Hotels Near Williamsburg: 6 Wonderful Accommodation Options

Hotels Near Williamsburg: 6 Wonderful Accommodation Options

These 6 Hotels in Williamsburg, Brooklyn are truly exceptional in terms of beauty. From gorgeous rooms to gorgeous views -- each of these places is great to use.

Williamsburg is a neighborhood in Brooklyn known for its hipster population. The town is known for its many beautiful locations. People enjoy coming to Williamsburg to shop, eat, and because of the town's active night life. The biggest thing that brings tourists in, however, is the natural beauty of the town itself. If you are going to visit a town with so many gorgeous views, it's nice to have somewhere to say that is equally as beautiful.

McCarren Hotel & Pool

Address: 160 N 12th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249
Phone: (718) 218-7500

Not only is the glass walled hotel's interior absolutely gorgeous, the views are unparalleled. Overlooking the lovely McCarren Park, each room is decorated in a spare loft style. You will enjoy a mini-bar, free WiFi, and a flat screen television in each and every room you book. The industrial-chic hotel offers breakfast served every morning from the french-styled restaurant. If that's not enough to convince of the true beauty and luxury you will find staying at the McCarren Hotel & Pool, just mozy on up to the rooftop bar and enjoy the life-altering skyline view of Manhattan. Not only is each and every room of the building stylish and beautiful, the views offered of the surrounding cities is unparalleled to anything else.

Condor Hotel

Address: 56 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205
Phone: (718) 526-6367

Each of the stylish rooms in this modern hotel offers a kitchenette, coffeemaker, microwave, mini-fridge, flat screen televisions, and free WiFi. If you decide to upgrade to one of the exceptional suites, you'll enjoy the additional dining and living areas that are added. If you decide to upgrade the suite, the whirlpool hot tub adds extra luxury to your stay. This hotel comes with a lovely little garden patio, perfect for relaxing or quiet talks. Each of the event spaces is also exceptionally designed to make you feel right at home.

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Hotel Le Jolie

Address: 235 Meeker Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: (718) 625-2100

The Hotel Le Jolie is a gorgeous European-inspired boutique hotel. The stylish interior of the Hotel Le Jolie is sure to catch your eye from the moment you walk in. What makes this hotel truly amazing, however, is that you can easily get anywhere you want to go. It's located very close to many of the area's most famous attractions, and a subway station, so occupants can fully experience New York. The hotel is located right in the center of all the excitement Williamsburg has to offer, so it's easy to grab dinner or go to one of the various bars. Or you can just watch all of the fun from out the window. The hotel itself offers some of the best views in the city. The hotel's interior is absolutely gorgeous and will make you feel right at home.

Pointe Plaza Hotel

Address: 2 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249
Phone: (718) 782-7000

This hotel is known for being one of Brooklyn's finest. This luxury all-suite hotel is dedicated to providing occupants with five-star services. The rooms are spacious, comfortable, and excellently-designed to make you feel pampered and welcomed from the moment you walk in the door. Everything about the Pointe Plaza Hotel will have you wanting to come back for more. The rooms, the customer service, and the views provide occupants with an all-around experience they're not likely to find anywhere else.

NY Moore Hostel

Address: 179 Moore St, Brooklyn, NY 11206
Phone: (347) 227-8634

This hotel is perfect for those looking for a lovely place to stay at an affordable price. This loft-style hotel has been completely renovated. The hotel is almost a centerpiece to art that surrounds it. Adorned with street art and murals, vibrant cafes, art galleries, nightlife, restaurants, and shops surround the hotel and add to its character. They offer occupants free WiFi, and their staff is always willing to help you with anything you need. They're also located near multiple subway lines, so you can quickly check out the rest of the city as well. This hotel is the perfect mixture of beauty and affordability. Throw in the customer service and you have the perfect mix at the perfect price.

New York Loft Hostel

Address: 249 Varet St, Brooklyn, NY 11206
Phone: (718) 366-1351

This hotel is located in a factory building that is 100 years old. The building adds to the history of the place, making it one of the most unique places to stay in Williamsburg. Unique in its own beauty, the hotel offers funky wall art and exposed bricks that set a hipster vibe. Close enough to the subway to make travel into the city a breeze, the hotel is still conveniently located near a lot of local attractions as well. They also offer many different rooms (sun room, laundry room, computer room), and their back garden is unlike anything else. The laid back atmosphere mixes in with the rest of the place to make your New York stay completely unforgettable.

Each of these hotels offer unique beauty in their own way. No two are exactly alike, but each offer occupants a taste of the scenery Williamsburg is known for. Whether the beauty is contained within or outside the hotel, each of these is amazing. Each offers occupants a peak at the beauty Williamsburg is known for.

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