Where to Stay in Philadelphia: Our 3 Best Tips

Where to Stay in Philadelphia: Our 3 Best Tips

Trying to decide on your Philadelphia accommodations? Here are the best tips we have received when choosing a place to stay.

There are options upon options of accommodations available for those looking to stay in Philadelphia. Trying to get what you want out of your room for the best price can often be a frustrating endeavor. We have done research to try and make your decision easier and more streamlined.

Plan for the Trip

What you are hoping to accomplish during your time in the Philadelphia should play a major role in where you are planning to stay. We recommend getting a plan for your stay together and making a list on what you will need access to on any given day. Consider if you are driving or flying into the city and how much transportation you will actually need. If you are planning on eating out during the entire trip or you are going to bring food with you; all the little things can actually make or break a trip.

If you are planning the historic tours of the city you may not want to stay in the heart of downtown. Traveling with little ones that need quiet after a certain time might mean staying in a quieter neighborhood away from all the hustle and bustle.


Philadelphia is a mix of new and old, eclectic and traditional, blended seamlessly into an amazing city. The neighborhoods in Philadelphia have their own vibe and movements that are different from the next. There are over 20 neighborhoods to choose from when planning your accommodations. We have compiled a list of a few Philadelphia neighborhoods to showcase the diversity available in the city.

Society Hill

This neighborhood of Philadelphia is mainly residential with easy access to historical landmarks, restaurants, and places to shop. For over 200 years Society Hill has been one of the most sought after places to live in Philadelphia. Society Hill experienced a renovation in the 1900s; the locals have dedicated themselves to keeping the land and building as beautiful and picturesque as possible.

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Callowhill or "The Loft District"

Callowhill is a neighborhood of Philadelphia that is still new and upcoming. Old factories have been transformed into apartments and residences causing an influx in art and live music venues. Restaurants pop up regularly with new and exciting twists on dishes. Callowhill has developed a unique and interesting vibe from the locals that have made it their home. With access to good music, art, and a close location to Center City, this neighborhood is a good cross of the best of both worlds.

Spruce Hill and Cedar Park

These neighborhoods share Baltimore Avenue, one of the most well-known streets in Philadelphia. The main transportation of these two neighborhood's when originally built was the streetcar. While streetcar was eventually phased out due to cars, subways, and bikes these neighborhoods have begun to revitalize themselves. Cedar Park is known to have a very culturally diverse and Bohemian feel to the neighborhood. Spruce Hill holds the well-known green Clark Park; and attracts multiple ethnic groups, athletes, artists, and musicians.

Old City

The Old City neighborhood of Philadelphia has many family friendly attractions throughout the year and is one of the most popular neighborhoods to visit. The Old City is home to many shops, restaurants, and art galleries. With a laid back vibe that encourages people to stroll through this neighborhood is sure to be relaxing.

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There are many hotels to consider when choosing accommodations in the city of Philadelphia. We think that making a list of wants and a list must-haves when looking at hotels can finalize a decision. Really buckle down of the list of amenities you are looking for in a hotel.

For example:

Parking: Parking is limited in Philadelphia, the last thing you want is to have to feed a meter.
Child or Pet Friendly: Some hotels provide cribs or beds for their patrons upon request.
Free Continental Breakfast: Purchasing your meals everyday can get expensive quickly.
Pool or Spa: After walking the city a pool could be a refreshing experience.
Electronics in Room: Snacks and drinks are always good to have on hand, going to find a vending machine can be a hassle.
Access to Public Transportation: If you are flying into the city and will not have reliable transportation of your own you might want easy access to public transportation.

Bed and Breakfasts

Bed and Breakfasts in Philadelphia have the ability to offer more of the local flavor during a visit to the city. They offer a more intimate feel to the room you are staying in as well. Many times the small details can make the difference during a trip, whether it be soap made a street away or the fresh food bought at the farmers market the day before. The personal touch a Bed and Breakfast can give their guests is sure to make anyone feel at home during their stay.

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