7 Recommended Restaurants in Savannah Historic District

7 Recommended Restaurants in Savannah Historic District

7 of the best restaurants in the Savannah Historic District that showcases the town's most delicious foods in eateries that offer a historic ambiance.

Savannah is one of America’s most beautifully manicured and preserved colonial cities. Savannah’s Historic District is the centerpiece of this beautiful and charming southern town. While walking and touring the Historic District, your stomach is bound to rumble. Here are 7 recommended restaurants in the Savannah Historic District that capture the essence of this unique town.

1. River House Seafood

The location of this restaurant is directly across from the Savannah River, giving it a stunning and serene water view. River House Seafood Restaurant is a part of the notable and well established Live Oak Restaurant Group. River House offers its guests the freshest seafood from the Savannah River and the Atlantic Ocean. The restaurant’s building is a treat all on its own, dating back to the 18th century as a former cotton warehouse. Stop in here for lunch or dinner to experience Savannah’s freshest seafood and to experience some of the city’s historic architecture.

Address: 125 W River St, Savannah
Website: liveoakstore.com/riverhouse
Phone: 912-234-1900

Source: http://savannahepass.com

Crab Legs

2. The Olde Pink House

The Olde Pink House is located next to the Historic Savannah Hotel. The Olde Pink House is an old, colonial mansion that is pink in color and has been turned into a foodie’s heaven. This mansion dates back to the 18th century and is the only one of its kind in Savannah. This restaurant offers southern style cooking in a classy Savannah setting. Sit on the beautifully, fully restored terrace and enjoy the fresh air while nibbling on some of Savannah’s most inventive southern style delights.

Address: Reynolds Square, 23 Abercorn St, Savannah
Website: plantersinnsavannah.com/the-olde-pink-house
Phone: 912-232-4286

Source: https://harveydesignevents.com

Dining Room

3. Clary’s Cafe

The Clary’s Cafe experience is similar to an experience at your grandma’s house. The walls are decked with exciting and unique colorful mosaics, family photos, and old Savannah memorabilia. Clary’s Cafe is filled with quirky and fun staff to match the decor. The food offered at this cafe is traditional southern breakfast that is nothing other than perfection. The menu includes corned beef hash, pancakes, eggs, country fried steak, and other traditional southern treats. Stop into Clary’s to experience a unique and warm welcoming side of Savannah.

Address: 404 Abercorn St, Savannah
Website: claryscafe.com
Phone: 912-232-9278

Source: http://tripadvisor.com

Eggs Benedict

4. Zunzi’s

Zunzi’s is a carry-out eatery that is an eclectic mixture of various cuisines across the globe including South African, Dutch, Italian, and Swiss. The founders of Zunzi’s, Johnny and Gabriella, took cultural influence from their very own diverse backgrounds to form the creative concept of this restaurant. This restaurant’s menu is probably the most original and well crafted concept that this town has seen. The sandwiches, in particular are the most popular menu item. Zunzi’s has been voted as the best restaurant in Savannah to travel for by Tripadvisor. Zunzi’s even offer optimal vegetarian options and catering. They even sell bottled signature sauces and t-shirts. For some of the best sandwiches that money can buy stop into this place!

Address: 108 E York St, Savannah
Website: zunzis.com
Phone: 912-443-9555

Source: http://www.dosavannah.com

Chicken Sandwich

5. Angel’s BBQ

This barbecue eatery has been featured on Man Vs Food Nation and fresh cooks everything daily. Angel’s opens at 11:30am and closes when everything is sold out. Although this place has only been open for 6 years, it has established a reputation as big as some of the oldest restaurants in Savannah. Angel’s BBQ serves slow cooked meats drizzled in house-made sauces and served with steamy sides. This restaurant caters as well but is not so suitable for vegetarians. However, if you are a meat, flavor, and sauce loving omnivore, Angel’s BBQ would be your favorite spot in Savannah.

Address: 21 Oglethorpe Ln, Savannah
Website: angels-bbq.com
Phone: 912-495-0902

Source: http://travelchannel.com

Pulled Pork Sandwich with House Made Hot Sauce

6. Crystal Beer Parlor

Another historic spot in Savannah is the Crystal Beer Parlor, serving the locals and tourists food and beer for over 80 years. This historic parlor is Savannah’s second oldest restaurant and has been opened since The Great Depression. Crystal Beer Parlor was also one of the very first restaurants in the United States to serve alcohol after the prohibition era. The served here is staple southern American style food that can be found in many kitchens in the south. Not only is the food and beer phenomenal, but the historic ambiance and memorabilia of the Crystal Beer Parlor makes you feel as if you were dining in the 1930s.

Address: 301 W Jones St, Savannah
Website: crystalbeerparlor.com
Phone: 912-349-1000

Source: http://savannahnow.com

Interior of The Crystal Beer Parlor

7. Leopold’s Ice Cream

The final restaurant on our list is a real treat! Leopold’s Ice Cream has been scooping ice cream since before the Roaring 20s era. This restaurant was opened by 3 Greek immigrants in 1919 as an ice creamery. Later they began to serve hamburgers, banana splits, milkshakes, and sodas. 95 years later Leopold’s has made a solid reputation of excellent food and family friendly service amongst tourists and locals alike. Stop into Leopold’s for a 20th century diner experience in the south!

Address: 212 E Broughton St, Savannah
Website: leopoldsicecream.com
Phone: 912-234-4442

Source: http://therabbitnewspaper.com

Leopold's Ice Cream Cups

Throughout Savannah’s historic district there are optimal dining experiences to suit every taste. Eat at any of these 7 restaurants to experience the best of what Savannah has to offer!

Thumbnail image: Olde Pink House Terrace courtesy of Yelp

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