Here Are 5 Really Fun Things to Do in San Antonio

Here Are 5 Really Fun Things to Do in San Antonio

San Antonio, a city famous for Texas independence, has much more to offer than a history lesson. Listed below are just a few attractions to enjoy...

Regarded as one of the more spectacular cities in Texas, San Antonio is loaded with rich history and exquisite sites. Second in population behind Houston and in front of Dallas, San Antonio is quickly growing into a hub of new technologies, a location growing in fresh ideas, and yet is able to hold onto a long history and tradition in American history. With each new building or park or restaurant in San Antonio, there is another museum or exhibit preserving tradition within their walls. On your next trip to San Antonio, why not mix the two features that attract millions to the city each year? The old and the new has never been easier to enjoy than now, deep in the heart of Texas.

1. San Antonio River Walk

We are going to start the list of fun with one of the greatest features and a personal favorite when visiting San Antonio, the San Antonio River Walk!

Paseo delhi Río is a network of paths and walkways just along the San Antonio River and amazingly enough, one story below the surface of the city! The walk is absolutely breathtaking with its close to nature feel and beautiful flowers lining the walkway. Shops, restaurants and little art shops can be enjoyed along your walk and an entire day can easily be spent with the calm flowing river at your side.

There aren't many cities in the world that can offer such a relaxing setting while still being in the heart of the city. Skyscrapers and the sounds of rush hour traffic can be seen and heard if you poke your head up above the lowered walkway so you know you are still in a major city but the sounds of the river and the chirping of birds will put you back into nature as soon as you are ready to escape. Malls, theaters, a brewery and even a flower float parade are just a few of the sites that can be had on the pedestrian walkway along the river.

It is a must to have the San Antonio River Walk at the top of your visit to San Antonio, or any major city in Texas for that matter. For a state with a lot of desert and flat land, The San Antonio Riverwalk delivers in its ability to take you away to a peaceful, natural paradise.

2. Alamo Mission in San Antonio

The Alamo Mission in San Antonio, which most of us refer to as just "The Alamo", is next on our list of fun places to visit in the city. Although the River Walk is much more peaceful and enjoyable in a relaxing mindset, The Alamo is probably the most well known site in San Antonio.

Originally a Catholic mission which was abandoned not long after creation and use, the site became a fortress or housing area for the military. The Texas Revolution then took place and during 1835, the Texans were able to hold onto the fortress after it was surrendered by the Mexican General in charge. Roughly a year later, while the fortress was occupied by a handful of Texans, the Battle of the Alamo took place and the few soldiers remaining were defeated. Today, The Alamo is a symbol of war, independence, remembrance, and history between two neighboring countries. Though the Alamo is often thought of as an important piece of American History, The fact is that it is merely a building that was mostly forgotten until many years later when historians wished to restore and replenish the area.

After many years passed and many hands of ownership switched, restoration began and plans to reinvigorate the historic area grew. When you visit these days, you will see the original setup of the Alamo as a museum filled with historical data and analysis of the war. You can walk the halls as they did nearly two hundred years ago, take a walking tour with or without a guide, look at different pieces of equipment used during that time and relive the story of the events that took place in 1836.

As recently as 2015, the Alamo became the first site in Texas to be named as a World Heritage Site, quite a high honor as there are only twenty-three sites in the United States to hold such an honor. With such a history and importance in shaping the United States as we know it now, passing the Alamo is not an option while visiting San Antonio.

3. Tower of the Americas

Number three on our list is a little bit different than the first two options for visiting. Tower of the Americas is not a natural wonder and peaceful setting like the San Antonio River Walk, nor is it a history rich war setting like the Alamo, but the Tower of the Americas is fascinating in its own right. This half observation tower, half restaurant monster tower sits in the heart of the city with a breathtaking view of the entire city from the top of the gigantic 750 foot structure.

When built for the World's Fair in 1968, it stood as the tallest observation tower in the United States for nearly three decades. With an elevator to take you up to the top for a small fee or the revolving bar and lounge at the top, the entire city is there for you to see from the safety of the tower. If you are feeling brave or perhaps need to exercise after a hefty Texas feast, there are stairs you can also take to the top.
There is even is recorded record for fastest person to reach the top via the staircase.

These fun little ways to enjoy the inside of the tower is only half the fun though as the view from the top is really where you want to plan your trip. After a day of shopping and eating along the River Walk or a history tour through the Alamo, there is no better way to end your day in San Antonio than to enjoy a nice dinner and view of the city from the Tower of the Americas.

4. Natural Bridge Caverns

Although the next fun attraction on our list is not technically in San Antonio, we will be adding and talking about the Natural Bridge Caverns because they are just outside the city limits and are a must see on your visit if you care to see nature in its finest state. Found in the Texas Hill Country near a very interesting drive-thru safari park and Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, the Natural Bridge Caverns are the largest such caverns to be known in the state of Texas.

Perhaps you will want to spend a little more time exploring these grand caverns if you visit in the summer, due to the constant temperature inside the caves remaining a cool 70 degrees year round. The humidity is another issue though as it sits at 99% with little to no movement. The next statement may frighten you but is completely true... the caverns are alive. Yes, the Natural Bridge Caverns are alive and breathing! They won't be getting up and walking away while you are inside but they are as alive as you and I. Thanks to a bit of limestone, rainwater and science, the caverns have a beautiful waxy look to them deep below the surface of the earth.

The rainwater is able to drip slowly to the bottom and leaves the caverns looking shiny and alive, as long as you have a bit of light to shine on the walls deep below the earth. Exploration of the cave is up to the person going under. There is of course a guided path for traveling down to the bottom of the walking areas. Meanwhile, exploration deeper and deeper continues to happen in order to discover new tunnels and uncover more mysteries below. Wearing the proper water and dirt/mud clothing is a great start to planning your trip underground. You also may want some sunglasses waiting for you upon your return since the sun is lost shortly after beginning your descent.

If the idea of escaping the Texas heat or getting closer to the core of the earth excites you, the Natural Bridge Caverns is easily going to be making your list of what must be seen in San Antonio.

5. Six Flags Fiesta Texas

The final treasure on our list is fun for the whole family in the form of a theme park, a well known theme park at that. Six Flags is well known for the amount and quality of adrenaline filled rides for people of all ages to enjoy. As little as 20 years have passed since this version of the park has made its appearance in San Antonio. You can't talk about Six Flags or theme parks without mentioning the main attraction of these parks, and that is the roller coasters.

Roller coasters have ingrained their place in recent history as the most popular way for young people to be entertained outside of the house. Every year or couple years, another roller coaster is thought up and created. The best roller coasters for those who seem such adventure are the ones that offer wild ideas at even crazier speeds. Six Flags Fiesta Texas is home to some of the wildest rides in the world. Famous rides such as The Gully Washer (water based attraction), Scream (three story tower drop), SkyScreamer (a massive two hundred foot swing tower), and Soaring Eagle Zipline (zipline atop the quarry and flying over other roller coasters) are just a few of the wild adventures inside the park.

Even if high speed, towering rides are not your favorite thing, there are always other ways to be entertained. Kid and adult themed entertainment comes and goes throughout the year. Events such as Freight Fest for Halloween tricks and treats and Holiday in the Park for your Christmas accommodations are two fantastic annual events. If historic walks and natural sites are not quite up to your speed, Six Flags Fiesta Texas is sure to get your heart rate going and entertain you on your visit.

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