Going to Wet ‘N Wild? Don’t Miss These Deals!

Going to Wet ‘N Wild? Don’t Miss These Deals!

Make a splash without spending a fortune at Wet 'N Wild, Universal's top-notch water park destination.

Have you always wanted to go to Wet ‘N Wild Orlando, but haven’t known how to afford it? Never fear! There are plenty of affordable ticket deals available to help you make your trip to Wet ‘N Wild more than just a watery fantasy. This water park, which is owned and operated by Universal Studios, is one of the best in the country, and you and your whole family are in for a day of perfect fun in the sun when you go. Make memories without over-spending on your ticket with these great deals!

Standard Admission

Standard park admission to Wet ‘N Wild has very little flexibility or variation. The most expensive way to enjoy this park is by purchasing a single day admission, which costs $57 per adult and $52 per child. This is a ticket that is valid for only one day, and then expires. There’s no real way to save money when you go this route, so it’s best to choose one of the many other ticket packages available.

Standard admission includes entry to all of the attractions at Wet ‘N Wild.

Source: www.wetnwildorlando.com

Length of Stay

A Length of Stay ticket is a great way to enjoy Wet ‘N Wild for several days throughout your vacation. Regardless of age, the ticket comes at a $47 flat rate (except for children under 2, who get in free). These tickets must be purchased online and cannot be purchased at the entrance to the water park itself. The best part of the Length of Stay ticket is that it remains active for fourteen consecutive days when you use it. So, in other words, the first day you use your ticket, it is activated. For thirteen days afterward, you can return to the park on the same ticket without incurring any additional costs. The ticket only expires two weeks after the first day of its use. This is a great option for families who plan to spend a lot of time at the water park!

Purchase your Length of Stay ticket online via Wet ‘N Wild’s ticket sales site.

Source: shop.omniticket.com


Choose the Park-to-Park option if you and your family will also be visiting Universal Studios or Universal Islands of Adventure. This is basically the Universal equivalent of Disney’s old “park hopper” concept, meaning that a single flat rate gives you full access to all of the parks that are included on the ticket. The Park-to-Park ticket is valid for either three or four days of use. Although the dates you choose do not have to be consecutive, they do have to fall within a given two-week period. In other words, let’s say you choose the three-day option. On November 1, you go to Universal Studios. You then have until November 14 to use the other two days of your pass. If you go to Islands of Adventure on November 5 and Wet ‘N Wild on November 10, you will be well within your ticket’s limitations. These tickets usually start at $212 a person and go up from there, depending on length of time. This is an excellent way to visit all three of Universal’s parks and save a lot of money in the process!

Purchase a Park-to-Park Ticket from Universal Studios’ web site.

Source: tickets.universalorlando.com

Orlando FlexTicket

The most expensive option, the Orlando FlexTicket, actually saves you even more money in the long run, depending on what you plan to do during your stay. These tickets last for 14 consecutive days from the first day they are used, and you can choose to include five or six total parks in the cost of the ticket. The five-park option includes Wet ‘N Wild, as well as Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Sea World, and Sea World’s Aquatica. With the six-park option, you have access to all of these as well as Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Only choose the six-park option if you will be in the area long enough to make it out to Tampa. This is about an hour and a half drive from the Orlando theme park area, so choose wisely.

During the 14-day time period for which your FlexTicket is valid, you can visit any of the parks on the list as many times as you want. Free bus transportation is also included to Busch Gardens if you choose the six-park option. If you begin your FlexTicket on November 1, you have until November 14 to visit all five (or six) parks as many times as you want. Spend all 14 days at Wet ‘N Wild, or mix and match to your heart’s content! With tickets starting at $315 per person, this is a very affordable way to get a lot of park time for not a lot of money.

Find discounted tickets at Visit Orlando, the city’s local tourism bureau’s web site.

Source: tickets.visitorlando.com

Will you start your day with a ride on the Black Hole, or do you prefer to cruise along the Lazy River for a little while before diving into the action with the Aqua Drag Racer or one of the other incredible water attractions at Wet ‘N Wild? The choices are yours. With these great ticket deals, you can afford to spend the whole day at this great water park, so get ready to make a splash!

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