The Best Places to Find Great Food in Manor, Texas

The Best Places to Find Great Food in Manor, Texas

This booming li'l community still has its small-town feel. Wait out the infamous Austin traffic with these laid-back restaurants with big-city quality.

To beat that sizzlin' Austin traffic, why not stop by big-taste restaurants with a small-town feel? We checked out four eateries that were top of the list for style, cuisine, and that friendly Texas flair. Manor has not quite caught up with its big sister city Austin yet, so be sure and sample these delicious places before the rest of Texas finds out!

290 Cafe

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Cafe 290 is . . . right off of highway 290! Established in 1947, this All-American diner has a blended interior between Mexican and Western styles. Upon our trip, the walls sported rattlesnake skins, painted gauchos, unfinished wood window sills, and high ceilings. The cracked linoleum floor bore silent witness to how many satisfied customers come back to dine; the worn dishes and squeaky benches contributed to the 'down home' atmosphere of the entire restaurant.

The menu consists of comfort food: fried chicken and gravy, blueberry pie, fried catfish, ol' boy burgers, and more. A well-established and experienced kitchen gets the job done in a timely fashion, and with hearty helpings, we walked away very satisfied. The coffee is worthy of mention as well, brewed fresh and black as a devil's heart.

The support and waitress staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Combined with the atmosphere and being guided by their knowledge, relax, sink back into a bench, and breathe in deep.

Good Luck Grill

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When you're searching for your next good meal, you're in luck with the Good Luck Grill! This gem of a diner is hidden down a small winding path between Old Manor Road and Gregg Lane.

Our trip to this hidden Manor paradise brought us nostalgia of the good old days, and the peaked tin roof magnified the sound of a light summer rain as we were ordering. The menu was wide in its selection, however, ranging from hot catfish and cold beer, to gluten-free sandwiches and vegetarian dishes. The furniture was sturdy and withstood the abuse of the smaller participants of our entourage, and the live music and friendly staff added to the overall air of relaxation and enjoyment. Even with the varied palates of our varied group, every person was pleased with their order and everyone and food to spare on their dishes. The catfish po 'boy and the shrimp had close to standing ovations!

Our trip here was completed by an enormous outdoor play area and jungle gym for the smaller diners in our group to work off the energy accumulated by enormous portions of a three-layer Jackpot pie. We staggered out onto the covered back porch and took a seat to oversee our children's play -- completed with playing pirates on an enormous chair as a platform.

The Good Luck Grill is open for lunch and dinner every day of the week, opening at 11am each day and closing at 8pm, staying open one hour later every Friday and Saturday. This hidden country 5-star restaurant is well worth the stop!

Cele General Store

Credited to

Also used as the backdrop for several big-screen hits (Second Hand Lions, Chainsaw Massacre, and more), this paradise of barbque paradises is hidden behind a seemingly decrepit facade of a general store.

Certainly unique in its approach, this diner encourages patrons to bring their own side dishes and liquor to properly enjoy the food. A wonderful example of small town Southern hospitality, the staff treats each newcomer like family and puts every guest at ease. The decor brings a sense of an easier, simpler time and the tables are easily moved for a well-known Cele tradition -- country dancing! On their website, Cele Store keeps a running tab on the live music that is booked to play, making it easy to plan family fun around each performance.

The food and the seats are reserved fast, so the staff encourages each person planning on coming to call ahead and make sure that they have enough barbeque to go around. They also are willing to share the secret of their barbeque while they are at it -- a brick pit built back in 1964 and well-seasoned with the years. Beer is offered on the premises as well, but anything heavier is BYO.

A paragon of Texas tradition, plan on finding 18726 Cameron Road for a trip down memory lane -- and maybe a few more!

Ramos Restaurant and Sports

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For those of us wanting a hint of the bar scene, head to the newly-renovated Ramos. Our yearling restaurant has established itself as a comfortable sports bar and diner, with pool tables to game friends and a plethora of TVs to watch your teams. We decided who lost the pool bet would have to participate in karaoke -- well worth playing for!

The burgers were by far the best we had eaten at a Ramos; their traditional Mexican food is nothing to pass up, however. The staff knows the menu well, the drinks are great, and the entire area is noticeably cleaner and more well-maintained than most bars we had seen.

Located just across the street and down from the Manor PD, Ramos is easy to find and not something to miss! Raise your glass to your team and enjoy the best burgers this side of the Rio!

In closing, these li'l places were comfortable, pleasant, and the food was amazing. We hope that you can make the time to stop by and enjoy the simpler things in life over a good meal. While each place isn't always the easiest to get to sometimes, each stop is well worth the effort! See you there!

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