Around the World in 20 Plates: Niagara Falls Resturants

Around the World in 20 Plates: Niagara Falls Resturants

Be transported on a fork to countries near and far by the most popular dishes at the most popular international cuisine restaurants during your stay at the Niagara Falls

This article will take you around the world with food. We are going to visit a few different restaurants and a few different countries, all found in one great location, Niagara Falls, USA. By the end of this article, we will have a list of 20—yes, 20—different scrumptious dishes that your family won't be able to wait to enjoy on your next trip to this North American treasure. By the end, your head will be spinning from such a delicious food-filled fascinating journey. Bon appétit!

The Griffon Gastropub

The Motto:
“We are a true gastropub, offering unique, creative, and fresh dishes. If you're looking for a typical "neighborhood grill" type of place, keep looking. Our food is thoughtful, original, and cooked to order with love!”
Well, first off, what is a "gastropub?"A gastropub is basically a pub or bar with specialty dishes. The dishes are usually based on traditional bar food but have been taken to a whole new level in quality, taste, and uniqueness. Let's see if The Griffon can live up to its motto.

Let's start with on of the most typical AMERICAN foods and one of the most typical bar food there is a hamburger. Just what does the Griffon have to offer? 1. Wild game burgers. Now when we say "wild game," we don't mean venison, we're talking ostrich from AFRICA, or kangaroo from AUSTRALIA. Yes, true wild game. The availability changes, so you will just have to go there and see what's coming from the kitchen. But I would say we are off to a good start. But what about the fries? No burger is complete without the fries. 2. Fresh cut fries served with Pig Iron or Black Market Rub. Or, sweet potato fries tossed in honey butter. In the mood for rice instead? Try 3. Coconut Ginger Basmati Rice and see how this nontraditional side fits with your off-the-continent burger.

Let's hop back on our fork and fly away to Southeast Asia with dishes numbers four and five. Meatballs with shrimp anyone? Yes, please! Then order up a side of 4. VIETNAMESE pork meatballs, and to top it all off, they come with shrimp chips and ginger lime dipping sauce. YUM! Not really your speed? Then how about just a sandwich? Well, you could order 5. Bánh Mì. A twist on a Vietnamese tradition, this dish features those tasty pork meatballs on a baguette with sauces and toppings to die for. Bonus! As a pub, they feature over 150 beers on tap.

This restaurant receives an impressive 4.5/5 in reviews on trip Look to pay between $10-$25 here. Find more information and a complete menu on The address is 2470 Military Road, Niagara Falls, NY 14304. The phone number is (716) 236-7474, and reservations are recommended.

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Zaiki Indian Cuisine

This restaurant is sure to please. It consistently receives great ratings from visitors and is located within walking distance of the Falls. It's Zaiki Indian Cuisine.

Zaiki's website states that they are, “home of the tradition and exquisite preparation in Niagara Falls area. We have made a commitment to bring variety, high quality and large selection of Indian dishes.…The restaurant serves cuisine made from recipes culled from the royal Indian menus dating back 300 to 400 years using the freshest local ingredients. We offer a rich and varied cuisine embracing dishes from northern to southern India.”

One special feature of this particular restaurant is that they have a clay oven. What's that do? It keeps tradition and flavor. Clay oven cooking dates back over thousands of years. The dry, non-humid environment created by fired clay, combined with the ovens' unique type of heat distribution means that every bit of moisture and flavor is going to stay in your meal and melt in your mouth! Let's pick up our forks and see where Zaiki can take us! First stop, 6. Chef's Tandoori Dinner. This succulent dish is no exception to the clay oven rule. It combines tandoori chicken & shrimp with chicken tikka and seekh kabab, and for a side dish, you can have curried lamb or curried chicken with fresh naan. Now if you are not from the middle east, you may have absolutely no idea what that means, so let's clarify. Tandoori means that the meat was marinated and cooked in a clay oven. Tikka is meat cut into small pieces, marinated in spices and yogurt and baked on a skewer. Seekh is minced meat with spices, grilled on a skewer as well and usually served with mint sauce or chutneys. All of these are traditional PAKISTANI or INDIAN dishes.

Another awesome thing about Zaiki is that they feature a wonderful selection of vegetarian dishes like 7. Baingan Bharatha—eggplant, a vegetarian favorite, skewered, then mashed and cooked with ginger, onion, and peas. WOW! Or, try protein packed chickpeas in 8. Chana Masala they are cooked in a tantalizing blend of spices from northern India. Want your vegetables fried? Sink your fork into 9. Kadhi Pakora or 10. Malai Kofta. The Malai Kofta even comes with gravy!

Are you having a hard time choosing what you want to try first? Did I mention that this restaurant also has a buffet from 11:30am to 5pm?

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Expect to pay between $15-$25 here. Find more information and a complete menu on The address is 421 3rd street, Niagara Falls, NY 14301 Phone number is 716-804-0444.

Wine on Third

How about a little SPANISH flavor? Hold on tight, we are going down the street to Wine on Third ($15-$25) for tapas and wine. For those who don't know, tapas are similar to appetizers, usually slightly larger, and designed for sharing. They are great for groups of friends. Everyone order something and everyone shares. Let's see how friendly we can get here.

Here is what their "about us" section had to say: “Our tapas menu is 4-Star rated by the Buffalo News, and the Buffalo Spree declared 'Wine on Third is ambitious—in its menu, its wine list, and its presentations.'"

Let's explore some dishes and see what they have to say. First up, we have 11. Mahi Mahi Tacos under small plates. Yes, Mahi Mahi, and get this, it's topped with a pineapple salsa and a jalapeno vinaigrette. Flavor explosion! My eyes just rolled back in my head. Bite into one of these babies, and just take a moment to savor. Because that is what you must do with food this fantastic. Let's move on to a shared plate of 12. Lamb Lollipop's. First off, you need to sink your teeth into this because, well, lamb is delicious, and secondly because what a cute name. Who doesn't love lollipops! Think tender grilled lamb, savory lentil ragu, and butter! Divine! Do they really expect us to share this? I hope not, because this is just too good to give away. For those with a less carnivorous palate, Wine on Third has an impressive and well marked vegetarian selection. Dishes like 13. Saganaki, "kasseri cheese melted over a hot lava rock with a cognac flambé served with toasted bread and a trio of sauces," certainly make my mouth sing! Combine all this flavor with an impressive wine collection, and I would say we have ourselves a hit!

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“Seared scallops, brocolini, mushrooms, roasted red peppers #instagood #food #foodie #dinnerforone #wineonthird #niagarafalls by…”

Find more information and a complete menu at The address is 501 3rd street, Niagara Falls, NY 14301 Phone number is 716-285-9463.

Sweet Treats at the Falls

Jacolatte Fine Confections

Well, so far on our decadent destinations journey, we have stuffed ourselves silly in America, Australia, Africa, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, and Spain, but no food journey is complete without a sweet treat, so let's park our fork at Jacolatte Fine Confections. As you may have guessed: CHOCOLATE! This is a new company, established in 2014 in the Niagara Falls region. They boast organic and gluten-free products, great for those with sensitivity or allergies. Prices range from $2-$25. They feature 14. bark, 15. toffee, and 16. brittle, and things dipped in chocolate. Things like 17. jalapenos, 18. potato chips, and 19. peanut brittle. Yes, this place qualifies as a chocolate lover's vacation home.

Expect to pay $2-$25 here. It's located at 2131 Sawyer Drive, Suite 2, Niagara Falls, NY 14304. You can call (716) 471-4513 for more information or visit Bonus! If you go on the website and sign up for the newsletter, they offer a 10% discount.

De Dee's Dairy

Well, I don't know about you, but after all that richness, I'm in the mood for some ice cream. Let's go over to De Dee's Diary, a favorite among locals and visitors alike. With a throwback 1960s feel, they've got fresh ice cream and fast service with all the fixings. Currently, they don't serve anything but ice cream, so that means that freshly churned smell just wafts right out of the restaurant. Here, the 20. hot fudge sundae is enormous, and for fudge lovers, they will generously provide a cup of fudge on the side for your dipping delight.

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“Where the small is large, and the large will feed your family. @alliemariegebczyk”

Expect a lot of bang for your buck here. You can visit the restaurant when tourist season begins again in March. It is located at 8715 Niagara Falls Blvd Niagara Falls, NY 14304. Telephone number (716) 297-8856.

Well, we have been all around the world. Peering excitedly through the prongs of our fork as it whisked us from place to place with just a smooth gentle stroke. From crazy wild game that never stays the same to some of our tamest favorites with unexpected twists. We finished out our day of food with reckless abandon. Sinfully delicious rich delicious desserts dipped and swirled in chocolate and fresh ice cream to boot. What an adventure we have had. But, we must head back now, only to wake up tomorrow and do it all over again.

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