6 of the Best of Nashville’s West End Restaurants

6 of the Best of Nashville’s West End Restaurants

Avoiding the bustle of downtown? Find the perfect place to eat in Nashville's vibrant West End district.

Nashville’s West End area is located only about 5 minutes from the city’s downtown by car, but it feels like it is worlds away. Where downtown Nashville is packed with the hustle and bustle expected of a city’s center, the West End can be very quiet depending on the time of year when you plan your visit. Because Vanderbilt University is located in the West End, traffic can get congested when classes are in session, but you will still enjoy a more laid-back vibe in this part of town. Of course, if you’re trying to avoid downtown, you will need to know where to dine! Nashville’s West End is home to some of the city’s most popular, and most delicious, restaurants. Make your trip that much more memorable by stopping by one or more of them the next time you’re in town.

Tin Angel

Named for its carefully restored historic tin ceilings, Tin Angel prides itself on being located inside one of the oldest buildings in the West End. This restaurant’s décor speaks of a time long gone, with antique tables and a bar made of walnut wood helping to pull the entire vibe together. Tin Angel serves seasonal dishes made from local and organic sources when possible. Because of its seasonal offerings, its menu does change periodically throughout the year, but all year long this restaurant serves up American style food with a few flavors from Italy and France thrown into the mix. Tin Angel has been a part of Nashville’s West end since the early 1990s, and it is still a very popular venue with the locals today.

Start off your meal at Tin Angel with an appetizer of baked mushrooms with Parmesan crumbles and a roasted vegetable stuffing. If you’re looking for a slightly larger appetizer to share with a few people, go for the bits & bites platter, which includes caponata, duck prosciutto, pepperoncini, local cheese, and olives. Dinner options span several different ingredients, so you can find something you’ll like no matter what your preferences are. If you enjoy fish, try the pan seared red snapper with a dried fruit chutney. Steak fans, on the other hand, are sure to enjoy the very traditional steak Diane, served with hand-cut French fries on the side.

Tin Angel is located at 3201 West End Avenue in Nashville.

Source: www.tinangel.net


Mason’s is a Nashville favorite that combines luxury with Southern cooking to create something new, exciting, and previously unheard of. The food at Mason’s makes the most of traditional Tennessee flavors and ingredients, many of which date far back to a time when the mountains were just beginning to be settled and Tennessee was still largely wilderness. With the help of the chefs at Mason’s, these authentic dishes can be brought to life once again with twists that make them more suitable to a modern palate. Visit this classy restaurant for dinner any day of the week, or stop by for brunch on Saturdays or Sundays to enjoy the flavors of a truly Southern breakfast.

At dinner, try the pear salad, topped with goat cheese, charred onions, squash, and a basil vinaigrette, to get you started. Shrimp and grits are the way to go for your main course! This dish, with a sorghum peach gastrique and kimchi collards on the side, is a true Southern favorite with a twist. Go for the ancho spiced Berkshire pork chop with mango jicama slaw for something a little more filling and hearty. If you do head to Mason’s for brunch, be sure to try the brunchy breakfast tacos filled with potato, chorizo, peppers, and avocado.

Mason’s is located at 2100 West End Avenue in Nashville.

Source: masons-nashville.com


Run by the same people responsible for the very popular Bongo Bakery, Fido is part coffee shop, part restaurant, and all organic and sustainable. Since this is a coffee shop, you may best enjoy your trip to Fido when you stop by for breakfast and lunch. However, dinner is also available here, and it can be a nice way to wind down after a busy day while you sip an espresso and dine on a surprisingly large portion of whatever you choose to eat. The food at Fido is a little more than you might expect from a standard café, so be sure to come with an appetite!

For your Fido breakfast, try the smoked salmon scramble, a combination of scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, herbed cream cheese, red onion, and capers, served with toast and hash browns. If you’re looking for something to fill you up and keep you going all day long, opt instead for the breakfast meat and three, which comes with your selection of smoked bacon, local sausage, country ham, or vegetarian sausage, with eggs, toast, and hash browns on the side. The local burger, made with lamb and beef and topped with Tennessee white cheddar, is a great choice for lunch or dinner. When you’re just looking for something light to accompany your coffee, go for the bowl of hummus with dippers included.

Fido is located at 1812 21st Avenue South in Nashville.

Source: www.bongojava.com

1808 Grille

For the best in fine dining at a still-affordable price, visit 1808 Grille, one of the classiest restaurants in the West End. 1808 Grille serves a wide variety of different menu items, some of which incorporate local ingredients, and all of which are sure to please. The ambience in this nice restaurant is warm and inviting, with simple chandeliers hung from the ceiling and most tables including big, comfortable, stuffed booth seating. Join 1808 Grille for lunch or dinner, or stop by for a weekend brunch on Saturday or Sunday.

The food at 1808 Grille can only be described as fancy. There are tons of delicious small plates to help whet your appetite for more, and in fact, these appetizers are so delicious you might not even get past them to the rest of the menu! Order the potato gnocchi with mushrooms and herbs for your starter, or choose the prawns with mushrooms and bok choy instead. Move on then to the main attraction, and choose the braised veal cheeks with a tomato concasse for the ultimate in fine 1808 Grille dining. For something a little less extravagant but still just as delicious, try the Alaskan halibut with celeriac crumbs or the bone-in New York strip with roasted marrow butter.

1808 Grille is located at 1808 West End Avenue in Nashville.

Source: www.1808grille.com


Nashville is not known for its Indian food, but despite the lack of this particular global flavor among Music City restaurants, Woodlands has made a name for itself. This delicious Indian eatery serves up solely vegetarian meals to the people of Nashville, and during the ten-plus years it has been open, Woodlands has become very popular with health conscious locals. Stop by and enjoy a wide selection of Indian favorites, all prepared in authentic ways with traditional spices and seasonings to bring out the best possible flavor.

Remember that everything at Woodlands is vegetarian, so if you’re looking for something meaty, you’re out of luck. However, don’t pass by this great restaurant just because there’s no meat involved! Try the rasam, a spicy tomato soup, to get you started, and order some vegetable samosa to split with everyone in your group. There are dozens of options available for your main course, and one of the best ways to enjoy Woodlands is to order several different items and share them. However, if you’re looking for one single dish to try, go with the mushroom masala, with onions, bell peppers, and herbs. The korma, a green coconut curry with vegetables, is another excellent choice.

Woodlands is located at 3415 West End Avenue in Nashville.

Source: www.woodlandstennessee.com

Loveless Café

Nothing says Nashville like the Loveless Café! Founded in the 1950s by two people who knew their Southern cooking, the Loveless Café was originally a residential home known for selling affordable chicken and biscuits to weary road travelers. Today, the same biscuit recipe provides the basis for the incredible, authentic Southern food available every day at the Loveless. The cafe has made a name for itself on those biscuits of old, and dozens upon dozens of celebrities have visited this timeless restaurant right along with the thousands of locals and travelers who have graced its doorway every day since its opening. While you’re there, be sure to check out the walls that are lined with autographed photos of the more famous people who have had a great time dining at the Loveless throughout the decades. If you don’t already know a local family to drop in on for dinner, is the place to go when you want to enjoy true Tennessee cooking!

Stop by for breakfast to enjoy a real Tennessee morning meal unlike any you can get elsewhere. Although it’s listed on the a la carte menu, order the biscuits and gravy for a deliciously authentic experience. This order comes with four biscuits, so it’s plenty to fill you up! If you’d like a little more variety, however, choose the Southern sampler breakfast, with bacon, country ham, sausage, eggs, grits, and biscuits. Breakfast is served all day, but if you’re looking for dinner, try the pit-cooked pork barbecue sandwich with fried green tomatoes, or choose the Southern fried catfish with hushpuppies. Fried chicken gizzards with gravy are also on the menu, but this very Southern dish isn’t for the faint of heart! When your meal is over, grab a slice of homemade cobbler a la mode, and consider sipping some Jack Daniels with lemonade or a Short Mountain moonshine to end your trip to the Loveless on the perfect note.

The Loveless Café is located at 8400 Highway 100 in Nashville.

Source: www.lovelesscafe.com

When staying in Nashville’s West End, there are tons of dining options for you to enjoy, and each one is just as delicious and impressive as the last. Stick to this part of town to explore some of the tastiest dishes and best service the city has to offer. Who knows? Once you’ve seen what’s available in the West End, you might not ever want to leave!

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