How to Find Great Coupons and Discounts for Las Vegas

How to Find Great Coupons and Discounts for Las Vegas

In order to make your trip a little more affordable, we've assembled some resources where you might find some cool coupons and discounts for your Vegas trip!

Vegas for the frugal bastard. Here's the bottom line on that fairy pipe dream. If you're going to penny-pinch your way through your Sin City vacation, then Vegas will smell you out. A sixth sense will wake up in the beast that is Vegas; some primordial force will pinpoint you among the throngs of tourist, catch you in its sniper's crosshairs. Some latent ghost, specter or goblin will catch your scent. You, of the coupon snipping fashion, have just been dropped in a bloody shark tank, with a sirloin tied to your neck.
Vegas does not take kindly to responsible shoppers. An id, or the town' Genius loci - its ancient local spirit - will dash from its slumber and hunt you down. It'll work extra hard, with equal force of will and trickery to vacuum clean you dry.

You, who is now reading this ancient, archaic text. You, who seek forbidden knowledge. You, oh brave foolish warrior, who trespasses against the natural order of the cosmos. Who dares challenge pagan Gods and trifle with supernatural energies, man was not meant to conquer. You, who seek the grimoire of super-duper-Vegas savings, you know not the demon you have shaken awake.

Vegas, Sin City, ruffles with the anticipation of the chase. It sharpens its claws, wipes spittle from its jaws, gleams its fangs.

Oh, you parsimoniousness buffoon, you have broken the seal and now must tread lightly.

There, I've said my piece. Told you the price you must deal with. Gave up the ghost and passed on the warning. Continue at your own peril.

Abandon hope all ye who enter here"... And all that rubbish.

Spoiler alert: Vegas is not an easy town to beat. It's ingrained motto, "the house always win," plastered and heavily configured into all manners of life.

Vegas For Insiders: hotels have rules against bringing alcohol from the outside. They'll sell you their out of this world, twice as costly, the corner market has it in stock, booze in the lobby. So, do the movie theater smuggle and always go out with a backpack. If they catch you with a brown paper bag or a misplaced 7Up, they'll turn up the heat and go Joe Pesci on your nincompoop keister.

The warnings all said and done. Let's get this rick-rocking show on the road.

Oh, before I forget, one final fine print. If you're reading this in a future time period, no matter the date or time, I only have this final nugget of wisdom to pass. First of all: "all hail our insect overlords! Long life the larva queen... And please, check the expiration date on all discounts and coupons."

Vegas For Insiders: some hotels offer complimentary tickets to different shows if you book directly with them.

This is the O.G., of Vegas info. Here, in the deals subsection, you'll find a treasure trove of money saving opportunities. If you reserve your hotel, plus your flight with them, they'll throw in 6 shows for free:

V - The Ultimate Variety Show
Zombie Burlesque
Recycled Percussion
Stripper 101
The Mentalist

Plus, you'll find discounts for hotels and entertainment that range from 30% to 50% off. For example, get a deal on your stay at the Luxor (32 bucks per night and a $20 dollar gift certificate for food and beverages during your stay.)

You'll uncover a slew, a library's worth of savings. From tours to hotels, to nightlife, to shows. Airplane rides with 10% off, helicopter trips to Grand canyon with a 25% discount.
Get Tickets for Rock of Ages starting at 70 bucks. CRISS ANGEL Believe at 45.
Here's a list of all the shows that have amazing savings:

50 Shades! The Parody
All Shook Up
Carrot Top
Evil Dead - The Musical
Hitzville The Show
Human Nature
KA - Cirque du Soleil
Le Reve
LOVE Cirque du Soleil
Mesmerized - Hypnosis
Michael Jackson One
O by Cirque du Soleil
Recycled Percussion
Rock of Ages
Stripper 101
The Mentalist
Tournament of Kings
VEGAS! The Show
V-Ultimate Variety Show
Zarkana - Cirque du Soleil
Zombie Burlesque

V Card

Vegas For Insider: ask for tap water, bottled water can end up costing you between three dollars to nine, depending on the place.

Vegas has a nasty habit of pecking at your wallet for crumbs. They call it cover charge; outside of Nevada, it's called double dipping, highway larceny or full-blown extortion. The difference is, that in Sin City, the one robbing you blind is a runway model or a leggy stripper... So you really don't care. The problem is, that when you're at McCarran Airport, checking your finances, before returning to reality, you are suddenly dumbstruck with the following revelation.
"500 hundred green ones in admissions, tips, and cover?!"
Hence, there's V Card. Not only do you get Vip access to most of the best Vegas Venues (strip joints, nightclubs, pool parties, lounges, shows, restaurants) but, with this little friend in your pocket, you also beat out that nasty "just because we can, and you're hypnotized by my breasts, fee."
This is life-insurance for the drooling testosterone-heavy male.

Vegas For Insider: buy your V-Card for 45 dollars, instead of 105 using this promotional code:

Gun Ranges

There's nothing more beautiful than the idea of blowing stuff up (safely). And now, thanks to a booming market and a fight to the death mentality of commerce and competition, you can do just that for half the price.

Battlefield Vegas for only $29:

Gun Garage with a $10 discount:

The Range (Nevada's largest indoor shooting range) $20 off:

The Machine Gun Experience with a whopping 5 dollars off:

Vegas For Insiders: Beware of Taxi drivers! Command them never to use the I-215 tunnel from McCarran airport to the Strip. If you pay with credit card, they will charge you a three dollar fee. Tips are not obligatory. Always have change, somehow, someway, these guys will never ever, have small bills at hand.


A smart shopper can eat like a King in Vegas, with the paltry salary of a street corner vagabond. The trick is to plan ahead and investigate. Never go out on the fly and let the night take you. Always think three moves ahead. You wake up, you figure out where you're going to fill up your gas tank.

In, you'll discover a medley of coupons. They rotate a lot, so focus and pick wisely.

Vegas For Insiders: Always make reservations. You never know when there's a convention, or concert, or Adult Video Awards in this great city. Vegas is always full, but sometimes, on weekends, Vegas resembles midnight at a bookstore the day the new Harry Potter book is going on sale. You'll grow old waiting for a table.


Going to tie the knot? Then, start your married bliss with style and like the cheapskate you truly are.
Get discounts for $50 dollars on your elopement.


Outlets! Huge, sprawling, mind-boggling shopping extravaganzas. Like the rotting carcass of some ancient Tokyo devastating monster, Vegas has epic outlets. One of them, Premium Outlets at Las Vegas North and South, has a free coupon book. Just register on the site ( and print out a tiny slip. Then, take your meager printout to their visitor's center and jump for joy when they hand out a humungous coupon book, free of charge.

Vegas For Insiders: Are you a buffet hound? Do you simply go insane, with a crazed expression, when mountains of foods come into play? Then, Vegas is your Utopia. Buffets in the hotels are generally cheaper; go and stuff your face during lunchtime (same food, almost half the prize).

The Funbook

Arrive at the hotel, and ask for this jewel. It's a free magazine with discount, coupons, tips and free stuff.

Vegas For Insiders: hotels will make you break the piggy bank for everything. Resort fees, internet connection, access to the spa and pool, local calls, the air you breath! Be wary and mindful when booking your stay; it's not paranoia... They really are out to get you.

Those are the big, daring, discounts. With them in your pocket, you'll be able to navigate the waters of Vegas and not blow your kid's tuition in the process.

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