one amazing burger you must try. A butter toasted bun, perfectly seasoned meat topped with bacon that is sprinkled with jalapeno powder, pepper jack cheese, and a delicious slice of heirloom tomato, this burger sure packs a punch of flavor. Between the juicy burger and spicy twist on the bacon, this burger makes for one perfect combination.

6115 S. Fort Apache Road
Suite #112
Las Vegas, Nevada 89148

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“What's on your plate this Friday afternoon? Our 2 time, award winning, Vegas Burger Blog, New Mexican-style green chile cheeseburger -topped with jack…”

The Imperial Burger at Anthony’s Burger and Brews

You will find this amazing restaurant located in The M Resort. At Anthony’s Burger and Brews you must be 21 and over to enter any time after 11:00 a.m. They have some of the most amazing burgers that you could possibly sink your teeth in to, but the Imperial Burger stands out like no other. This burger is topped with stout braised short ribs, Gruyere cheese, which is a little sweet and salty all at the same time, mushrooms, and caramelized onions. This burger will leave you one very satisfied customer, but don’t take my word for it, head over to Anthony’s Burger and Brew and taste for yourself.

12300 S Las Vegas Blvd, Henderson, NV 89044

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The Interstate 80 burger at BLT Burger

Fear not, they do have more than the name suggests. However to find this amazing restaurant you will need to head over to the Mirage. I would suggest the Interstate 80 burger, it is absolutely amazing. Peppercorn Bacon, caramelized onions, sharp cheddar cheese, and topped with a Smokey sweet barbecue sauce, there is just no way to go wrong with this burger. Make sure to pair your burger with one of their spiked milkshakes, yes you did read that right ,a milkshake for adults and an amazing burger what more reason could you possibly need to head over and grab one of the best burgers you could possibly taste. One of the best parts is you can get this burger until 2:00 a.m.

Chili Relleno Burger at Boarder Grill

Perhaps you’re in the mood for a burger with a little spice. Head on over to Boarder Grill and order their mouthwatering, and possibly eye watering depending on your spice tolerance, Chile Relleno Burger. This burger is made with black angus brisket and short rib, topped with romaine, and chipotle aioli ( a sauce made with mayonnaise, chives, garlic, lime juice, and chili powder), roasted poblano (simply a large dark pepper) that is stuffed with Mexican cheeses, all on a perfectly toasted brioche bun. When you are looking for this amazing burger on the menu, don’t look for burgers, look for Tortas on the menu.

3500 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 854-6700

The Drive-Thru Burger at B&B Burger and Beer

How about a burger with a great view? Head over to B&B Burger and Beer for one of the best tasting burgers made with all local ingredients and an amazing view from the patio that faces Las Vegas Boulevard. When you stop, the best burger to get is the Drive-Thru burger. This delectable burger is a double decker burger made with USDA prime Black Angus and B&B Las Vegas beef, topped with American cheese, on a sesame seed bun. This may be called a drive-thru burger, but it sure does not taste like the typical drive-thru burger. If you order this you will not be disappointed and you will see for yourself why B&B is considered the ultimate burger lover's spot on the strip.

The Venetian 3355 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 414-2220

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“Take a break from #CES2014 for a true classic - the B&B Burger and Beer Drive Thru. Two griddle-cooked patties on a sesame-seed bun from Bon Breads, with…”

The Fat Choy Burger at Fat Choy

After a great night of partying, dancing, and drinking there is a chance that one morning you are going to wake up with a hangover. Hopefully you don’t, but if you do Fat Choy has the perfect fix for that hangover. This burger mixes both breakfast and lunch, I am talking about The Fat Choy Burger. This amazing burger is half a pound of Angus beef and short rib topped with an onion jam, bacon cheddar cheese and a fried egg. This burger is just full of amazing taste and you will not regret ordering it for one second.

595 E. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas

The Gold Standard Burger at Holstein’s Shakes and Buns

Fresh, natural, and organic. This is the foundation that has made this restaurant so well known, and voted best burger in Las Vegas. One of the best burgers you will get here is the Gold Standard. This burger is made with dry aged beef sirloin, and is topped with aged goat cheddar cheese, tomato that is specially prepared, baby arugula, garlic-chive Aioli, which is a special sauce they make in house, and peppered bacon. This burger is so full of flavor, and from the first bite to the last you will understand why they were voted best burger.

3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone: 702.698.7940

Hell’s Kitchen Burger at Gordon Ramsay BurGR

We have all seen or at least heard of the show Hell’s Kitchen. Welcome to the restaurant, and not the show. Here you will find some of the absolute best burgers around, and if you have seen the show you know he doesn’t let his cooks slide when it comes to making food. The absolute best burger to get here is called Hell’s Kitchen Burger. This burger is perfection on a plate. It comes topped with roasted jalapenos, avocado, asadero cheese, oven roasted tomatoes, and a jalapeno pesto aioli. All that on top of a beef patty that was cooked over apple and alder wood makes for one amazing taste.

3667 South Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas NV

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“Hell's Kitchen Burger by Gordon Ramsey #gordonramsayburgr”

Mesa Burger at Mesa Grill

You are going to want to head over to Caesar’s Palace to get this amazing burger. When you go here make sure that you order the Mesa Burger. The combination of Horseradish mustard, grilled Vidalia onions, and double cheddar cheese will make it feel like this burger melts in your mouth. This is a must not miss burger spot if you are craving a great burger, it is even better if you are staying at Caesar’s Palace.

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Sin City Burger at Smash Burger

One of the best things about Las Vegas…it gets its own burger. Yes, here at Smash Burger you can order the Sin City burger, while you are in Sin City. This burger is a combination masterpiece. Smashburger's own meat, topped with applewood smoked bacon, grilled onions, a fried egg, American cheese, and to top it all off their smash sauce. I can’t even accurately describe just how good this burger is, but ordering it is almost a must while you are in Vegas, just for the name of the burger.

3570 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109

The Vegas Burger at Bobby’s Burger Palace

You can find this great place on the Vegas strip. They have so many good things to eat, but for the burger lovers out there you will want to order this one. It is a little more on the simplistic side of the must eat burgers, but this one does not have a simple taste, the Vegas burger is one amazing bite to eat. The Fresno red chilies, and white America cheese combine with the barbecue crunch make this very simple burger one amazing meal that will make your taste buds dance in your mouth.

3750 South Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Truffle Burger at Umami Burger

No one ever said burgers have to be masterpiece works of art, and at Umami Burger they don’t believe in putting dozens of different toppings on to make a burger taste better, they make it taste great from the start. Their Truffle burger is amazing. It is a truffle delight, truffled aioli, house truffle cheese, with a truffle glaze. It’s a truffle party on a burger, and it is amazing.

2535 S. Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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“👅💦 #truffleburger #umamiburger 📷 @designbymar”

Make Your Own Burger at Five Guys

This may be a fast food type burger, but this is by no means a “fast food” burger. They cook everything to order, from your burger, to your fries. You can choose between a single patty or double patty, cheese or no cheese bacon or no bacon (but who says no to bacon?). And the amount of add on toppings that you can choose from are just to many to list, but they have all the typical toppings like ketchup, mustard, mayo, and some that aren’t typical like hot sauce and steak sauce. There are so many topping to choose from that you will be creating your very own special burger, and the best part is they are all unlimited. If you are looking for an amazing burger that hits the spot head to Five Guys and grab one of the best burgers around, but don’t forget the fries, Cajun style is amazing if you like a little spice.

4065 S Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89119

In-N-Out’s Double Double

If you are in the mood for a fast burger and don’t want to have to go to a fancy sit down restaurant then In-N-Out is the spot for you. They have some amazing fast burgers that are very tasty. My suggestion is to order the Double Double, but don’t stop there, they have a “Hidden Menu” so instead go all in with the burger and order a Double Double Animal Style, you won’t be disappointed. Add to your meal an order of animal style fries and one of their shakes.

4888 Dean Martin Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89103

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“Freshness you can taste.® #quality #burger”

Las Vegas is considered a city of culinary stature that continues to push the envelope. A city full of famous chefs, iconic restaurants, and legendary experiences. With every dish imaginable and an insurmountable number of restaurants to choose from, finding the perfect burger in Vegas only adds to the fun and excitement of the Vegas experience. These 20 are a mere starting point to find your own ‘Best Burger in Vegas’.

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