5 Delicious Beacon Hill Restaurants

5 Delicious Beacon Hill Restaurants

We have decided to go down to this lovely little neighborhood in Boston and check out the restaurant scene over there. Here is what we found in Beacon Hill.

Considered to be one of the most historic communities in Boston, Beacon Hill is a lovely neighborhood with its narrow streets, brick houses, and amazing architecture and is home to a number of awesome dining establishments. Although renting an apartment is not that cheap and there are less than 10,000 residents living in Beacon Hill, the restaurant scene here is quite okay and definitely worth checking out. This is the reason why we decided to go on a food adventure and check out some of the coolest places to eat in this part of the city. Hop right in and enjoy our selection of five delicious Beacon Hill restaurants.

75 Chestnut


If you take a stroll down Charles Street, you will pass several antique shops and find a discreet little place called 75 Chestnut. Once you enter the premises of this well tucked-in dining spot, polished wood, dim lights, and a big sofa are the first things that you notice. It creates a rather intimate atmosphere and one of the reasons why many people choose this spot for their first date. There are a lot of food options here at 75 Chestnut. From classic American dishes to the Mediterranean cuisine, the menu is a bit limited, but still most of the dishes are delicious.

Try the bistro burger and the smoked bacon, both are amazing. The good news is that if you plan to share a dish, the friendly staff will split it and bring the food on two separate plates. Turkey club with French fries is one of the most popular dishes here. It is served in huge portions and this is the reason why many visitors often ask to pack the leftovers and take them home. Ceasar and Farmer’s salads are both excellent with the nice dressing and a lot of vinaigrette. For those who love beef, there are no worries, due to the fact that the steaks and sirloin burgers here at 75 Chestnut are wonderfully marinated and delicious. Our top recommendation surely goes out to the amazing cordon bleu which comes with a lot of herbs, truffle oil, and is served with mashed potatoes. If you still have some space left for dessert, try the chocolate pie. It is one of the best sweets in the Beacon Hill area. As for the working hours, it is easier to find a table on work days before 7pm. There are many people from the neighborhood who come here and most of them are regulars, so it is advised to come early. If you need to wait for a table, don’t worry because the bar is very casual and perfect for having a drink or two.

Address: 75 Chestnut Street, Beacon Hill, Boston, MA 02108

Website: http://75chestnut.com/

The Paramount


Before arriving at Beacon Hill, we were told that The Paramount is for sure the most popular restaurant in the city. Well, it turned out to be true, since everyone we asked about this told us the same story. The Paramount opened in 1937 and has a rather long tradition when it comes to serving delicious food. Situated close to Emerson and the Suffolk campus, it attracts a lot of young people, and some of them are probably happy with the fact that Paramount serves breakfast until four in the afternoon. The restaurant attracts many local people from the neighborhood, but you can also find a lot of travelers dining at the Paramount. This place has won numerous awards, such as “Best Neighborhood Restaurant” in 2009 by Boston Magazine and “Best Breakfast” award from the Improper Bostonian.

Breakfast options here at the Paramount include the Belgian waffles, French toast caramel, banana pancakes, and different types of omelets. Our favorite omelet was the one with the crispy bacon, spinach, and cheese. For dinner, we were told that steaks, risotto, and chicken marsala are probably the best options. All of these three dishes were magnificent, and it is no wonder that everyone from the whole city of Boston loves coming to the Paramount. If you are searching for the real food experience in Beacon Hill, this lovely spot simply must be included in your places to visit list. There are many vendors in the district who have tried to top the Paramount, but no one has succeeded in this mission. Long tradition, freshly prepared meals with a unique taste, and a cheerful atmosphere are what make it the best spot for fine dining in Beacon Hill. Keep in mind that you will probably have to wait a bit before making an order, but the waiting will be worth it for sure.

Address: 44 Charles Street, Boston MA, 02114

Website: http://www.paramountboston.com



Want to try the Florentine steak or fresh seafood? Head out to Toscano and see for yourself what the fuss is all about. Prosciutto and cheese with flavors such as olives, lemons, and grapes here are simply awesome. There are daily specials made from imported ingredients, and Toscano is a lot more than your average Italian restaurant. Try the handmade pasta, sausages, fresh tomatoes and the delicious sausages that were specially shipped from Italy to Beacon Hill. Of course, Toscano specializes in pizzas from their stone oven and cooked fish covered in maple.

Order a glass of original Italian wine and you will surely not be disappointed. The owners usually recommend Chianti Reserva that is truly amazing. The staff at Toscano is fast and efficient. They will seat you in just a couple of minutes and before you know it, the waiter comes and you can order some of the best Italian specialties in Beacon Hill. Make sure to reserve a table, especially on weekends because it can get crowded in the evenings. The interior has a lot of historical artifacts with lovely old-fashioned chandeliers, hand-made doors, and rustic walls.

Address: 47 Charles Street, Boston, MA 02108

Website: http://www.toscanoboston.com/

Beacon Hill Bistro


The Beacon Hill Bistro is a hotel and an award-winning dining spot with a unique atmosphere and superb food. This place serves delicious dishes and all three main courses, plus brunch as well. The hotel has 12 rooms that have a modern look, yet are designed in a more historical style. Many visitors decide to stay at the Beacon Hill Bistro due to the fact that besides great accommodations, they can also enjoy the food down in the bistro. The main chef Lucas Sousa personally overlooks the staff and makes sure that every meal is prepared according to his famous recipes. His dishes can be best described as a part of the French-inspired cuisine that is organic-friendly and traditional at the same time. Breakfast and lunch have a more American flavor while dinner is made in a more French-style cooking.

The Beacon Hill Bistro opened its doors in 2000 and has managed for over 15 years to preserve the quality of the food. The owners Cecilia and Peter only hire the best chefs in town, so it is no wonder why this lovely dining spot is usually packed. Try the asparagus soup with carrots and beans, the juicy beef, and lamb that is by far the most popular dish on the menu. Breakfast includes many omelet options and the lovely crab. There is also a nice selection of wine here at the Beacon Hill Hotel and Bistro and homemade bread is baked on a daily basis. Watch out for the pancakes with fruit for brunch and try their morning coffee. You can sit at the fireplace before you get seated at your table and the good news is that the Beacon Hill Bistro serves food until 11:00pm every night.

Address: 25 Charles Street, Boston, MA 02114

Website: http://www.beaconhillhotel.com/

Bin 26 Enoteca


A neighborhood restaurant in the center of Beacon Hill, Bin 26 Enoteca serves a seasonal menu and has an extensive wine list. There are more than 60 different types of wines that are served to guests during lunch and dinner hours. If you want to have just some basic dishes such as pasta or risotto, or would prefer several courses, Bin 26 Enoteca is here to meet all of your demands. It is designed in a way that guests can get a simple snack or enjoy a full-course meal. That is what makes this lovely spot unique and different to the rest of the restaurants in the area. Try numerous types of imported cheese, vegetables, and seafood specialties that are on the menu.

Brother and sister, Azita Bina and Babak Bina opened Bin 26 Enoteca back in 1995 and have been serving freshly-prepared food ever since. They wanted to create a unique place that serves extraordinary dishes and also has a lot of wine options to choose from. Since it is always hard to find a table, it seems that they have succeeded in their mission. Keep in mind that a table here at Bin 16 Enoteca is booked upfront by many guests, and on weekend evenings, it is almost impossible to find a free chair without a confirmed reservation.

Address: 26 Charles Street, Boston, MA 02114

Website: http://bin26.com/

Beacon Hill is considered to be a bit upscale and the price of renting an apartment is quite high, but still there are a lot of people living here in one of the oldest Boston districts and there are many students who are on the campus as well. When it comes to high-quality dining, Beacon Hill has many options to choose from and most of them are just great. We have managed to visit some of the restaurants, and decided to tell the world how Beacon Hill is a nice little neighborhood that has won over our hearts and stomachs.

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