Dim Sum in San Diego: Where to Find the Best

Dim Sum in San Diego: Where to Find the Best

My quest and success for the Best Dim Sum in San Diego. The locals gave me the run-down on China Max, Jasmine Seafood, and Emerald Cuisine.

Dim Sum Learning

What is Dim Sum?

Here in America, we have Brunch which is the meal spot wedged between Breakfast and Lunch. For Cantonese cultures in China, there is Dim Sum. If you have never had Dim Sum before, I suggest you drop everything and find the nearest positive-review on a restaurant in your area. Dim Sum is a variation of steamed-perfection brought via cart straight to your table. How can anyone not like semi-healthy, bite-sized delectable dumplings? It’s just not right to feel this way. Dim Sum is more of the experience than steamed dumplings, they also have some yummy Cantonese soups and vegetables in tasty-sauces. Dim Sum also typically involves lots of seafood all over; I would suggest alerting staff to any shellfish allergies you or your guest(s) may have.

China Max

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I referred to China Max just asking locals about the best places to get Dim Sum in the city. I approached different people in stores or on the street in-between shopping tips and such; then asked general questions. People are really friendly in that part of town; by the way. I decided to take the reviews and run with them.

China Max gave me the menu and it had pictures for selection; which I was very pleased to see. I arrived at about 1115 AM which was perfect because they only serve Dim Sum from 10:30 AM and 2:00 PM; those prime brunch hours! The wait wasn’t too long and they helped me pick-out things to eat with grace. I sat upstairs because I loved the beautiful view they have out those big crystal-clear windows.

For the newbies in the Dim Sum Love Club, this is a great place to start. China Max offers a more Americanized dining experience. They do not feature the cart delivery of the food which may not be what you had in mind but the food still gets my 4 of 5 star-rating for taste. I still put it in the one of the top three choices for Dim Sum in this part of SD.

Check out the home website for China Max in SD

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“Dimsum in San Diego 😚”

Emerald Cuisine

Other patrons I interviewed listed Emerald Cuisine as their go-to Dim Sum place. I checked it out online first. There is nothing as satisfying as a business with a wonderful interactive website. I could view menus and check opening-times and so many other things.

Let me just start by saying, Pork Bun. I found a new love when I stepped foot in Emerald Cuisine for lunch. I thought about staying for Happy Hour but my bill just for the Dim Sum was going to be a pretty penny; or so I thought. I enjoyed being able to schedule a reservation online. Anyway I can get food faster as a consumer I’m with the program! When you go in, you must have at least one PORK BUN. I felt it deserved to be mentioned twice here for real emphasis on taste. Emerald does have the Dim Sum cart service. I felt a bit more excitement than at China Max when I saw the smiling servers roaming between tables. They have my 5 of 5 for star-rating with taste; the atmosphere at the time and date I went was a little crowded for my vibes. Also, my bill was a little less than I expected which was also great.

Schedule a reservation for the Dim Sum on Emerald Cuisine's website!

Jasmine Seafood

Among the top-three listed the most by locals I ran by in the area was Jasmine Seafood Restaurant. They said it was the place to go if I needed a broad range of Dim Sum to choose from. After sampling China Max and Emerald I figured I was ready for the expert-level taste-test! They even listed an award they had won on their website and everything appeared fluid. Again, I rather enjoyed being able to view the Menu online and surprisingly they listed things which were gluten-free. I am not allergic but I know friends who are and I felt this information would be very helpful to know off-hand.

My favorite was the Salt and Pepper Calamari. I was a bit disappointed I couldn’t reserve a table online or find their direct hours on the website easily. Website aside; the amount of choices were no fairy tale in Dim Sum Land. Also, they serve three types of tea with their Dim Sum. Their carts have so many things I’m glad my eyes aren’t bigger than my stomach! They definitely brought on the traditional-feel with their steam cart service and tea. With the pleasant atmosphere I would say save the best for last. Jasmine Seafood topped out as number one for me as well.

Look at all these fancy photos and get more information about Jasmine SR from their website!

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“👭Lunch time😋 #chinesecrusine #dumplings #duck #garlicshrimp jasmine☕️”

Look on the Bite-Size

San Diego's Top Three Dim Sum Places to Be in Review

I had a wonderful sample of the best Dim Sum in San Diego and you should too! It wouldn't hurt to even bring a friend or two. Make sure you check out the website links for more information. For the most part, all three restaurants are above-average. I say, eat Dim Sum three days in a row and embrace the Cantonese culture in one of its best forms, Bite-sized. Oh, yes, do not forget to have a Pork Bun at Emerald Cuisine, either.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chopsticks

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