3 Unbelievable Universal Studio Events

3 Unbelievable Universal Studio Events

Universal Studios Hollywood is an expanse of entertainment, but even this great tourist attraction needs a little variety. These 3 events fill that void.

Depending on how unimpressed you are with everything around you, there's a chance you've strolled through Universal Studios Hollywood and wondered when the fun was going to start. Sure, there are rides and interesting sites to see, but maybe you've seen it all before. What make a place like Universal Studios so great, though, are the occasional events that pop up from time to time. They may be annual extravaganzas are just pop-up affairs that come and go with certain trends.

To make sure you get the most out of your next trek through Universal Studios, we're giving you the best times to go to catch some of these truly unbelievable events.

1. VIP Experience

This may not be the typical type of event you were thinking of, but to say Universal Studios VIP Experience is not a function worth checking out would be misleading you. The VIP Experience is far more than your average excursion through the park. With standard park access, you get the basics of ride admission, access to the studio backlot tour that everybody is privy to, and the generous offer of paying for your own food.

With the VIP Experience, Universal Studios opens up its doors for you, giving you access to the park that no other general admission guest receives. Before your day even officially starts, you're treated to a small breakfast in the VIP lounge, valet parking, and speedy VIP entry into the park itself.

Once through the main gates, a VIP tour guide awaits you to take you through your exclusive look at Universal Studios Hollywood. You'll get to see real, active sound stages and the expansive prop warehouse, where you may notice some familiar objects. These experiences are exclusive to VIP guests only, so you'll see things none of the general public is privy to.

To follow up your light breakfast is a great lunch put together by Universal's executive chefs and more time to enjoy the finer points of the park.

All in all, be prepared to feel like royalty for a day.

2. Halloween Horror Nights

Source: http://m.halloweenhorrornights.com/hollywood

Whenever Halloween comes around, haunted attractions plant themselves in a number of locations across the globe. One of the greater attractions to grace California's lands is right in the heart of Universal Studios Hollywood. This annual event turns the park from a family-friendly romp into a fright-filled extravaganza.

Sections of the park get turned upside down to welcome in the Halloween season with gusto. Attractions get the horror treatment via the studio's most popular horror properties.

For a good part of September and all of October, the main park closes at 6pm and reopens an hour later in new form. Screams echo from the distance, horrific creatures stalk the grounds, and fog impedes your vision down decorated alleys. If there's anything that Universal Studios puts all of its effort into, it's Halloween Horror Nights. Even the typical Studio Backlot tour gets a terrifying make-over, with past years taking on The Walking Dead, Scream 4, and The Purge.

Even if you're not a Halloween fanatic, to see the work the studio puts into this seasonal event is well worth the trip.

3. Grinchmas

Taking cues from its own Halloween Horror Nights, Universal Studios changes tune when the Christmas music hits the radio for a holiday experience unlike any other. Grinchmas puts Dr. Seuss' black-hearted Grinch in the spotlight as the park is decorated in shades of red, green, and white to ring in the holiday cheer in a most unusual way.

Decorated to call back to the theatrical release of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," Grinchmas features a massive 60-foot tree and the beloved Whovians that decorated it. At the right time, guests can witness residents of Whoville engaged in song and dance with the newly inspired Grinch, as he takes a hold of the Christmas spirit and spreads good cheer to all.

Kids and animal lovers will enjoy getting their picture taken with the Grinch's canine sidekick, Max, while everyone should be thrilled with a photo with the green meany himself. It's easy to get sucked into the holiday cheer despite the unseasonably warm weather California typically has during this time as you're surrounding by great tunes, a fantastic atmosphere of holiday bravo, and a Grinch that wants to share nothing but good tidings.

For select days during the month of December, there's no better holiday party on the West Coast than Grinchmas, and Universal Studios Hollywood is inviting all out to experience the festivities.

You see, Universal Studios has more than park rides, carnival games, and a studio backlot tour. Throughout the year, guests can enjoy a myriad of different, unbelievable events. All it takes is some good timing and an open ear to ensure you catch these unforgettable experiences.

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