Memorable Things to Do in the State of New York

Memorable Things to Do in the State of New York

Looking at taking a trip to the state of New York? Wanting to see some things that aren't on most tour guide lists? Check out these interesting places and get the thrill of a lifetime.

Many people go to the state of New York and visit the Statue of Liberty, Niagara Falls, or Times Square. But there are many interesting places to see in New York that are not major tourist attractions. See some of the unique places New York has to offer and have adventures most people don't even know about.

1. Then She Fell - Interactive Theater

Take a step into Alice's Wonderland when attending this play that involves its audience members. In "Then She Fell," only 15 people are allowed to see the show at the same time; each audience member walks through different rooms and explores Wonderland just as Alice did.

Actors are dressed to portray different Alices, White Rabbits, Red Queens, and Mad Hatters. The actors help guide you through the maze-like rooms on each floor. You are given a ring of skeleton keys when you begin the tour - hopefully, you hold onto them because they may unlock cabinets, hidden rooms, and any other nook or cranny that happens to catch your eye.

Tickets are a little expensive, but people say the experience is worth the fare. This theater/museum will give you the experience of a lifetime.

Head down to 195 Maujer St., Brooklyn, NY to see Alice wander through Wonderland.

2. Green-Wood Cemetery

Most people do not visit a cemetery while on vacation, but Green-Wood is a sight to see. This National Historic Landmark sits on 478 acres in Brooklyn and is the resting place of many famous writers, artists, politicians, inventors, and soldiers. A few of this cemetery's famous residents are Jean-Michel Basquiat (artist), Horace Greeley (founder of New York Tribune), and William Magear "Boss" Tweed (politician).

Green-Wood has walking, guided, and trolley tours (offered on certain days). There are also some fun events that change each year along with the annual Memorial Day Commemoration and Battle of Brooklyn events. Take a trip through this historic cemetery, witness the beautiful trees, sculptures, headstones, and ponds - and maybe learn something about famous New Yorkers.

Located at 500 25th St, Brooklyn, NY.

3. Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum

Have you ever wanted to meet a celebrity? Well here is the next best thing! Check out Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum and get up close and personal with movie and TV stars as well as other famous notables. Some recently added wax figures are Jenna Marbles, Pope Francis, Scarlett Johansson, and Ed Sheeran. Some of the actual celebrities even make appearances for their wax figurines unveiling. If you happen to be on site when a new figure is added, you may just get a picture with the actual celebrity!

Stop by for an "interview" with Jimmy Fallon, a little one-on-one with Leo Messi, or an awesome rock show with P!nk. Take fun pictures with any of the figures in their own make-shift environment to help them get into character. The kids can also see superheroes on display at Madame Tussaud's. This museum is nothing like the stuffy old art museums, so head on over and have a fun-filled day with your favorite celebrities.

Address: 234 W 42nd St, New York, NY

4. Howe Caverns

Take a trip underground and witness how mother nature carved this magnificent cave. Howe Cavern is one cave in the Howes Cave attraction in New York. Located at 255 Discovery Dr, Howes Cave, NY, the cavern is next to a The Cave House Museum of Mining and Geology. Here, you can learn about mining, different types of rocks found in the cave, and buy a few souvenirs to take home.

There are four different tours you can take into the caves: the Traditional Tour, the Lantern Tour, the Sunday Family Flashlight Tour, and the Adventure Tour. The Traditional Tour is open to all ages and consists of the story of finding the cave and touring the large main cavern. The Lantern Tour is only available to people ages 16 and over. The tour provides you only a flashlight and a tour guide, you explore the caves as Lester Howe first did, in the dark. You also get to take a short boat ride on the river Venus while on this tour. The Sunday Family Flashlight Tour is only available for those five years old and older. Kids and adults are provided with flashlights and kids are allowed to have headlights; this is a special version of the flashlight tour that involves the whole family.

The Adventure Tour is available to those 12 years old and older. This tour provides all the coveralls, gloves, knee pads, boots, and lighted helmets you need as you crawl, climb, and jump through the different caves in this large system of caves. Take a breathtaking adventure through the earth on this wild cave hike.

Fabulous time and amazing tour guides!~Love2bLocal


5. Socrates Sculpture Park

Trying to save money? Spend a day at the Socrates Sculpture Park in New York City. Many artists' sculptures are displayed in this park as well as exhibits that are put on throughout the year. The park surrounds a gorgeous lake and hosts a beautiful garden. If sitting and enjoying the fresh air and sun is not really for you, there are a variety of activities you can partake in: learn to do some yoga, take a trip around the lake on a kayak, or visit the nearby farmer's market. If there is inclement weather, the Noguchi Museum is just a block away and is a nice way to spend indoors.

If you happen to be in New York during the holidays, the park has a Halloween Harvest Festival, a Summer Solstice Celebration, and an Easter Egg Hunt. Other annual events include the Kite Flight event, LIC Bike Parade, a Celebration of Queens Writers, and Circus Amok. The Circus Amok and LIC Bike Parade are free events, visit the Socrates Sculpture Park website to find out the dates and times of all annual events.

32-01 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, NY


6. Magic Forest

The Magic Forest is where your fairy tale dreams come true. Located at 1912 U.S. 9 in Lake George, New York, this amusement park is fun for all ages. The Magic Forest features a giant Uncle Sam sculpture, a magic show, and a diving horse. Yes, a diving horse named Lightning. Lightning is a 13-years old and dives 9 feet into a pool below. The horse is led up the ramp, but is not forced to jump off the platform; he does it freely. However, he is encouraged by the crowds applause afterwards and a large bucket of oats.

The Magic Forest also has a Macaw Bird Show along with 25 rides. 19 of the rides are especially for kids, but don't worry; there are four adult rides as well. Relax on a train or tram ride, or go exploring on a safari ride. The park is full of fun things to do for everyone. If you'd rather do something else, there is a golf course at the amusement park for those who want to tee off for the day.

7. Blue Light Floatation

Spend a few hours relaxing at Blue Light Floatation during your exciting visit to New York. Located in the Chelsea district, this parlor allows people to visit and lose themselves in luxury. At the Blue Light, visitors are given a private room with a tub, shower, robes, toiletries, and tea. The tub is filled with body temperature water and Epsom salts. The tub is also sound and light proof so that you can relax in a quiet atmosphere quite unlike New York.

Not only will you find some inner peace, but soaking in a floatation tub provides many other benefits. According to studies, visits to floatation environments reduce stress, relieve pain from injuries, speeds up healing, and cleanses the body of lactic acids.

The fee at Blue Light Floatation is a little steep, but if you leave feeling more relaxed and less stressed, isn't it worth the money? Try out Blue Light Floatation on your next visit and end your vacation feeling relieved of your daily worries.

Head over to 148 W 23rd St., Manhattan, NY for your spa day.

8. Jefferson Market Library

Want a quiet place to just sit and read? Hit up the Jefferson Market Library at 425 6th Avenue. This library has a vast collection of books on the history of Manhattan, Greenwich Village, and New York City. The library was built as the Third Judicial District Courthouse from 1874 to 1877. In 1958, the courthouse was facing demolition, so the New York Public Library took over and made it the Jefferson Market Library branch. After a few renovations, the library opened in 1967; the police court became the children's reading section, and the civil court became the adult reading room.

The library has many different events that are put on throughout the year including books at noon, groups for Latino-Americans, Money Matters financial programs, and summer reading programs. If your trip lands you in New York during the months of February, March, April, or May stop in for the exhibit "Shakespeare's Star Turn in America." Head into a beautiful library filled with knowledge and events that are fun and exciting for everyone.

9. National 9/11 Memorial

Pay your respect to those who died during the 9/11 tragedy by visiting the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum. The memorial is open daily from 7:30am-9pm. See the Survivor Tree - the one tree at the base of the World Trade Center that was discovered to have survived the terror attacks. The tree was taken in by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation and nursed back to health, and it has become a life-affirming symbol.

There are twin pools that sit in the places where each tower used to stand and the names of every individual who died in attacks in 2001 and 1993 are inscribed in bronze panels surrounding the pools. You can also take a 45-minute guided tour of the memorial, hear about the history of the buildings, the attack, and the architecture of the memorial. Remember those who were lost during one of America's greatest tragedies and visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

180 Greenwich St, New York, NY


Of course, if you are seeing the state of New York for the first time, you will want to check out the Statue of Liberty and Niagara Falls, but make sure some of these attractions hit your list of places to see while on vacation. It will make your experience unique and give you some great stories to tell your friends and family.

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