6 Savannah Tours for an Extra Special Trip

6 Savannah Tours for an Extra Special Trip

Hop on one of these tours to experience all Savannah has to offer.

Savannah, Georgia is a picturesque city with a rich history. If you’re visiting and want to check out all the sights, you’ll definitely want to go on one (or many) city tours. Expert tour guides will make sure you don’t miss anything! There are many different tours to choose from, so here are a few that you’ll want to take.

1. Historic On/Off Tour

This tour is run by Old Savannah Tours and will give you all the information you need to know about Savannah. You will be transported around in a trolley, so don’t worry about having to do a ton of walking. You will see many different sights in the Historic District like the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and River Street. This tour is extremely versatile if you have just a little time, or you want to spend the entire day on the tour. The trolley stops at different points, and if you want to explore the area, just get off the trolley. About fifteen minutes later, a new trolley will arrive and you can hop back on and continue on your tour. The entire trolley trip takes about 90 minutes, which is great if you don’t have a lot of time. It can also take as long as you want, which is great for those who like to explore, shop, or have a bite to eat.

Location: 250 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Website: www.oldsavannahtours.com


2. The Beyond Good and Evil Tour

Prepare yourself for 90 minutes of spooky fun on this ghost tour. This adults-only tour takes you through massive burial grounds and the real locations of where witch doctors practiced their voodoo rituals. If you’ve never been on a ghost tour before, it’s not just for those looking for a scare. These tours are carefully researched and historically accurate. You’ll hear fun stories that you won’t hear on most daytime tours. This particular tour is very popular and sells out quickly, so make sure to order your tickets ahead of time.

Location: Colonial Park Cemetery, 201 Abercorn Street
Website: www.ghosttoursinsavannah.com


3. First Squares Food Tour

The Savannah Taste Experience tour is perfect for the foodie who wants to explore the tastes that are unique to Savannah’s history. The tour makes seven stops and will give you enough samples to make for a filling lunch. It’s a walking tour, so it’s great for walking off all of the delicious foods you try. Sample Savannah favorites like seafood, honey, Scottish fare, Southern cuisine, and cupcakes. While you eat, you’ll get to hear the history behind the foods and why these places are a representation of Savannah’s culture. Once you’ve tried these restaurants, you won’t have to worry about not knowing where to eat during the rest of your visit!

Location: The Bohemian Hotel, River Street
Website: www.savannahtasteexperience.com

4. Savannah Bike Tours

For the more active visitor, you’ll want to go on this bike tour. A tour guide will take you through all of the popular destinations like the Savannah River, historical churches and homes, and beautiful parks. This tour takes two hours and is an easy bike ride. There aren’t a lot of hills to navigate and the tour guide moves at a reasonable pace. Don’t worry about not having the proper equipment, because the tour will set you up with a bike, helmet, and a bottle of water. This tour is also great for photographers because there are many chances to stop and take pictures at scenic locations. Bike tours are great because they allow you to see more sights, but also allow you to get a closer look at things than you would in a trolley.

Location: 41 Habersham St.
Website: www.savannahbiketours.com

5. Creepy Crawl Pub Tour

There are so many ghost tours in Savannah to choose from, but this tour puts a twist on the average ghost tour. On this two and a half hour tour, you’ll be lead to some awesome pubs along the way. This way, you can learn some history, hear great stories, and experience the nightlife. It’s a fair amount of walking, but there are plenty of chances to stop and grab something to drink. You’ll want to bring your friends with you for this night out with the spirits of Savannah.

Location: Six Pence Pub, 245 Bull St.
Website: www.savannahtours.com

6. Savannah Dan Walking Tour

Savannah Dan is an excellent tour guide who will take you around Savannah in style. His 90 minute walking tour includes locations from Hollywood films. Feel free to bring your dog along, because this walking tour is pet friendly. If you’d rather not walk, they also offer a carriage tour. Your horse and carriage will arrive at your hotel and take you around the city. If it’s just too hot to be outside, but you don’t want to miss out on tours, Savannah Dan offers a tour that takes place inside of an air conditioned theater. You’ll get to see everything without having to leave your comfortable seat.

Location: 7 East Congress St., Johnson Square
Website: www.savannahdan.com


Try one, or several, of these awesome tours. You’ll be sure to have a great time no matter which one you choose.

Thumbnail photo credit: iaes.org

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