Hot Tickets:  7 Shows to See in New Orleans

Hot Tickets: 7 Shows to See in New Orleans

With all the things to see and do in the Crescent City, don't forget one of the best ways to spend your time takin' it easy - in front of the stage!

Motown the Musical

This jukebox classic is well worth the stop. With this classic book turned new premiere, funky tunes and lovable characters will keep you wanting more and waiting for the next 'big name' appearance. A regular show is completed with 66 foot-tapping songs performed by the stars- or the actors who manage to pull off their idol's personae down to the last note. These talented actors perform the roles of such performers as Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, and Mary Wells in a non-stop trip through the experiences of Berry Gordy, founder of Motown Records.

This gem of a show will be playing in Saenger Theatre January 2016-don't miss it!

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

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Probably the most well-known piece from these orchestral masters would be their rockin' rendition of "Carol of the Bells". These artists are known for being the best at everything, from blistering guitar solos to ticket sales. Bringing back a Pink Floyd-esk feel, Trans-Siberian Orchestra has enough pyrotechnics and lasers to be seen from outer space.

These daring musical maestros will leave you breathless with effortless transitional pieces taking you from the sweetest lullaby to head-banging rhythm, so grab a famous cafe-au-laite at the Smoothie King center and join in the fun!

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

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This amusing comedy of errors is placed in Grecian times; keeping in tradition, it features a young slave trying to win his freedom, horrible cases of mistaken identity, magic potions, zombies, cross-dressing, courtesans...and over all an amusing state of satire. Let this play sweep you away in stitches while you eat some of the best food in Orleans. On the Way to the Forum was written in ancient times by the playwright Plautus; after enjoying this popular work, you may be interested in becoming a Greek historian yourself!

This comedic gold is being held at Le Petit Theatre Du Vieux Carre; petite it is, but well worth the small space.

Che Malambo

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Che Malambo is a heart-pounding adrenal dance show based off the Argentinian power of movement. These exclusively male performers take the role of gauchos directed by previous ballet dancer Gilles Brinas. The showmanship and technique of their movements is based off of 'Zapeteo', or 'running horse'.

This thrilling program has its roots in the 17th century, and is performed with stones fastened to ropes. A heated and exciting night fit for the whole family, don't forget to stop by Mahalia Jackson Theater to experience the South American lifestyle and fiery tempo for the night.

Kinky Boots

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An amusing comedic drama, Kinky Boots will take you from the slopes to the slums and back again with a high-stepping performance. An uplifting moral and hilarious stereotype challenges makes this musical play hit top of the charts-and of our hearts.

This performance is directed by acclaimed Jerry Mitchell; the book was written by Harvey Fierstein. These talented artists won the play several awards for its musicals, scores, and choreography. An uplifting musical with plenty of positive reinforcement to go around, Kinky Boots demonstrates that to change the world or your fortunes, it starts with your mind-and anything is possible if you believe.

The Book of Mormon

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This amazing tongue in cheek show based on a couple of misfit missionaries for the Mormon church will keep you busy for hours! When our missionary Mormons are sent to Uganda to save the native's immortal souls, they find that things are much more complicated than first thought in a land rife by disease, war, and a despotic local leader.

This outrageous play explores the disastrous duo's exploration of their personality, faith, and their views of the world that they are trying so desperately to save. In a performance that ranges to obsene, facetious, heartening, and touching, your emotions are sure to get a workout-as well as your lungs laughing at the ridiculousness of our heroes.

This creative title is also making its appearance at the Saenger Theatre.

Dirty Dancing

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Of course, who could forget Baby and Johnny and this all-time American favorite? Two lovers from two different worlds meet up in this saga set in the sixties. A young Baby gets bored with visiting her family in New York and wanders off. While out exploring the streets, she ends up stumbling upon a dance party lasting all night- and finding the handsome dance instructor, Johnny.

First put into production in 2004, Dirty Dancing has taken the international shores by storm and toured a record 18 months performing. A heartfelt romantic drama, be sure to stop by the Saenger Theatre to see this true-blue sensation.

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