Which Washington D.C. Hostel is Right for You?

Which Washington D.C. Hostel is Right for You?

Looking for a cheap stay in Washington D.C.? Look no further than these hostels!

Many tourists look for hotels to stay at during their vacation, but have you ever considered a hostel? They don’t hurt your budget as much and have a variety of options for accommodations, such as mixed, single-sex, public, and private rooms. Usually, if you get a room at a hostel, you’ll have to share a bathroom, kitchen, dining room, etc., so they are basically dormitories. But they do not hit the same prices that college campuses charge these days.

In a hostel, you can choose to keep to yourself if you want, but people from various cultures and countries stay at hostels. It’s the perfect time to meet new people and bring your social life to the next level. So, if you stay at a hostel, do your best to become a social bug.

Washington D.C. has a lot of hotels for you to choose from, but there are quite a few hostels in the nation’s capital. D.C. is a major tourist attraction, so the chances of meeting incredible people from all across the world are very high. Here are eight hostels you should consider staying at during your D.C. trip.

HI - Washington D.C.

Designed to fit any hosteller’s fancy, HI offers shared rooms, which come in male, female, and co-ed options. You’ll be able to catch all of the city’s sites, and experience the same accommodations many hotels would provide for you. With a complimentary breakfast, common room, free Wi-Fi, and computer access, you’ll have everything you need for a fun and comfortable stay in the nation’s capital.

Plus, they can arrange free city tours. So, if you’ve never been to D.C. before, take advantage of this opportunity.

Address: 1009 11th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001
Phone: (202) 737-2333

D.C. Lofty

This smoke-free hip environment keeps its patrons happy and entertained. D.C. Lofty provides a friendly atmosphere, while offering all of the amenities that are popular at your standard hotel. Enjoy free Wi-Fi, high-definition TVs, a roof top patio, and a gourmet kitchen.

It’s located near many shops, movie theaters, bars, and the metro. So, there’s no need to go far in order to experience D.C.’s nightlife. The metro can take you to anywhere in the city. Make sure to hop on sometime. You don’t want to miss out on everything D.C. has to offer.

The rooms come in either dorm-style or a private bedroom setting, including co-ed options. For tourists, local students, international students, and any kind of D.C. visitor, this hostel gives you a hotel experience at a very cheap rate. Check D.C. Lofty out the next time you’re in town, but you might want to make a reservation. This is one of the city’s more popular hostels.

Washington International Student Center

You’ll get a pretty standard hostel experience when it comes to this Student Center. There are the basic, free amenities like breakfast, Wi-Fi, and a kitchen. If you’re not looking for much and just need a roof over head, then this is the place for you. Their rooms keep things simple yet comfortable, providing shared and private options as well.

It’s located close to many of D.C.’s famous landmarks. The bus and train stations aren’t far at all, so if you don’t bring a car or cannot afford a cab, then I recommend taking advantage of the stations. Another plus to this hostel’s location is the grocery store located right outside. Stock up on some cheap groceries and then use the kitchen to make every meal you need.

This is a simple and comfortable experience for a simple and comfortable price.

Address: 2451 18th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009
Phone: (202) 667-7681

Downtown D.C. Hostel

Have some fun at this place. Like a lot of hostels, Downtown D.C. Hostel promotes camaraderie between its patrons. It’s a famous hostel in the nation’s capital, so you automatically know people are going to flock towards it. If you’re a social bug and need to interact with people during your vacation, then stay here for a few nights here.

Downtown Washington D.C. is known for it’s hip and modern environment, always proving to be full of life and culture. That’s exactly what you’ll experience at this hostel, while staying safe and secure at the same time.

Take advantage of everything you’re getting for a low price, like free Wi-Fi, comfortable lounge, open kitchenette, and awesome video games. Their rooms are dorm-style with shared restrooms and hot showers. And to add to a calming sense of security, the hostel is electronically secure, requiring an electronic code to gain access.

Check this place out for a fun time and save your bank account.

Address: 506 H Street NE, Washington, DC 20002
Phone: (202) 370-6390

International House of Washington

This is another straightforward hostel, but its little accents and features make it more than a simple experience. It’s located in the historic Mt. Vernon Square, where you can walk around for hours and soak up quite a bit of history. A metro station is located a little more than a mile away, which will help you travel around the city.

They do have some private rooms, but they are mainly a dorm-style establishment. But, you don’t need to worry about your stuff being stolen or vandalized. Each room has lockers for you to secure your collectibles and luggage. That’s a feature that brings peace of mind and the highest sense of security.

All this is pretty run-of-the-mill when it comes to hostels, but the free rice and noodles located in the communal kitchen is not. Add this to the free breakfast, and there are plenty of reasons to stay here.

Address: 1110 6th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001
Phone: (202) 650-9173

Capital City Hostel

While providing clean sheets, a spacious community room, and free computer access, the Capitol City Hostel keeps things pretty low-key. A friendly and comfortable environment awaits you here, and they have been helping patrons feel safe and at home for many years now.

Bus stations and grocery stores are nearby, giving you the options of exploring the city and not wasting your budget at a dine-in restaurant. If the grocery store doesn’t have what you like, then check out the cheap take-out restaurants located close by.

All of Capitol City’s amenities are 24 hours, so there’s no need to worry about a curfew or being kicked out of the community room. Plus, check out their map board while you’re there, and see letters and notes from previous patrons.

Capitol City hostel has served thousands of guests from all over the world, and the numbers keep increasing. There may be no private rooms or a fancy pool, but you will stay in a safe and clean environment. That’s more important in the end, isn’t it? Book a few nights, have a great stay, meet some great people, and enjoy D.C.

Address: 2411 Benning Road NE, Washington, DC 20002
Phone: (202) 387-1328

Hilltop Hostel

Here’s a simple hostel located in more stylish surroundings. Located inside of a Victorian house, the exterior may make you believe this is a more expensive venture. Have no fear, though. This place has everything that makes a hostel great: simple décor, simple amenities, safe environments, and cheap prices.

Their rooms are mainlydorm style, but they do have some private rooms available. Satellite TV with HBO & Cinemax is available, as well as a game room and pool table. Hilltop tries to keep things hip and fresh with some special events and activities, like BBQs in the summer, poker night, and arts & crafts.

Come here any time of the year, and you’ll have a better experience than a hotel. Hotels can be too isolating sometimes, and Hilltop places you right in the middle of a mixing pot of cultures.

Look the place up and make your reservation today!

Capital Comfort Hostel

While being very close to the metro and the White House, don’t let this hostel’s location fool you into thinking it’s a hotel. It’s not. The same great and simple amenities offered at many other D.C. hostels will be found here. Its location will draw in quite a few tourists, so if you want to meet people from all over the world, then Capital Comfort would be a great choice.

Their accommodations are all non-smoking dorm-style rooms, including multiple bed and gender options. There’s on-site parking, so your car can remain safe and secure throughout the night. Wi-Fi is available in all areas. No need to move to the community room or outdoor areas for Internet services.

Other amenities include laundry facilities, lockers, and complimentary tea and coffee. Relax in their book library and reflect on how happy your bank account will be after your stay.

Address: 1610 7th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001
Phone: (877) 889-6499

Other than the dorm-style experience, hostels really aren’t that different from hotels. Sure, hotels may have nicer establishments and more employees, but the hostels I’ve mentioned on this list keep their rooms clean and their patrons safe. What else do you need from your accommodations?

Hostels give you the chance to save a little money while meeting and interacting with wonderful people around the world. Are you nervous about the dorm-style environments? Then maybe a hostel isn’t for you. But I highly recommend staying at one at some point in your life, especially if you’re on a tight budget. There’s no reason to waste money on a ridiculous hotel when a safe and comfortable hostel sits right down the road.

Head to D.C. for some of the world’s best museums and sights, and keep your bank account happy by staying in one of the hostels I talked about today.

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