5 Cheap (but Cozy!) Hotels in Osaka

5 Cheap (but Cozy!) Hotels in Osaka

Travelling to Osaka on a budget? Here's a list of some tried-and-tested budget hotel accommodations to suit your tight budget.

Osaka is Japan’s second largest city and third most popular tourist destination next to Tokyo and Kyoto. Naturally, when visiting Japan, you’d want to give this quirky southern city a visit.

Given Japan’s reputation as one the most expensive countries in the world, it’s crucial that you do your research beforehand and keep a reasonable budget. Osaka has a few budget hotels that offer good rooms for a reasonable price. Here are my top 5 budget hotel recommendations that you could choose from.

1. Hotel Kinki

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The first time I stayed in Osaka, I stayed at this hotel. It was a bit hard to find at first, but the locals were friendly enough to point me in the right direction. Hotel Kinki is a nice, cozy business hotel that offers both western style and Japanese style rooms. It’s very clean, well maintained, and they have an English-speaking staff. The hotel is located in a small street, a few minutes walk away from JR Osaka station and Umeda station.

The pedestrian street the hotel is located on is lined with numerous bars and eateries that stay open until the wee hours. Not to worry though, any noise coming from outside is barely heard from inside the rooms. The bars and restaurants are also a good place to grab a late night meal for a good price. The single Japanese style room I stayed in cost me around 4,000 yen a night, which really isn’t bad at all despite the room being a bit small.

All in all, the central location of this hotel plus the affordable price makes Hotel Kinki one of my go-to budget hotels in Osaka.

2. Hotel Chuo Oasis

This hotel is a lot like Hotel Kinki in terms of size and price range. They have three types of rooms: a western single, western twin, and a Japanese style twin room. The hotel is located in Osaka’s Shin-Imamiya district, an area in Osaka with a bit of a dodgy reputation (in Japan standards, that is).

Despite the rumors, the area itself is very clean, the hotel staff are very friendly, plus they rent out rooms for a really good price—around 3,600 yen and above for private rooms. The hotel is just a short walk away from Shin-Imamiya station.

3. Hotel Toyo

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The exterior of this budget hotel may seem a bit dodgy at first, but rest assured that the facilities inside are well maintained and very clean. Hotel Toyo is another budget hotel near the Shin-Imamiya area that offers travelers affordable accommodation options. Rooms in Hotel Toyo can go for as low as 1,600 yen a night for a single, Japanese-style tatami mat room.

Seems like a pretty good price, right? Well, it does come with a catch. All rooms in Hotel Toyo may be extremely affordable, but they don’t come with their own private lavatories and showers. The hotel does provide free shower rooms and toilets plus there’s a nearby public bath house if you’re feeling adventurous.

The hotel is also in a very convenient location, only a short walk away from the JR Loop Line Shin-Imamiya station and other subway lines. If you’re really on a budget but wouldn’t want to stay in a dormitory-type hostel, this hotel is the next best option.

4. Dotonbori Hotel

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When strolling around Osaka’s famous Dotonbori area, it’s hard not to miss Dotonbori Hotel. There are four, large, human head statues representing different races that guard the hotel. These heads have become a bit of a tourist attraction on their own among tourists passing by the area, making it an interesting place to stay.

The hotel offers a pretty good deal for nice rooms and a prime location. It’s located right in the heart of Osaka, very near popular tourist spots such as Shinsaibashi, Dotonbori, and other areas within Namba. Despite being very near Osaka’s prime entertainment district, the noise inside Dotonbori Hotel is very minimal.

5. Arietta Hotel

Arietta Hotel is a small, European-style, budget hotel located near both Midosouji subway’s Honmachi station and Sakaisuji subway’s Sakisuji Honmachi station.

Foreigners usually find Japanese budget hotel rooms to be small, but Arietta Hotel is known for their spacious rooms and an equally spacious bathrooms. Local businessmen and traveling salary men are known to frequent this hotel for its affordable price, modern interior, and accommodating staff.

Whenever I have to travel on a budget, I always try my best to choose the most affordable yet comfortable accommodation option I could find. That way, I could afford to put more money into sightseeing, eating out, and shopping for souvenirs. These accommodation options above are both very reasonable, clean, and comfortable at the same time. If you’re having second thoughts about staying in a budget hotel, Japanese budget hotels are on a totally different level. The rooms may be smaller than in normal hotels, but the standards of service and quality remain the same.

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