6 Delicious Pizza Places in Williamsburg

6 Delicious Pizza Places in Williamsburg

Williamsburg is known for amazing food. Here are 6 pizza joints you don't want to miss when you're visiting the neighborhood.

Williamsburg is a town known for its excellent restaurants. However, in order to call your pizzeria the best, you have to be able to put your money where your mouth is. The following places are by far some of the best pizza joints Williamsburg has to offer. If your craving a slice of pizza, stop by one of these joints. Not only will you have exceptionally good pizza, but it will taste so good you won't even realize your eating pizza. These joints aren't what you see college kids pulling out of the fridge in the movies. These pizzas will never make it to your fridge - they taste too good to not savor every last bite.

Best Pizza

Address: 33 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: (718) 599-2210

Their name says it all. With an ambitious name like "Best Pizza", you have to be able to present what can only be called the best. They set the standards for themselves high just by naming the place. You walk in expecting to sink your teeth into the best pizza imaginable, and that is exactly what they deliver. The staff maintains a good attitude while providing excellent customer service. You'll return once you've walked in and had a slice of pizza in the peaceful, laid-back atmosphere surrounding the place. Usually, music is playing in the background, and the menu is vast. The days of limiting your choices to pepperoni or cheese is over. You won't regret going into Best Pizza, and will leave fully satisfied that your expectations have been met.


Address: 261 Moore St, Brooklyn, NY 11206
Phone: (718) 417-1118

Roberta's is known for it's amazing wood-fired pizzas. They also contain separate dining and takeout areas, shortening the time you have to wait for your order. While you can not call and make a standard reservation, the option of group dining is offered to parties that contain ten to fifteen people. This option ensures that everyone is seated together so that you can enjoy your amazing pizza with your friends and family. They also do catering jobs. Roberta's also have a lovely garden that you can tour while you're visiting, and can even book for private parties. Roberta's offers more than just amazing pizza; they provide a full-round experience you're not soon to forget.


Address: 128 Central Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221
Phone: (347) 915-2244

This hole-in-the-wall pizza joint is open all night. It's the perfect place to grab a pizza and beer if you want to just chill. Many of the locals, and a lot of out-of-towners find it to be the best pizza place on the planet. Providing excellent customer service and a relaxing atmosphere, the addition of delicious pizza and drinks fits perfectly. It's in all in one combination, making the overall experience that much better. Seriously, you'll regret it if you don't check out Archie's.

Photo taken from: https://scontent-atl3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfp1/v/t1.0-9/10427360_1615899261977924_6371428763930097374_n.jpg?oh=1a7078e407b57bdd06f031777410211a&oe=56DBE118

Juliana's Pizza

Address: 19 Old Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: (718) 596-6700

Juliana's is a true New York style pizzeria. Both classic and specialty pies and pizzas are cooked in a coal-fired oven. People from all over New York travel to Juliana's just for a taste of their tasty pizza. The staff is caring and kind. The food is good. What makes Juliana's truly one of the best pizza joints is the mixture of delicious pizza and excellent customer service.

Tony Oravio Pizza

Address: 336 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237
Phone: (718) 456-7020

At Tony Oravio Pizza, you'll receive excellent food and customer service, but you have the option of ordering pizza whole or by the slice. This allows you to order a few different types before deciding what you truly like. This way, you don't purchase an entire pizza and find out you don't like the ingredients. With that being said, it's likely not to be a problem at this place. All of their pizzas are delicious. If you don't feel like venturing out to try one of their excellent pizzas, delivery is always an option.

Williamsburg Pizza

Address: 265 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: (718) 569-8495

This joint offer's some of the most delicious pizza in Williamsburg at a relatively affordable price. Conveniently located, you can stop on your way to just about anywhere and grab a wonderful slice of heaven. The service is good, the atmosphere is great, and the pizza is excellent. What more could you want in a pizza experience?

If you're craving good pizza, check out any of the above places. You'll experience a friendly environment where you can relax and taste pizza so delicious your mouth will ask for more! You won't be able to wait until the next time you can enjoy a slice of Williamsburg's finest pizza. These pizzerias are comfortable, laid-back and perfect for unwinding after a long day hitting the Williamsburg sites. And who doesn't love a delicious, mouth-watering pizza?

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