The 10 Most Exciting Attractions at SeaWorld San Diego

The 10 Most Exciting Attractions at SeaWorld San Diego

Not sure where to start your SeaWorld adventure? Here are 10 awesome attractions to consider.

In the ever beautiful San Diego, lies a place of wonder and excitement called Seaworld. At San Diego's Seaworld, guests can view many attractions consisting of amusement rides, exhibits, and live shows featuring some of the animals. Here are 10 attractions (excluding most of the live shows) that you can ride, watch, and visit during your time at Seaworld.

1. Manta

If you have ever wanted to glide, soar, and twist like a Manta Ray then Seaworld's Manta ride is the attraction for you. The Manta is one of the best roller coasters in Southern California, and it allows passengers an experience that no other roller coaster in Southern California can. During the ride, passengers can feed, touch, and see manta rays in a one-of-a-kind grotto.

2. Sky Tower

Those looking for one of the best views of San Diego should definitely visit the Sky Tower. However, it is recommended that those not comfortably in high and/or enclosed spaces should think twice before entering this ride. The San Diego skyline is in perfect view from the top of the tower, especially on a clear day, and it is recommended that those who want see the skyline at its best show up in the afternoon for a truly spectacular experience.

3. Shipwreck Rapids

Passengers on the Shipwreck Rapids can expect to have an amazing time on this water rafting ride. This ride is not your typical raft ride that you might see at other theme parks. Shipwreck Rapids includes a waterfall, which brings an excitement that most water rides in the area don't have. It's an awesome ride for visitors to check out.

4. Bayside Skyride

A gliding gondola, the Bayside Skyride, goes through Mission Bay – the area of San Diego Seaworld is located – giving passengers a wonderful opportunity to see this beautiful area. This ride is perfect for anyone who needs a small break from the more exciting attractions, but wants to have an excellent view while they relax.

5. Journey to Atlantis

The Journey to Atlantis is an amazing water roller coaster that tells a story of the mythical place. This roller coaster includes a 60 foot plunge and face time with animals as the ride passes through. This ride is one of the best aquatic roller coasters in California, and definitely shouldn't be missed if you're in the area.

6. Shamu's Underwater Viewing

For those wondering what Seaworld's famed killer whale Shamu does when he does not have any shows, Shamu's Underwater Viewing exhibit will answer any of your lingering questions. In this exhibit, viewers can watch Shamu and the other killer whales swim. This is great for anyone who wants to see the park's mascot outside of his live show, and it is very relaxing to see these majestic whales slowly moving about.

7. Shark Encounter

In a much more exciting exhibit, viewers can see sharks swimming in the Shark Encounter area. Visitors walk through an underwater viewing tunnel to see these lovely but deadly creatures from a safe distance. This exhibit is perfect for any shark lover that wants to see their favorite fish species or any one else who is curious about ocean life up close.

8. Dolphin Point

One of Seaworld's exhibits, Dolphin Point, offers guests an opportunity to interact with live dolphins. At the Dolphin Point exhibit, viewers can feed, touch, and maybe even help give the dolphins some training signals. This is a rare opportunity, and it's a perfect place for those who love the charm and intelligence of dolphins.

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9. Wild Arctic

If you ever wanted to see animals that live in the arctic, Seaworld's Wild Arctic exhibit allows visitors a chance to do this without actually having to go to the arctic. In this exhibit, viewers can see beluga whales, walruses, and for some parts of the year, polar bears. During polar bear season, visitors can even crawl in a polar bear den. This is an amazing experience, so if you want to visit the polar bears exhibit see the Seaworld San Diego website for more information.

10. Sea Lions Live

One of the shows that everyone absolutely must see is Sea Lions Live. In this show, two sea lions named Clyde and Seamore put on a family friendly comedy performance that lasts about 20 minutes, even spoofing popular shows like Dancing with the Stars. It's fun for the whole family, so be sure to check what time it starts, so you don't miss anything.

While there are many attractions at Seaworld you can go visit, this list features that one that are without question worth your time. From an adorable live show to exciting and one-of-a-kind roller coasters, Seaworld is a mixture of an amusement park and an aquarium. Seaworld is an amazing place to visit, no matter who you go with.

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