The Best Pizza in Ballard: Your Guide to Finding a Quality Pie

The Best Pizza in Ballard: Your Guide to Finding a Quality Pie

The best pizzerias in the Ballard, Seattle area. From hand-tossed pizza to deliciously hot and spicy garlic bread, Seattle does pizza just right.

Pizza. It's easy, simple, and has less than 5 ingredients. It's easy to make and better yet, it can be delivered in less than 45 minutes. For those of you who would rather skip the chain deliveries or not test your cooking skills of the oven, there are plenty of unique pizzerias in Ballard with their own twist on this classic dish that is loved by many. With different cooking styles and creative toppings and recipes, we've curated a list of the top pizzerias in Ballard that definitely won't disappoint.

Whether you already have a favorite or decide to visit every restaurant on the list, there are tasty pizzas in Ballard for everyone to love, regardless of preference.

Veraci Pizza

As one of the highest rated pizzerias in Ballard, Veraci Pizza serves up gourmet, thin-crust pizzas from wood-fired oven. No need to dress up though, Veraci is casual with the charm of a small town corner shop. Visitors have a 3-minute or less baking time from pizza dough that is hand prepared from their own secret recipe. Despite thin-crust characteristics, Veraci's pizza is as big as the plates they serve them on, with a smoky, firewood taste.

Veraci's Pizza hosts a Farmer's Market several times throughout the year that features the same ingredients available in their pizza. Visitors can take a crack at replicating restaurant favorites or reserve a table at Veraci's instead.

500 NW Market St.
Seattle, WA 98107

(206) 525.1813

Ballard Pizza Company

Ballard Pizza Company offers an industrial setting, right down to the metal beams and stringy light bulb lights across the ceiling. It may be Seattle, but the Ballard Pizza Company is serving New York-style pies whole or by the slice. The garage set up allows customers to sample every pizza they've come up with, including broccoli toppings and classic favorites like pepperoni.

Ballard Pizza Company keeps consistent with the indie vibes as their menu of endless pizzas, including a "Build Your Own" option is chalk-painted on their board menus.

5107 Ballard Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107

(206) 659.6033

Patxi's Pizza Ballard

Patxi's is so popular, it's considered a pizza chain in Ballard. Their establishment offers a more contemporary setting than surrounding pizzerias to match their creative deep-dish and thin crust pizzas. Deep-dish pizzas are their specialty and come in every topping combination imaginable including "tomato sauce and onion". Patxi's pizzas are better off being labeled "pies" for their thick dough and incredibly large size!

Patxi's has happy hour Monday through Friday from 3 PM to 6 PM, but this menu isn't just about alcohol. There are happy hour deals for just about everything that they serve. Personal pizzas are included in this menu for only $3!

5323 Ballard Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107

(206) 946.1512

Palermo Pizza & Pasta

Palermo Pizza & Pasta is simple in both decoration and concept. Looking like an authentic Italian streetfront establishment straight out of Italy, Palermo's offers pizza in its many forms including calzones and strombolis. Whether you like your pizza just how it is or wrapped up for your convenience, Palermo Pizza & Pasta has food for everyone to enjoy. From the grape vines and other decor, Palermo's even has their own collection of wine and fresh vegetables on display or for use.

For those who have health concerns, Palermo's also offers gluten free pizza and pasta. For those who can't get enough pizza, there's also a special deal that allows get two pizza's and get the third one free! Who wouldn't take that deal?

2005 NW Market St
Seattle, WA 98107

(206) 297.2727

Pagliacci Pizza

Pagliacci Pizza has two establishments near the Ballard, Seattle area serving up gourmet thin-crust pizzas. Some Pagliacci locations are strictly delivery only! Pagliacci Pizza is unique in that they offer slices of the day and seasonal pizzas that depend on local ingredients. It's clear by visiting Pagliacci's that they are dedicated to offering authentic pizza with local, healthy ingredients. In their latest attempt, they visited Skagit Valley to harvest butternut squash that is featured in their Butternut Sage Primo - only available in December!

Popular selections include the "Spicy Chicken" pizza on Monday that includes chicken, peppers, parsley, feta, and mozzarella cheese over olive oil seasoned with red pepper flakes. Pagliacci's is known for their seasonal pizzas throughout the year that feature unusual ingredients such as figs and prosciutto.

851 NW 85th St
Seattle, WA 98117

(206) 726.1717

Ballard is full of pizzerias offering everything from New York-style slices to gourmet thin-crusts with local, fresh ingredients. Pizza is simple in design and creation, but Ballard pizzerias take it to the next level, each with their own creative spin. Interesting toppings and different cooking styles make no pizzeria the same! It's possible you may have to try them all to find out your favorite.

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