Dupont Circle Bars Locals Know And Love

Dupont Circle Bars Locals Know And Love

Nothing like heading out for the night in Washington D.C. Check out these favorite spots in Dupont Circle!

Bars can be a lot of fun to go to. Usually, opinions vary about certain bars because of people’s personalities and tastes. Regardless of your way of thinking, bars have been synonymous with a city’s nightlife for centuries. Other than nightclubs and live performances, bars attract a lot of a city’s tourists and local population.

Washington, D.C., is no different. There are several bars located throughout the city, but we’re going to be talking about Dupont Circle today. Dupont Circle really does bring you to the center of D.C.’s attractions and bar life. Whether you’re a bar hopper or just getting out of a live performance, Dupont Circle has a location where a nightcap awaits you.

Board Room

Board Room is a fun spot with modern décor and a mellow atmosphere. Board Room is unique because of their 30 types of board games available for patrons to rent. So, you can bring a group of friends, order drinks, rent a board game, and relax the night away while having some fun.

They do have options available for parties, plus over 20 different draft beers that regularly change. And, the décor induces a calming feeling, particularly with their brick walls and monopoly-inspired bar top.

Grab a beer, mingle with the crowd, and play a few rounds of checkers. This is one of the city’s locals’ favorite spots, so make sure you check it out during your stay.

Address: 1737 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20009
Phone: (202) 518-7666


There are three things Rebellion prides itself on: their patrons, their history, and their bourbon. You can choose from over 230 types of bourbon and whiskey at Rebellion. Walk into this warm environment and then begin the journey of choosing your whiskey. It will be hard to do, so while you contemplate your drink order, scan over their food menu. They offer a variety of sandwiches and burgers, as well as Mac N Cheese and Jambalaya.

If bourbon and whiskey aren’t your favorites, there are great selections of draft beers and cocktails just waiting for you. So, head on in, have a good time, and even learn the history behind the establishment’s name.

Rebellion is a local favorite because of their friendliness and dedication to patrons. This is a great spot to hang out for the night, drink good whiskey, eat good food, and try new things.

Address: 1836 18th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009
Phone: (202) 299-0399

Bar Charley

Bar Charley is a place to enjoy classics, but they are mainly known for their eccentric tastes. Try a Tweed Jacket or a Jiminy Cricket, and let the sweetness satisfy your thirst for a good cocktail. There are plenty more original cocktails, but you can also order classics like a Manhattan and an Old Fashioned. The beer list will also introduce you to some unique and delicious flavors. Try a draft, bottle, or can of some tasty craft beers, and they surely will not disappoint you with their variety.

Bar Charley also has a food menu with eclectic options. They go against the standards that most bars have conformed to. Eighteen-month Serrano ham, Catalan fries, and petite filet of beef are only a few options that make Bar Charley’s menu so unique. Don’t worry, though. All of their options are just as tasty and satisfying as a run-of-the-mill burger or plate of wings from a bar.

It’s almost like a fine-dining experience. Add in their extensive wine list, and you’ll surely agree with me. Check out this local favorite during your next D.C. stay.

Address: 1825 18th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009
Phone: (202) 627-2183

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Maddy's Bar & Grille

If I had to open a dictionary and pick a word to describe Maddy’s, I couldn’t pick only one. It’s a neighborhood bar that’s fantastic at providing quality service and wonderful memories. The founders named the place after their mother, so family and dedication to their patrons are most important to them. You’ll believe that after your visit, but their menu and beer list are what you’ll remember the most.

With an extensive list of drafts, bottles, and cans, you won’t have difficulty finding something to drink. Having a beer list like this makes it easier to find the perfect beverage to go with your meal. Choose a beer or cider and then order a classic Reuben or Maddy’s burger. Their food options wouldn’t be found in a fine-dining establishment, but the satisfaction and full-belly you’ll receive make this menu a delicious one.

Give them a shot and feel like one of the family. And if you can’t make it for their nighttime events, check out their weekly Happy Hour deals. You won’t be able to resist checking the place out.

Address: 1726 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20009
Phone: (202) 483-2266

Eighteenth Street Lounge

Rich and moody décor contribute to Eighteenth’s chill atmosphere. With five areas to choose from, grab a drink and feel the rhythms in the Jazz Bar or catch the sights in the Deck Bar. It’s a great place to hang out with friends and jam out to live performances by local artists. The music bookings are very diverse, ranging across many genres and styles. So, make sure to check out the schedule on their website to see who’s playing during your trip to D.C.

Head on in and absorb the rich, colorful surroundings, while you hang out on an antique couch and sip your favorite beverage. Each of Eighteenth’s five rooms have their own personality and flair, so make sure to check out each one during your visit.

Address: 1212 18th Street NW, Washington, DC 20036
Phone: (202) 466-3922

Thomas Foolery

Here’s another location featuring games and lots of beer. Thomas Foolery prides itself with being able to make grown adults embrace their inner-child during their visit. With board games, video games, challenge games, Etch-A-Sketch, and lots of candy, it’s kind of impossible not to embrace your inner-child.

It’s a fun and friendly atmosphere, featuring challenges that help you obtain deals on your purchases. For example, their Angry Hour asks you to order in your finest angry voice, and you’ll get $1 off of any drink. Other challenges include reciting the oath of the Night’s Watch (Game of Thrones) to get a glass of mead for 50 percent off. Another asks you to perform 30 seconds of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” dance, and you’ll get a free ring pop. There are a lot more challenges like this, but you get the picture of how fun and laid-back this experience can be.

Besides candy and games, they do sell beer, cocktails, and food. Grab your favorite beer, whether that’s local or domestic, and order a childhood favorite, like PB&J and Grilled Cheese.

After adding in their cookies and ice cream floats, this place has everything you need to embrace your inner child. I highly recommend this place the next time you’re in D.C., regardless if you’re a local or tourist.

McClellan's Retreat

Cozy is the perfect word to describe McClellan’s. Its somber surrounding and cabin-like décor make this the perfect spot for chilling out after a long day. Take a seat at their dark, wooden bar and order a cocktail. Take a seat at one of their candlelit tables and enjoy great conversation with bar-goers or your friends.

Diversity makes McClellan’s drink menu unique. With favorite brands of bourbon and rye available, you can get a classic cocktail or take a chance with one of their house or big city style cocktails. These cocktails mix several types of alcohol, juices, and fruit to bring you flavors you’ve never tasted before. The Bronx cocktail and Elegant Sylvia are some of the local favorites.

Like I said before, this is a cozy place dedicated to a former American general. You’ll receive good drinks, good relaxation, and some wonderful conversation here. Do not pass up the opportunity to experience McClellan’s yourself.

Address: 2031 Florida Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20009
Phone: (202) 265-6270

Irish Whiskey Public House

Here’s a wonderful Irish pub for you. Their website describes the establishment as “the charm of Ireland with a contemporary twist,” which is exactly what you’ll receive at this Public House. With a creative design incorporating sepia tones, wooden barrels, and wooden floors, you’ll experience the traditional Irish atmosphere. But, the design is so modern that you’ll find it unique and refreshing.

Their food menu keeps the Irish spirit alive with their corned beef & cabbage sandwich and shepherd’s pie entrée. These two choices are, of course, a small percentage of their menu, so you’ll be able to order many bar favorites while contemplating what to drink. Their drink menu consists of 50 different kinds of whiskey and 50 different kinds of beer, so it might take you awhile to decide.

Join their members-only whiskey club and start indulging in classic and unique flavors of whiskey. If whiskey isn’t your thing, then do not worry. When I said they have 50 kinds of beer, I meant it. Their beer list allows you to have classic favorites, but I suggest going against the norm and ordering something special for yourself.

This place drips with Irish culture, filling the atmosphere with charm and character.

Restaurants can be fun, depending on where you go. But, we just want to go out with some friends and have a few drinks. No need for fancy chairs or tables. Give us a bar, a drink, and a roof, and we’ll be happy. Happiness and good times await you at the bars I talked about in this article, but there are many more around Dupont Circle. After checking out the ones I have suggested, do a little more exploring and find another great place.

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