Dupont Circle Hotels: 6 Spots For A Convenient Washington Stay

Dupont Circle Hotels: 6 Spots For A Convenient Washington Stay

D.C. has several hotels, but Dupont Circle hotels will get you the closest to everything D.C. has to offer.

Everyone wants to see the White House. Everyone wants to see the Washington Monument. Everyone wants to see historical memorials. Everyone wants to come to Washington, D.C. It’s a fact, which makes a lot of sense to be honest. D.C. is the capital of the United States. It has some of the world’s most famous landmarks and museums, spanning across many varieties and international wars. But, those aren’t the only attractions to see during your stay in D.C. The entire city is worth the trip.

One of the more popular historic districts in D.C. is Dupont Circle. I did an article about some great restaurants within the district, but today we’re going to be talking about some of the district’s hotels. There’s a lot to see at Dupont itself, but its location puts you in the center of everything D.C. has to offer. So, it’s perfect for anyone trying to explore the great city. Let’s check out six hotels that’ll make your Washington, D.C., stay more convenient.

One Washington Circle Hotel

This hotel is less than a mile away from the White House and only a short 12-minute walk from the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Other than the convenience of its location, this hotel doesn’t disappoint in the comfort and relaxation department. With excellent views of the city and warm feelings waiting for you in its lobby, it’ll honestly be tough to walk out of this establishment. Usually, a vacation involves comfort, sleeping in, and being lazy. While you might miss out on D.C., there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being lazy inside One Washington.

They have several options for accommodations. From studios to standard guestrooms to the spacious circle view king suite, you will not have a problem finding comfort here. Their rooms and services do everything they can to provide a calming and easy-going experience. Just take a look at their website and the pictures they provide. You’ll see it’s nothing too lavish or colorful. A lot of people do not need flash and glam for their stay; they let the city do that for them.

Capitalize on One Washington’s comfort, breakfast, fitness center, and seasonal pool and then head out into the city for some beauty and history.

Address: 1 Washington Circle NW, Washington, DC 20037
Phone: (202) 872-1680

Renaissance Washington, D.C.

The Renaissance might be a bit more upscale than One Washington, but it still keeps things contemporary and comfortable. Their moody and rich lobby will get you in the mood for some fancy affairs. Grab a drink from the bar and relax on the plush couches and high tables waiting for you in the lobby. It’ll be easy to get lost in comfort while your drink stays cold and your eyes gaze out their large windows. But you’ll have to head up to your room at some point.

Choose from accommodations like their club level guestroom or the discoverer suite. Regardless of what option you take, the lobby’s rich flavors and comfort will follow you into your room. With only the best waiting for you, immediately jump onto their soft white beds and turn on the television. Afterwards, take a trip around the hotel and see what else it has to offer. You’ll find a gorgeous conference center and a top-notch fitness center. Once you’ve seen all you need, return to the “Mbar” and grab a small bite to eat before heading out into Dupont Circle’s nightlife.

Before you know it, it’ll be time to go to sleep. Have no fear, though. The morning will come, and you’ll be able to get a fresh start in your D.C. adventures. Just like the One Washington, the Renaissance is close to the White House and Lincoln Memorial. D.C. is best experienced through walking, so I suggest forgetting about driving and a cab.

Have fun in the city, and have a pleasant stay at Renaissance. It’ll be impossible not to.

Address: 1143 New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20037
Phone: (202) 775-0800

The Dupont Circle Hotel

Want a great view of the Washington Monument? You can get a good one at several locations in D.C., but Dupont Circle Hotel gives you one of the best. With a chic and somber style, it’ll be hard not to feel like an A-list celebrity while you’re here. If the marble accents in the lobby don’t get you, then the views from their terraces surely will. The terraces are a great place to hang out after the sun goes down. You’ll be able to see the other side of D.C. and what makes it such a beautiful location.

The variety of accommodations they offer is vast. Grab a superior room with a king-sized bed or go big and book the penthouse suite, which takes up two floors of this beautiful hotel and has three bedrooms. The other guestrooms may not have three bedrooms, but you’ll still experience the same sense of luxury and elegance. Each room comes with a 32” television and a marble bathroom, which only add to the feeling of being an A-list celebrity.

Dupont Circle Hotel is another hotel where you might find yourself spending most of your time inside, rather than out in the city. Guests staying in their studio, luxury, or presidential suite options get access to The Heights, where you’ll find the best views of the city. For those who have more of a budget to stick to, the hotel offers affordable rates while including many favorite amenities. Plus, they have their own restaurant and bar, giving more of a reason for you to never leave.

Dupont Circle Hotel is one of the more luxurious hotels in the city, but they do offer affordable rooms for more conservative budgets. Check out their website and check out their lobby the next time you’re in D.C. The luxuriousness will fill up the A-list celebrity inside of you, possibly making you upgrade your room.

Address: 1500 New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20036
Phone: (202) 483-6000

Hotel Palomar D.C.

This place is less luxurious than the Dupont Circle Hotel, but don’t let that fool you. Palomar’s sleek style will still captivate that A-list celebrity inside of you. With a more vibrant and unique décor, Palomar offers perfect comfort and a memorable experience. From excellent art hung on the guestroom walls to the bright and tasteful lobby, you’ll find a sense of safety and luxury that cannot be found anywhere else in the city.

Take a moment to soak up the atmosphere when you first walk in. It has an art-focused décor, but it’s still welcoming and reassuring at the same time. Head to the front desk and their award-winning service will take care of you. Choose from unique options like a spa king room, motion spa room, or a deluxe suite. They do have options for standard guestrooms and suites, but this is your vacation, so live a little. How you spend your time at this hotel is up to you. Whether you want to take advantage of the in-room spa services, restaurant, fitness center, pool, or pet friendly options, you’ll be 100 percent satisfied with your stay at Palomar.

Not to mention, it is located right in the center of Dupont Circle, putting you in the perfect position for a memorable D.C. experience.

Address: 2121 P Street NW, Washington, DC 20037
Phone: (202) 448-1800

The Carlyle Dupont Circle

The Carlyle is artsy and chic, just like Hotel Palomar. It provides the modern-day amenities that everyone has come to love, while providing some of the most comfortable rooms in the city. They have standard accommodations for those that want to stay comfortable without too much glam. For the others that want to live a little, look no further than their city view and studio options. Take a dive onto their plush pillow-top mattresses and soak up some comfort in their luxurious bathrooms. They even offer an in-room yoga mat, so you don’t need to pay a gym for a great workout.

The Carlyle has evening wine hours and in-room spa services, adding to the elegance and luxury they provide. It’s the perfect place to stay if you’re on a budget, yet you’ll still feel like you’re on top of the world. Disappointment never comes from any stay at the Carlyle, so take my word for it and check them out. Bring the family pet or loyal companion, as well. They have pet-friendly accommodations, and a dog park is located only a block away.

Address: 1731 New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20009
Phone: (202) 234-3200

The Embassy Row Hotel

The Embassy will give you a sophisticated experience at an affordable price. It’s a 4-star hotel, yet your bank account won’t flutter in the slightest. Located near the center of Dupont Circle, The Embassy puts you right where you need to be in D.C. Look out your window at the Washington Monument, or take the time to observe the Embassy’s chic and sophisticated style. With suites, ambassador rooms, and deluxe rooms decorated in rich and deep colors, you’ll walk in and feel immediate comfort. Open the window and experience the beauty. It’ll be hard not to find a great view in this place.

They might have comfy beds and plush bathrobes in the room, but their restaurant and seasonal rooftop pool and bar will most likely draw you out. Once you’ve stepped out of your room, you’ll quickly understand why the Embassy prides itself on providing the most authentic Dupont Circle experience possible with features like lounges, refreshing cocktails, and in-room spa services.

You’ll have a great time at this hotel without ever leaving. But D.C. is a wonderful place and needs to be discovered. Try to control the fun and comfortable times you’ll have at the Embassy, because you don’t want to miss out on the nation’s capital.

Address: 2015 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20036
Phone: (202) 265-1600

All of the hotels I’ve talked about today are located near metro stations, which give you the option of traveling anywhere in D.C. and its surrounding areas.

Plenty of hotels exist outside of Dupont Circle, but Dupont really is the place to stay for the most convenient D.C. trip. Take my word for it and book a stay at a Dupont Circle hotel. You will not be disappointed.

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